Android Transfer

An all-in-one Android Transfer and Manager

  • Back up and restore your Androd via PC;
  • Manage data and apps on your Androd;
  • Transfer files between Android and iTunes;
  • Compatible with Android 12; works for Samsung S22 series, OnePlus 10 series, and more.

Start to take control of your Android right away!

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We want you to be the true master of your phone

With Android Transfer, you're available to transfer, convert, and delete the data of your Android phone. Also, you can add files to your Android device from your PC and iTunes if you'd like to.


Move your stuff between Android and PC

  • Back up media files and private data onto PC.
  • One click to export Android photos to computer.
  • Load up Android apps and app data to PC.
  • Extract data from your PC to Android phone.

Govern everything on your Android phone right now!

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Transform HEIC photos to JPG losslessly

.heic is an image format that some Android phones and digital cameras use to compress and save pictures shot via the device.

However, it's not fully compatible with:

  1. Windows
  2. macOS
  3. iOS

So, if you want to preview or save your HEIC image on another device without restrictions, an HEIC-to-JPG conversion is a must.

Android Transfer is the one that converts your HEIC photos into JPG without any quality loss. Try it Now!

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Remove trash from your Android phone

  • Displays Music, Videos, Photos for you to delete those media files that you need no more;
  • Detects all apps on your phone, you can uninstall those pre-installed, hidden, rogue, or bloatware apps;
  • Erase those cache files and folders on your Android device.

Keep your Android phone and tablet clean as always!

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Enrich your Android media libraries

  • Import media files and folders like videos, photos, music from PC to Android;
  • Create new playlists and libraries for your Android using a PC;
  • Install apps into your Android through a computer;
  • Add some custom files and folders to your smart phone.

Transfer files, data, and apps to from your computer to Android phone right away!

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We promiss you these

Ultimate Security

We will NEVER spy on your data and privacy

High Compatibility

Phone Manager works from Android 12 to Android 2

File Variety

Phone Manager supports to transfer, add, and delete almost all files on your Android phone

Maximum Efficiency

You can scan, transfer, delete files and data with filters and fast speed

What else you can do with Android Transfer

iTunes-Android Transfer

With Phone Manager, you can:

  • Import media files from your Android device to iTunes.
  • Extract data from iTunes library and backup files into Android device.

No more boundaries can stop you from transferring data between iTunes and Android. Looking for the best tool when you want to switch to iOS or Android? I guess this is what you truly want! Get it for Free Now!

Contacts/SMS Manager

Phone Manager helps:

  • Transfer contacts and messages between Android and PC;
  • Selectivly delete piles of messages at a time;
  • Create new contacts into your handset via your computer.

Hate deleting and creating tons of contacts and messages via your tiny handset? Use Phone Manager to carry on the deletion and creation at ease!

Manage Android data for FREE Now!

Transfer Photos, Messages, Contacts, Video, Books and explore iPhone fles.

How to transfer, delete, and add your Android data

To find out more, you can read complete and detailed tutorials from Our Recourses.

See our Pricing here

You can also customize your own license standard based on your need.

We are loved by our users

  • Thank you for helping us. My kid is making me crazy for her stuff on the old iPhone after I bought her a new OnePlus. So thanks for getting those off her phone! Wish you good luck and thanks again.
    Anne Kenyon
  • Barton Chandler
    Been looking for a tool that I can transfer files and data directly between my Samsung (for work) and iPhone (private phone). Now, I guess I found my treasure. I don’t need to transfer and convert my Samsung files with a PC and then transfer them to the iPhone.
    Barton Chandler
  • I’ve decided to switch from iPhone to an Android phone, but the data stuff had kept pulling me off. But with the transfer tool, I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S21 with all my files and data now.
    Malisa Jones