(3 Easy Ways)How to Transfer WhatsApp From iPhone to Android

Last Updated on April 7, 2023 by Ian McEwan

For the past few years, iPhones have been slightly underwhelming but have still maintained their exorbitant prices. It’s no wonder then that so many people have begun migrating from iOS to Android. If you’re one of the many people who has recently made the switch and is wondering how you could transfer your WhatsApp from iPhone to Android, you’re in luck. We’ve listed out three detailed methods of transferring data from WhatsApp on iPhone to Android.

Transfer WhatsApp From iPhone to Android

Why Do People Face Problems While Transferring WhatsApp Data From iPhone To Android?

On Android phones, WhatsApp backs up data on Google Drive while as you can imagine the iPhone does it on iCloud. You are therefore unable to access the WhatsApp files from your iCloud account on your Android phone when you switch from iPhone to Android.


How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages and Media Files from iPhone To Android

There are three main methods. All of them seem kind of complicated but we’ve broken down the steps and tried to make the process as easy for you to understand as possible.

Method 1. Transfer WhatsApp Messages From iPhone To Android Using WhatsApp Transfer

Method 2. Transfer WhatsApp From iPhone To Android Using Wazzapmigrator

Method 3. How to Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android Using Restore Social App

Method 1. Transfer WhatsApp Messages From iPhone To Android Using WhatsApp Transfer

Like an ‘Anywhere Door’ For Your WhatsApp Data, WhatsApp Transfer can transfer any WhatsApp content from iPhone to Android, Android to iPhone, iPhone/iPad to iPad/iPhone, Android to Android. (Support more than 7000+ Mobile Phone Models).

Here come the steps to transfer your WhatsApp data from iPhone to Android

Step 1. Download and install the WhatsApp Transfer on your PC. It works on both Mac and Windows.
Win Download   Mac Download   Win Download Mac Download
Step 2. Once installed you’ll see those Social App options on the top menu bar. Click it and select the WhatsApp module after connecting both your phones to the computer or Mac via USB cable.

icarefone transfer

Please note that for this process to work you will need to follow the on-screen instruction to enable USB debugging on your Android phone.

Step 3. Make sure both phones are adequately detected on your WhatsApp Transfer program. When you click the ‘Transfer’ button your WhatsApp data on your iPhone will start to quickly be shared to the Android phone.icarefone whatsapp transfer

Depending on the size of the WhatsApp Data you have, the process could take several minutes. You should also know that any WhatsApp messages that are already on the Android phone will not be deleted.


Method 2. Transfer WhatsApp From iPhone To Android Using Wazzapmigrator

Wazzapmigrator is the most downloaded app to transfer WhatsApp on Google play. What this app does is basically take all your iPhone WhatsApp data and convert it into a format Android Phone can read.

This is a paid app and costs $6.99. But it’s a sure-fire way of ensuring you transfer WhatsApp from iPhone To Android if you follow the guide step by step.

However, you need an auxiliary software to get it done and the procedure is kinda complicated. Wanna take a shortcut?

Here’s how to Transfer WhatsApp From iPhone To Android with Wazzapmigrator:

Step 1. Backup your iPhone Data to PC with iTunes

Back up your iPhone on your local PC in an unencrypted format. To do this while backing up your iPhone on your computer using iTunes simply uncheck the ‘encrypt backup’ box.

Step 2. Download iTunes Backup Extractor

You’ll need to download an iTunes Backup Extractor on You PC. This helps you take a closer look at the WhatsApp files in your iPhone backup and extract them. We recommend you use ‘iBackUp Viewer‘, which is free.

You can also pick the ‘iPhone Backup Extractor’, which is free until 4 files extracted (enough to download WhatsApp backup file).

Step 3. Extract ChatStorage.sqlite, AKA WhatsApp data on your PC

With iBackUp Viewer, you can extract the WhatsApp files from your iTunes backup. Your chats will be stored at the following location:

AppDomainGroup -> Group.Net.WhatsApp.WhatsApp.Shared -> ChatStorage.sqlite

AppDomainGroup -> Group.Net.WhatsApp.WhatsApp.Shared -> Media (this will be in the form of a folder, copy the entire folder)

extract the WhatsApp files from your iTunes back up

Step 4. Transfer WhatsApp Data to Android

After extracting, you can import the WhatsApp history (ChatStorage.sqlite) from PC to Android in many different ways.

Such as:

Export data with Samsung Kies

LG Bridge to transfer data from PC to Android

Android File Transfer (iTunes Alternative)

-By USB with standard Windows copy with the Android USB Driver

-Transferring with Dropbox or Google Drive.

Step 5. Download WazzapMigrator

After transferring WhatsApp Data from PC to Android, you’ll also need to download ‘WazzapMigrator‘ on your Android Phone from Google Play.

Step 6. Final Step

Connect your Android phone to the computer. It’ll show you the internal files. One of those files will be the WaszzapMigrator folder. Copy the files previously extracted from the iPhone back up with the tools mentioned in Step 4 into this folder and press play on your Android. You can then let the app do its job and presto, you have all your WhatsApp messages from your iPhone into your Android phone.

Although this App is the most downloaded app to transfer WhatsApp on Google play, the process does not seem simple and not always proved to be the most reliant method of transferring WhatsApp messages from an iPhone to Android.


Method 3. How to Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android Using Restore Social App

Restore Social App is recognized as the most efficient way to import WhatsApp from iPhone to Android, also to iPad/iPod touch/Android devices.

Aside from iOS WhatsApp transfer, Restore Social App can also backup other social networking data, like LINE/Viber/Kik/Wechat chat history in just one click.

Here are some steps that will work in the WhatsApp iPhone to Android transferring:

Step 1. You’ll need to download and install the Restore Social App on your computer. It’s not too large and the file should download and install quickly.

Restore Social App

Step 2. Depending on whether you’re using a Mac or a Windows device you’ll be provided with an option to either ‘ BackUp&Restore’ or ‘Restore Social App’ respectively.

Step 3. Connect your iPhone and your Android device you want to transfer your WhatsApp messages to, to the computer. They should show up on the application interface.

Step 4. From the tab on your left, select the WhatsApp option and click ‘Transfer WhatsApp Messages’ and click Transfer.

Restore Social App is a popular application to transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone To Android and this process we’ve described has been the most reliable one in our tests.



We hope at least one of the methods we described in our blog works for you. However, if you are facing any difficulty or are unable to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android we would love to help you out, so let us know.


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