How to Read Husband Deleted Messages from Female Friends

Last Updated on January 13, 2023 by Jason Ben

You are already sure that your husband deleted some text messages from others. Why is he doing that? What he is hiding something from me? It maybe because he is sparing some storage for his phone, he is preparing a surprise for your up-coming birthday, he just simply does not want you to be jealous or he could really be cheating... who could possibly know? But what we can confirm is he got something that doesn't want you to know.

Is your husband texting a female friend or sexting other women? Do you believe that your husband is texting a female co-worker for work only? What a shame it is for other people to know that your husband is a married man texting another woman with sexting messages!

So, now you want to read those messages but do not know how because they have already deleted?

Worry not, lady. Today I will show you two methods to read husband deleted messages No need to ask people, “How can I read my husband’s deleted messages?” anymore after reading this tutorial.

#1 How to Read My Husband's Deleted Text Messages by Recover SMS from phone

Here I will Introduce two phone messaages recovery tool for you, iPhone Data Recovery and Android Data Recovery.

With iPhone Data Recovery, you can recover deleted text messages, iMessages, WhatsApp History, Kik messages, Line messages, Viber messages, Messenger messages from your husband's iPhone or from his iTunes/iCloud backup files. You can even recover deleted call logs which may facilitate your investigation.

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Want to read more messages from other social apps? try to Spy on Husband's Deleted Text Messages in real-time.

Why choose iPhone Data Recovery and Android Data Recovery

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For explicit steps on how to read husband deleted messages, you can view these guides as below:

Want to Recover Deleted Messages on Line, WhatsApp or Facebook Messanger? you can view these guides as below:

I know it is infuriating to know that your husband keeps in touch with another woman but you can’t read their messaging conversation because he continues on deleting them. Through the use of iOS Data Recovery and Android Data Recovery, your chance of catching your cheating husband would be much higher. Expose his deleted messages sent to his female friends by restoring all of it with this software. Hope this helps you. Download and try now!

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#2 How to Spy on Husband's Deleted Text Messages in real-time

There is any other method maybe you will be interested in, it is to spy your husband's deleted text messages on live. mSpy is a very famous phone spy app on market, with which you will have a real-time data well organized in a dashboard.

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You can view all messages including almost all popular social app messages including WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Snapchat, Skype, LINE, Instagram, Viber Kik, Tinder, WeChat, QQ, Hangouts, Telegram, Tumblr. For those messages deleted, they will be marked with a trash bin icon in the messages list. If your target phone is iPhone, you can only view Messages(including iMessages), WhatsApp messages and LINE messages.

Besides, spying on (deleted) messages on the target phone, you will also get information of location, call history, SIM card Change, calling contacts, messaging contacts and more with mSpy.

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1Is deleting text messages a sign of cheating?

Deleting messages is normal. You can't accuse your partner of cheating just because they deleted their messages. The important question is whether they are purposely hiding them from you.

2How to see archived text messages?

Archive messages feature is typically only available on Android devices. You can find it by tapping on the three-dot option on your SMS app. There, you can see the Archive.