Switch Mobile Transfer

A perfect Phone-to-Phone transfer tool for switching phone, data backup & transfer

  • Move your stuff from one mobile device to another
  • Support multiple data and media file categories
  • Carry out cross-OS transfer - iOS to Android and vice versa
  • Compatible with the latest iOS 16 and Android 12

Look no further than echoshare Mobile Transfer to carry out Android-to-Android, Android-to-iOS, iOS-to-iOS, and iOS-to-Android transfer!

Download and use it now to sync your phone to another!

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Nothing can stop the data transfer

Switch Mobile Transfer is the perfect tool for you to transfer data and files from one phone to another. It doesn’t matter if:

  • Your handset or tablet is running iOS (up to iOS 16) or Android (up to Android 12);
  • You’re using Samsung, OPPO, OnePlus, HTC, Google, LG, Motorola, Sony, iPhone or others;
  • The device is provided by AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-mobile, or unlocked.

Breaking through all boundaries of OS, brands, models, and carriers, we treasure your data a lot.

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Everything on your phone is covered

No matter you want to transfer data from Android to iOS, Android to Android, iOS to iOS, or iOS to Android, you're always available to import these files and data to a new device:

Media Files:

  1. Audio: Songs, music, ringtones, voice memo
  2. Video: movies, TV shows, filmed video
  3. Photo: App pictures, photos, wallpaper

Private data:

  1. App: Apps, app data
  2. Contact: SMS, contacts, contact blacklist, call history
  3. Other: Bookmarks, notes, calendar, alarm, etc.

Find out more, try it yourself!

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We are loved by so many people


Perfect to switch phone or carrier


Scan your data with super high speed


Helps you transfer anything you want


Works on PC (Windows 10) & Mac (up to Big Sur)


Takes one click to complete the transfer


Works for 8000+ iOS and Android devices


Plug and play, manage your iOS data with ease


Never ever spy on your data

More features of Switch Mobile Transfer

WhatsApp Transfer

With Switch Mobile Transfer, you can:

  • Transfer messages of WhatsApp, WA Business, LINE, Viber, Kik, Wechat from one phone to another;
  • Back up and restore WhatsApp(and above others) messages and attachments via PC

Want to make sure nothing will be loss on your WhatsApp or other social apps? Easy, use the WhatsApp Transfer on Switch Mobile Transfer, your WhatsApp data will be perfectly handled. Get it for Free Now!

Transfer on Win Transfer on Mac Transfer on Win Transfer on Mac

Phone Data Backup&Restore

With Switch Mobile Transfer, you can:

  • Back up your phone data (photos, videos, music, contacts, etc) to a PC/Mac without any data loss;
  • Extract or restore data from a previous Switch Mobile Transfer backup file or iTunes backup file tp your phone.

Never afraid of data loss due to phone switching, a cracked phone, or loss of phone. Switch Mobile Transfer Backup&Restore got your back. Complete and secure, that's what we promiss you! Give it a go now.

Backup to Win Backup to Mac Backup to Win Backup to Mac

Use Switch Mobile Transfer for FREE Now!

Transfer everything from your old phone to the new one.

How to transfer data from one phone to another

3 Steps to Transfer Android/iOS Photos. Videos, Contacts, SMS to a new phone Freely and Easily.

To find out more, you can read this: Resources.

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You can also customize your own license standard based on your need.

People Think So Highly of Us

  • Terry Lewis
    I used the Samsung Smart Switch App to transfer data for my sister's phones and it worked badly. As I use the echoshare one, everything is solved and my sister was very pleased that she had all her data saved on the new one. Thanks for the help. Be well.
    Terry Lewis
  • Theresa Boothe
    Thanks a bunch! My mom just got her new Samsung and I will take her old Samsung. This is an easy way to transfer all data to her new Samsung.
    Theresa Boothe
  • Andrew Hammett
    I haven't got a new phone for a long time and I don't want to lose everything this time. At first, there was no way I knew I could avoid a loss. Back when Android was still a baby (doughnut and eclair). But this phone transfer caught me up. Awesome! 5 stars. Its fast speed, the stable transfer makes the issue a better time
    Andrew Hammett
  • Alisa O'Neal
    Thank you very much. I transferred all my files from an old Samsung Galaxy to my new Xiaomi Mi9 using a computer to transfer the files. It worked perfectly.
    Alisa O’Neal