Android to Android

Here we provide with various methods for you to transfer data from on Android phone to another Android Phone, including different brands of mobiles phones and any data types

October 13, 2021

Transfer Message From Android to Android via Bluetooth

SMS may have almost become a defunct technology but it is the most reliable way of texting. This is why some people value it so highly and need to keep all their SMS when switching phones. This article will show you how to do that.
October 10, 2021

Transfer your LINE Chat History to New Android on The Cloud

Transferring your LINE chat history to your new Android device can be quite a complicated issue. Thankfully, the entire process can be simplified with the use of certain methods and even with a third-party app that will make it all happen in one click.
October 4, 2021

Transfer Data (Photos/Videos/App Data) from LG to Samsung

Transferring our contacts is one of the first things we do whenever we buy a new device. And it is kind of complicated when it's from two different brands like LG and Samsung. Here, we'll explain exactly how to do that without too much hassle.
September 29, 2021

Transfer Contacts From Samsung to Samsung via Bluetooth

Whether it's because you got a new Samsung or because you want to switch to a different one, you need to migrate all the contacts. Thankfully, this can be done using the tools available to us on the devices themselves. Here is how.
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