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[Sovled]How to Check Someone’s Deleted Text Messages(2023 Update)

Last Updated on January 13, 2023 by Jason Ben

Reasons to Check Someone’s Deleted Text Messages

Uphold Justice #MeToo campaign

Recently, Bill Cosby who was charged with sexually assaulting Andrea Constand in 2004, lost in the retrial and was found guilty. Instead of ending in a mistrial in the first prosecution, the trial and the retrial divided neatly into pre - and post - #MeToo movement and sexual-misconduct allegations in the whole entertainment industry of United States.

Cosby’s case promised to show, in real time, the legal impact of a young social movement.

The New Yorker

Many Brave women came forward to share their unmentionable memory and turn the whole internet into a list of #MeToo since last year. However, not all their stories are guaranteed justice and many alleged perpetrators have yet to face criminal charges. But hang in there, justice will be upheld if you get the right way.
Many perpetrators are not shamed on their wrongdoing and likely to brag about it to their friend. Just like the story below.

Screenshots from the best picture Oscar nominee: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri . In that scene, the Tony guy (Christopher Berry) was bragging about his experience of raping a girl and was targeted by the Dixon guy (Sam Rockwell), who was a police officer.

In real life, although you can’t catch them red-handed, you can try to get some clues, especially text message evidence which can be used against them in court. But how to check someone’s text messages or deleted text messages?

Check Spouse's Text Messages for Finding Infidelty Evidence

Relationships are never easy. No matter how long is the relationship you’ve been in, how sweet the time you’ve spent together, or how much love and cares you’ve given him/her, everything can change in the blink of an eye.

One of the biggest problems in a relationship is infidelity. When he or she fail you, it is not easy to find out. You may be aware of the change that he/she is hiding something from you, seeing you less, or smiling when he/she is looking at the screen on his/her phone. You want to know what is happening, is it you being paranoid, or your spouse is really cheating on you? When you have a doubt like that, you cannot get rid of it out of your head, you want an answer, but you don’t want to question him. You grabbed his/her phone while he/she is taking a shower, but you cannot find any suspicious texts. Is it possible that he/she deleted these texts in case you find out? So how to get your spouse’s deleted text Messages as proof of infidelity? You need a cheating spouse text reader to get those deleted messages.

Check Child's Text Messages for Minor Child Protection

From 2012 to 2018, average daily use of smartphones among U.S. adults went from just over one hour to nearly four hours.Average daily media use in the us

Children are what parents are. The screen time of teens is increasing as well.

Teenagers keep their phone all day long, spending most of the time on entertainment sites, games or social network, such as YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc., which don’t teach them much. And most of them are so addicted to making friends and sending texts with their phone, that they become more taciturn or rebellious at home. They fence themselves off from their family when they are obsessed with the thrill of the ambiguity of early love or other potentially harmful content.

What if they turn you down when you try to guide and help? Maybe you can do it in a hidden way, like monitoring your kid’s phone or track your child's phone without their knowing. So how can I look at my kid’s deleted text messages?

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Check Someone’s Deleted Text Messages Step by Step

The truth is, even someone deleted messages from his/her Android phone, the phone still "has" the data in its memory as long as the space where to save these data is not overwritten by newly generated data. So you can retrieve those deleted text messages with Android or iOS Data Recovery on the condition that you have the phone at hand.

Take recovering deleted text messages from Android phone as an example. Get the android phone and computer ready for the following steps.

Step 1 Install Android Data Recovery on Your Computer and Connect the Android Phone

Win Download Mac Download Win Download Mac Download

After Android Data Recovery is installed successfully on your computer, launch it and connect the Android phone to the computer with a USB cable.

Step 2 Turn on Android USB Debugging Mode

You need to turn on USB debugging mode through a pop-up window first, so then Android Data Recovery can detect the android phone. Follow the onscreen instruction to enable the mode on the android phone and then click the OK button.

If the android phone is running Android 4.2 or later, you can enable it as follow:

Click Settings > About Phone. Click Build number for 7 times until the dialogue box “You are under developer mode” shows up. Now you can go back to SettingsDeveloper OptionsUSB Debugging.

If the android phone is running Android 3.0 - 4.1, go to SettingsDeveloper OptionsUSB Debugging.

If the android phone is running Android 2.3 or earlier, navigate to Settings - DevelopmentUSB Debugging.

Step 3 Choose Messages and Message Attachments to Restore

After the android phone is connected to the computer, the software will show the below screen. As you can see, there are the Messages and Message Attachments options in the list of Contacts & Messages. Mark the two boxes and click the Next button to recover them.

Step 4 Authorize to Scan Deleted Messages

Before it is able to scan out the deleted data on the Android phone, it needs to get a privilege to access deleted SMS data first and then move to further steps. You will find a pop-up window on the phone screen, please click Allow/Grant/ Authorize to continue.

If you cannot see this pop-up window on the android phone, you might need to click Retry button to try again.

Step 5 Select the Text Messages You Want to Recover

The program will scan and display both the existing and deleted text messages in this step. If you just want to check the deleted messages, you can switch to on button which is before Only display the deleted item(s). You can view the names, phone numbers, dates, and types of all the messages. Choose a specific name, you can read all the conversation history with that contact. If you want to recover them, you just need to select the messages you want and click Recover button to continue. This software will restore the selected files on your computer.

Download DataKit iOS/Android Data Recovery FREE Now!

Purchase DataKit iOS/Android Data Recovery Now!

Recover Deleted Call History, Photos,WhatsApp, SMS, Contact and more from iPhone or Android Phone.