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My Husband is Cheating! How to Catch my Husband/boyfriend Cheating

Last Updated on December 8, 2020 by Jason Ben

Caught him sneaky texting behind your back? An expense of credit card bill which he could not explain? Or does he work late more often than usual? It could have been a surprise party or a big gift for your anniversary. For those who are going through the “seven-year itch ”, however, this might not be the case. View signs of cheating husband.

Word has it that the reality of marriage lies in a certain kind of mutual emotional experience. It means that whatever one partner is feeling will also reach the other partner in one way or another. If your lover has done one of these things mentioned at the beginning of this article, you have probably started to grow alarmed. Sometimes to catch a cheating husband/boyfriend you don’t have to actually run into that lipstick on his collar, the smell of perfume on his shirt or a long strand of golden hair.

In a General Society Survey conducted in 1994, 78 percent of men and 88 percent of women denied ever cheating on their spouse in marriage, which implies a fairly large number of extramarital affairs. If you don't get lucky to find out you are just freaking out for nothing, get prepared for a protracted battle. Before we kick off the game to catch an unfaithful spouse, here are several things you should keep in mind.

Never confront the suspect

Not until you have caught him in the act or have sufficient evidence in hand. We all know how men will concoct a story to fit your suspicions. Even so, you are not a bit prepared for the huge surprise from your husband.

Here's what you found: several love letters, 10 photos of her taken in their house in the middle of the day, a large number of calls. Here's what he said: she's got over the crush for him and they are buds now; she stopped by occasionally for a visit; yes they have some friends talk on the phone, from time to time.

See what this confrontation leaves you to be? Not only are you accused of being “crazy”, but he will be even more tight-mouthed.

Set a honeytrap, and ask for trouble

You tell yourself: you just have to be sneaky to catch a sneak. You buy an expensive service and a stunning model is sent to the nightclub which your husband frequents after work. As planned, she starts to flirt with him and he seems totally head over heels. Gotcha, didn't I? You think. It truly is a good way to reveal his true colors-so far, everything makes sense

But wait. Would any man turn down such a hot, charming girl? It is in their nature to be attracted to a female. Don't overestimate self-control and moral discipline. Most importantly, don't start all of this just because you are suspicious. Your husband may not think about committing his “crime” until the moment you want to prove so.

Confiding in a friend is not that wise

You may want to tell your best friend the first time you notice something wrong with your husband. It is all too natural to seek comfort in friendship when you are heartbroken in marriage. But think twice before you pour out without reserve.

According to a survey, 7 out of 10 times with whom you share your secret will let it slip in conversation or on social media. In that case, it will soon reach the cheater. What’s worse, you could take a detour and find out that your friend is the one cheating with your husband!

Camera Surveillance-Extra caution

Congratulations! You have finally come to think of the power of technology. All it takes is a hidden camera to prove that you didn't pull this out of the air. Now you can sit and check the recorded videos.

Before you turn to a divorce lawyer though, you receive a letter from the attorney of your husband. He found the monitoring software you installed on his cell phone. Mind the pitfall here: check the regulations in your state about surveillance. Avoid legal issues or it will backfire.

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Following are some practical tips to catch him cheating:

Hire a private investigator

Go to an investigator who specializes in infidelity investigations. It's the quickest and most effective way to discover the truth. But it can also cost an arm and a leg.

GPS Monitoring

It's legal to install a GPS tracking device on the outside of the car, without affecting its performance. With this system, you will have access to your husband's whereabouts and easily keep track of him. Planting the device inside the car, however, could break the law. Again, you can never be too careful.

Paper Trail

Keep a journal of your husband's daily routine. Pay special attention to the record of mileage, ATM or restaurant receipts, credit card statements, phone records, even movie stubs. Compare these two and you might smell a rat.

Mobile history

When you check his call logs, you will find a lot of useful information such as the unusual amount of phone calls to someone. Don't forget social media. People give away much more information on WhatsApp than they think. Look for a careless location of a hotel or an update about a candlelight dinner in his profile, or his constant appearance on another woman's profile. Other clues such as browser history and cookies can also help. Learn how to catch a cheating spouse texting.

What if he deletes the data on the phone and simply denies everything?

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