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Ideal for Video Presentations

  • Gameplay Optimization

You can Record games in window or full-screen modes. Also, DataKit will optimize the Distribution of Workload between CPU and GPU, ensuring you /your PC getting in best shape during the recording.

  • Capture Live Streaming

Record online videos or live streaming from YouTube, Netflix, Twitch, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Facebook, TED, webinars, lectures, presentations, Skype calls, TeamViewer chatting, online conference, webcam videos, and other popular video sites in full screen or customized screen size.

  • Make Video Tutorials and Reviews Like a Pro

With multiple mouse effects, like highlighting mouse cursor with customized size and color, DataKit makes your Video instructions, or website/ software video reviews looks cleaner and more professional.

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Highlights of the DataKit Screen Recorder

*Perfect for Twitch streamer, Youtubers, gamers, and teachers, etc.


High FPS

20fps \ 24fps\25fps\30fps\60fps\120fps(pro)

Perfect for Fornite , OverWatch and other fast-paced games Recording


Webcam Overlay

Output Picture-in-picture video by recording from the screen and webcam in the same time.


Takes up the Least memory

Unlike the other similar products occupying too much memory and causing lag during the recording, DataKit Screen Recorder is your lightweight alternative. (Up to 50% less)


Powerful Editing Panel

Edit your clip with a wide range of editing tools while recording.

What you see/hear is what you get !

Here is an example.

Feature-Packed DataKit Screen Recover

Area SelectionFlexible Area Selection

Select the area of screen you want to take a screenshot of or record at the press of a button in six different mode. (Full screen, custom, Fix region, Around the mouse, follow the mouse, lock window)

Tutorial Drawing PanelReal-time Tutorial Drawing Panel

Draw circle, Outline, add Arrows/ Text/ Step Tool with custom color and size to your screenshot or video while doing a screen capture.

add Webcam OverlayAdd Webcam Overlay

Create Picture-in-Picture Videos by Recording webcam video along with the screen recording.

Mouse EffectsChangeable Mouse Effects

You can easily Highlight the cursor movement, add a Mouse click effect or other animation, Hide cursor or desktop icons, and disable the screensaver while recording with the DataKit Screen Recorder.

video filesOutput high-quality MP4, MOV, GIF

Select output Video quality, Video format and Frame rate as you like with multifunctional setting panel.

music filesOutput Lossless MP3, WMA, M4A, AAC

Capture Sound from System and microphone respectively or simultaneously. Change the volume of the microphone and system sounds before or during the screen capture.

WatermarkAdd Watermark to Video

Add your own watermark image to the screen capture.

Project HistoryProject History

Access to all captured videos and screenshots quickly.

More Amazing Humanized Designs and Details to Be Explored!

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Windows 10/8.1/8/7/vista/xp

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