LINE Savior: Best Way to Recover Deleted LINE Chat History even Without Backup

Last Updated on December 1, 2022 by Jack Robertson

Before the Pandemic, I spent months there with some IG friends from Japan. They said LINE is the NO.1 app there, so I got one.

Can’t Live Without LINE

I got incredibly obsessed with chatting among anima groups as I’m a huge fan. I share memes, discuss the characters and stories, judge everything with my fellow anima friends even after I return to the state.

LINE Chatting Histories Are Gone with No Backup

A week ago, my younger sister deleted LINE from my phone. Because she was using it and got completely annoyed by the constant notifications of LINE. She didn’t know about this app. Worse still, I was someone who never backed up my data. So, all gone, chatting histories, memes, text messages.

I was devastated by the near fact that I would lose all the LINE chat history with all my Japanese friends and animate group.

A Kiss from Luck Fairy - Recovered 100% LINE Messages

But I was lucky - my sister knew that she made a huge mistake. She recommended echoshare iPhone Data Recovery to recover my deleted LINE chat histories. I used it and successfully recovered all LINE chat history back to my iPhone.

Thinking that deleting all your LINE messages accidentally with no backup can be such a nightmare. To help you out, my fellow LINE users, I will teach you how to restore all your LINE chat history. Buckle up and let’s start.

Perfect Way to Restore LINE Chat History without Backup

As recommended, I searched echoshare iPhone Data Recovery online and found it helpful.

echoshare iPhone Data Recovery is a pretty handy data recovery program for LINE and other social media. When I ran it, I could see both my LINE and WhatsApp deleted messages. I restored those I needed and left the rest.

Besides LINE deleted history, this program can restore other deleted data, like photos, videos, notes, audio, etc. So, if you erased anything on your iPhone, be it app data or local files, download echoshare iPhone Data Recovery and let it do its job. You will soon have your data back.

Let’s not mention it’s so easy to use. The first time I used it, I spent a few seconds to master it and successfully restore my precious LINE history. You want to get your LINE messages back? Download it and have a go.

Recover with Win NOW Recover with Mac NOW

Now, let me show you the detailed steps of using it to recover your LINE messages on iPhone. For Android users, the steps are basically the same, download it and have a try.

Section 1: Restore LINE Chat History on iPhone without Backup

Get your deleted LINE chat history on iPhone was such a easiness for me when I used this app. Now, let me tell you how.

Recover with Win NOW Recover with Mac NOW

Step 1: Scan the deleted LINE chat hisory

After you download and install the program to your computer, launch it and stay in the Recover from iPhone tab. Connect your iPhone to the computer as prompted. Next, click the Scan button to let it find the cache of your deleted LINE messages.

Step 2: Choose the deleted LINE messages

As the scan is complete, you can see all the data on this iPhone and the delted ones.

Now, click on the LINE and LINE Attachments options from the left pane. There, you’re available to preview the chatting history and all LINE related files (photos, videos, audio, documents). Tick those you need.

Step 3: Restore LINE chatting history

Done selecting, click Recover. Choose a folder to restore them to your computer first. When it’s done, you can transfer them back to your iPhone.

Section 2: Restore LINE Chat History on iPhone with Backup

If you’re someone who backs up your iPhone regularly, this iPhone data recovery tool can help you restore the LINE messages from the backup to your phone selectively.

If you choose to follow the official guides to restore your LINE chatting history with iCloud and iTunes backup, you need to reset your iPhone first.

But with echoshare iPhone Data Recovery, you can extract the LINE chat history and attachments without downloading the whole backup to your iPhone. This’s something we call efficiency. Most importantly, you don’t need to reset your iPhone beforehand, which avoids data loss.

Now, download it and let’s start to restore your deleted LINE messages with backup.

Step 1

Click the buttons below and download the program to your computer. Launch it after that.

Recover with Win NOW Recover with Mac NOW

Step 2

Here, I will show you the steps of recovering LINE history from iTunes backup. For those who prefer iCloud, just click that tab and follow the on-screen instruction then.

Choose Recover from iTunes Backup, connect your iPhone to the computer as prompted, click Start. And the app will display all the iTunes backup files on this computer.

Step 3

Choose the latest iTunes backup, click Start Scan. Wait for a while and all the data inside this backup file will be analyzed and displayed by categories.

There, locate the Social Media tab, tick LINE and LINE Attachments, click Recover to restore all the LINE data to your iPhone.

Section 3: Backup All LINE Chat History on Android and iPhone

After recovering the deleted LINE chat history, there’s one more thing you and I should do - back up the LINE.

Accident happens and we never know when it will strike us. To avoid losing the precious chatting history with our loved ones on LINE, back it up regularly. Try iCareFone for WhatsApp Transfer

This is a professional data transfer, backup & restore app for not just WhatsApp, but also WhatsApp Business, Kik, LINE, Viber and Wechat. You can use it to back up your LINE. With just one simple click, you can back up your LINE chatting history, including messages, pictures, and voice, etc.

After the backup, when you try to restore data from the backup, you can decide the files to be restored. You can choose by categories, like Documents, Messages, Photos, Videos, Audio, etc. You can restore the files you need only.

Found it useful, download it and let’s start to back up the LINE on our phones.

Step 1

On your computer, download the app and launch it.

Back Up LINE Now!(Win) Back Up LINE Now!(Mac) Back Up LINE Now!(Win) TBack Up LINE Now!(Mac)

Step 2

On the interface of it, choose LINE. Then, connect your iPhone to the computer as suggested.

Step 3

Click Back Up Now. And iCareFone will start to back up your LINE data to the computer.


When you want to restore data from the backup, choose LINE - View & Restore, there, you’re available to restore the whole backup file or restore part of it by clicking the View button.

Warpping Up

Losing the data on your LINE is a total suffer. Thinking that we might lose the bits and pieces with our friends and family on LINE makes us deparate. However, we have the chance to get them back. Follow the methods mentioned above and hopefully, you will get what you deserve.


1How to Recover LINE Account

When the deletion of your LINE account is complete, I’m sorry that you can’t recover your LINE account.

Though you can create an account with the same phone number or email, all the data for this account is long gone once the deletion is done, the conversations, photos, videos, audio, contacts, all the registered mini programs, etc.

2How to Back Up All LINE Chat History on Android

To make a backup of all your LINE chat history on Android, try echoshare Android Backup & Restore.

Step 1: Download the Android backup program to your computer, launch it after that.

Step 2: Connect your Android to the computer and choose Android Data Backup & Restore from the app interface.

Step 3: Click Android Data Backup, tick Select All and click Start.

Step 4: Wait for the completion, all your LINE chat history and other data will be saved on the computer.