Most Important Signs of Your Husband is Cheating on You

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“Don’t say goodbye...”, my husband’s cell phone rings. It is a new ring tone I have never heard before. I take a quick glance at the screen, a stranger using a picture of a cat as a headshot. Noticing the call has hit my eyes, my husband suddenly looks panicky. He picks up his phone in no time and walks out the living room to answer the phone call. It is quite abnormal because he never did that before. I can’t help thinking deeply. Actually, it is not the only thing makes me confused. My husband used to use my birthday as his lock-screen password, but he changed recently and now I don’t have access to his phone. I am really depressed, could anyone tell me what happens? Could anyone tell me some signs of cheating husband?

Most women have the experience of worrying their lovers cheat on them. However, man will not speak out loud of their infidelity. Thus, to figure out whether you are being cheated on or not, you can follow the ways below to make a judgment.

1 He loses patience with you

When your partner loves you, he will tolerate your disadvantages and be very patient. On the contrary, if your partner suddenly becomes picky about you and no longer has patience on you, there must be something wrong. If someone loves you, even your shortcomings are lovely; however, when someone doesn’t love you anymore, he will get bored no matter what you do for him. Therefore, to judge, recall that whether he loses patience with you.


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2 He calls up others or picks up a phone call in private

It is reasonable that people need their privacy when talking in the phone. If your lover doesn’t want to disturb you, he may go to other rooms to make or pick up a phone call every time. However, if he doesn’t have such habit in the past and suddenly has recently, there may be something wrong. In addition, pay attention to the reactions of your partner when his phone rings up. If you see some unnatural expressions, you may be able to confirm your guess.

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3 He deletes some records on his phone

Nowadays, few people can live without a cell phone. In everyday life, a cell phone is an important tool for a person to contact each other, to communicate, to search for information and so on. In other words, there is no doubt that a person will leave some traces on his phone. By tracking such traces, it is easy to find out someone’s social relationships. If your lover cleans the traces on his phone deliberately to prevent you from learning what he has done on his phone, you should be careful. Only if a man wants to hide something, he will delete the records on his phone on purpose.

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4 He doesn’t allow you to enter his phone suddenly

For imitate lovers, it is common that they use the other’s cell phone. Usually, to illustrate their love or for convenience, they will tell the other the passwords of their cell phones or even record their lover’s fingerprint. However, if your lover changes the password and deletes your fingerprint record to stop your access to their phone with all sorts of unreasonable reasons suddenly, you should be cautious. Thinking carefully, if there is nothing he cannot let you know, why he suddenly doesn’t allow you to enter his phone as usual.

All in all, above are signs to help you to analyze whether a man is cheating on you.

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1Is deleting text messages a sign of cheating?

It depends on the situation. If your partner deletes messages to purposely hide something fishy from you, it might just be a big red flag of cheating.

2Should I confront my husband if I think he's cheating?

If you have enought evidence that he's cheating, you may confront your husband. That way, he won't get the chance to make more excuses.