How to Back Up A Locked/Disabled iPhone Without Passcode(Easy Steps)

Summary: This article will list several possible methods for you to back up your locked/disabled or unresponsive-screen iPhone without entering a passcode. Also, you will learn the skills of unlocking your locked/disabled iPhone.

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To back up data on an iPhone is very easy. However, such an easy issue can be hard to execute if your iPhone is locked or disabled and you forget the passcode on it. Also, if your iPhone has a broken or unresponsive screen, it’s difficult to back up the data on it.

Normally, as for iPhone data backup, you need to unlock it first and then use iTunes or iCloud to make a backup.

So, if the data on your locked/disabled iPhone is precious to you and you want to back it up before sending it to repair, check the following methods to back up your locked/disabled iPhone without entering a passcode.

Method 1: Back up your locked/disabled iPhone with iTunes

If you have synced your iPhone to iTunes before, you can still use iTunes to back up your locked iPhone on a trusted computer.

Step 1 Connect iPhone to iTunes

Connect your iPhone to a trusted computer with a USB cable, iTunes will automatically launch and sync to your iPhone when you’ve connected your iPhone to this computer before.

Step 2 Back up a locked iPhone with iTunes

Find your iPhone icon on Devices, click on the image of an iPhone to enter the backup interface, and then choose the Summary button below.

Then, move to Backups, click Back Up Now, iTunes will start to save your data to the PC.

iTunes iPhone Backup Now

You can locate the backup file on your computer with the help of this link – [Find iTunes Backup]iTunes Backup Location on Windows and Mac.


If you have synced your iPhone to iTunes before, but it fails to sync to iTunes this time and iTunes keeps asking for “Trust This Computer“.

This is probably because your iPhone has been powered off since the last sync, or this is not the same computer that you used to connect your device.

Method 2: Back up locked iPhone with iOS data backup tool

FoneLab, known as a powerful iOS manager, is one of the best tools that is designed to keep your data safe.

This tool can access your locked iPhone without unlocking your iPhone, so it doesn’t matter if your iPhone is locked/disabled or has an unresponsive screen.

To perfectly preserve your data, FoneLab can back up, recover, and restore dozens of data categories, including photos, audios, videos, contacts, messages, notes, chatting history of Whatsapp, Kik, and Line, etc.

Also, it enables you to preview and select the data you want to back up, which saves you a lot of time and energy.

FoneLab Interface

Step 1 Download, install and launch the software on your PC

Win Download Mac Download Win Download Mac Download

Step 2 Choose iOS Data Backup and Restore

Choose iOS Data Backup & Restore on the interface, and connect your iPhone to PC with a USB cable.

FoneLab iOS Data Backup Restore

Step 3 Back up your data

Choose iOS Data Backup, then, click Start to proceed.

Next, you can select the data to back up by category. Or, you can back up all the data, choose Select All.

Finish selecting the data, click Next to back up the selected data. The data will be stored on a PC folder that you’ve selected.

FoneLab iPhone Data Backup Select Categories

In this way, you can back up your data even if you’ve never synced to iTunes. And also, your backup files will be much easier to restore and check.

With the work of FoneLab, your data will be handled in order, which gives you great convenience while restoring. When your iPhone is unlocked later, you can restore your data from this backup you made.

Workaround: Extract data from a previous backup or from this handset

If you’re in great need of the data on the locked iPhone, you may extract it from a previous iTunes backup or iCloud backup if you’ve made one.

Situation 1 Extract your data from previous iTunes/iCloud files

You can extract your data from a previous iTunes backup file when there’re any.

Or maybe, you’ve turned on the iCloud auto-backup feature, and every time you charge or lock your iPhone, iCloud will back up your data on its own.

While you’re not sure if the data you want is stored on the latest backup file, use an old iPhone or iPad.

Take out the old device, and go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Contents and Settings.

Then, power on the device and set it up again. While setting up, choose Restore From iCloud Backup or Restore from iTunes Backup accordingly, choose the latest backup file to restore on your old device.

Finishing the setup, all the data from the previous backup file will be input to your old iPhone.

Activate iPhone Restore From iCloud Backup

If the data from the latest backup file is exactly what you are long for, you can move to unlock your disabled iPhone.


You can also choose to extract certain data separately from iTunes or iCloud backup files via an iOS data recovery tool.

Situation 2 Retrieve your data from

You can log into and try to extract some real-time data stored on your iPhone via the page.

Different from iCloud backup files, is only able to save certain categories of real-time data on your iPhone. As for an iCloud backup file. it’s filled with the data that was exiting on your iPhone by the time you made a backup.

Follow this:

Log in on a browser. After you sign in, choose the data type that you want to retrieve. Click the icon and preview the data, then save them on your PC.

iCloud Interface Functions

Situation 3 Extract your important data from the device directly

If the important data is stored on the locked iPhone without previous backup files, you can directly extract it from the device with the help of some iOS data recovery tool.

Check out this link to find out how to extract your data from the device directly with an iOS recovery tool.

READ THIS[Pro]How to Recover iPhone Data with iPhone/iOS Data Recovery

These are all the possible methods for you to back up your locked or disabled iPhone without entering the passcode.

iTunes and the iOS data backup tool – FoneLab are all available to back up your locked/disabled iPhone. Also, if you’re in need of certain data, try the 3 easy ways to locate your data.

Hopefully, this tutorial can help you out of the embarrassment and you can finally have your data back.

Tips: What to do after you back up your data

Backup Locked iPhone Unlock

After you successfully make a backup, your iPhone is still locked and you cannot use it. you can try Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker to wipe the passcode of your disabled device.

Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker is a reliable and efficient tool that provides the simplest and useful functions for unlocking iPhone.

If your iPhone is disabled or locked, let iPhone Unlocker remove your iPhone Passcode and you can simply access your iPhone without a passcode.

Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker can :

  • Erase lock screen with a high success rate;
  • Wipe the passcode, Face ID, or Touch ID;
  • Help remove Apple ID and reset the Restriction passcode.


Win Download Mac Download Win Download Mac Download

Steps to wipe the passcode on your locked iPhone

Want to once again hold your iPhone in your hands with everything functioning, the first thing you need to do is to download iPhone Unlocker.

Step 1 Launch iPhone Unlocker 

On the interface, choose Wipe passcode to unlock your iPhone.

Step 2 Download a firmware

Confirm your device’s information, click Start to download a related firmware package.

Step 3 Unlock your iPhone

When the download is complete, click Unlock to proceed.

Type in “0000” on a pop-out window to confirm unlocking.

Wipe Passcode Process

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