To Unlock A Disabled iPhone with/without iTunes&iCloud

Last Updated on September 15, 2021 by Jack Robertson

If you enter the wrong passcode on an iPhone 11 times, this iPhone will be disabled completely. A disabled iPhone is absolutely disturbing that you cannot unlock it in regular ways, you are locked out of it and cannot have access to the disabled iPhone anymore. So, how to enable a disabled iPhone becomes critical for you.

On this page, you will find several tools that you can use to unlock your disabled iPhone, including iTunes, iCloud, and a third-party program. All you have to do is to pick up one tool and then follow the listed steps.

iPhone is Disabled Connect to iTunes

What you need to know about a disabled iPhone

If an attempt to unlock an iPhone has failed 5 times, your iPhone will be disabled for one minute to protect the personal information in it. Once it has been unsuccessfully unlocked 11 times, this iPhone will be completely locked out, and so-called disabled.

A disabled iPhone can not be simply unlocked, you can only reset the iPhone to enable the iPhone. The disabled screen will be gone while the reset is complete, the data on this iPhone will be deleted as well. So, if the data on the iPhone is important, you’d better back up your disabled iPhone before you unlock it.

To unlock a disabled iPhone is not difficult at all, there’re several tools for you to do so, here, we can turn to iTunes, iCloud, and a powerful iOS unlocking manager – iPhone Unlocker.

Method 1: Unlock a disabled iPhone with iTunes

If you’ve synced your iPhone to iTunes before, then, iTunes can be very helpful when it comes to unlocking your disabled iPhone.

Just connect your disabled iPhone to your PC. iTunes will detect your device and launch automatically.

On iTunes, go to Device > [Your iPhone] > Summary, choose Restore iPhone to reset your device.

Win iTunes iPhone Backup And Restore

If you haven’t synced before, you can still use iTunes. But it takes some skills and a little bit of luck.

Step 1 Enter recovery mode

You need to set your iPhone into recovery mode. Different iPhone models have different ways of entering Recovery Mode.

If your iPhone is:

  • iPhone X or later, iPhone 8/ 8 Plus and iPhone 11/11 Pro:

Connect your iPhone to your PC. Then, press and hold the Side button. When you see the Recovery Mode screen, release the Side button.

  • Or iPhone 7/7 Plus:

Connect your device to your computer and keep holding the Volume down button. Don’t release the button until you see the Recovery Mode screen.

  • Or iPhone 6s or earlier:

Connect your device to your computer and keep holding the Home button. Until you see the Recovery Mode screen, release the Home button.

iPhone Buttons For Recovery Mode

Step 2 Locate your iPhone and restore it

Launch iTunes, and go to Devices, click the icon of your disabled iPhone. Then, a notification appears, saying that there is a problem existing in your iPhone, and offering you two options. Choose Restore.

Restore iPhone Via Recovery Mode
iTunes will start to download the firmware to reset your device. When the download is done, iTunes will start to restore your iPhone. Just wait for the completion.

After the 2 steps, your iPhone will be unlocked perfectly. Power it on and activate it.


  1. There’s a 10% risk of being stuck in Recovery Mode. When it happens, don’t worry, you can fix the iTunes being stuck in Recover Mode easily.
  2. Recovery Mode has a time limit of a quarter, so if the process takes more than 15 minutes, your device will exit the mode, you need to redo all the steps.

Method 2: Unlock disabled iPhone With iCloud

If you want to unlock your iPhone without iTunes or Recovery Mode, you can try to log in to and unlock your iPhone. Make sure Find My iPhone is enabled on this iPhone.

Step 1 Log in iCloud/Find

On your PC, another iPhone, or iPad, visit Enter your Apple ID and password to sign in.

Step 2 Locate your iPhone

On the top, click All Devices, and choose your iPhone.

Erase iPhone With iCloud

Step 3 Erase your disabled iPhone

Choose Erase iPhone among the three options. Enter your password to confirm the erase. Wait for it to complete.

icCoud Erase This iPhone

When it’s done, your iPhone will be unlocked. Power on and set it up like a new one.

Method 3: Unlock disabled iPhone without iTunes or iCloud

If both iTunes and iCloud are not helpful, you might also try Aiseesoft iPhone Unlock.

This is a program designed for unlocking any iOS device, it can wipe the locked screen completely from your iPhone, so as the disabled screen. Within minutes, one can unlock a disabled iPhone with just a few clicks. No need for techniques, Recovery mode, or Apple ID, it could save you a lot of time and energy.

Let’s get to use it.

iPhone Unlocerk Interface Functions

Step 1 Download and launch iPhone Unlocker on your computer

Win Download Mac Download Win Download Mac Download
Step 2 Connect your iPhone to the PC

Use a USB cable to connect your iPhone and PC. Make sure you have a stable connection during the unlocking.

Step 3 Wipe Passcode mode

Choose Wipe Passcode mode, you could erase the disabled condition with this. Click Start to proceed.

Unlocker Wipe Passcode Confirm Information Download Firmware

Step 4 Download the unlocking firmware

Unlocker will list the information of your handset, check it, and click Start to confirm the information. Then, download the firmware for erasing your iPhone. Just wait for a second.

Step 5 Enter “0000” to unlock

When it’s done downloading, a pop-up appears, enter the code “0000” for confirming your process. Click Unlock and wait for the completion of unlocking.

Unlocker Complete Download Firmware Enter Code Unlock Successfully

It will take a few minutes. When it’s done, you can power on your iPhone and get into it easily.

To unlock your disabled iPhone is not difficult, right? Just need a little bit of help from some programs. After you have successfully unlocked your iPhone, you can use it normally just like the old time. But, remember that your data will be gone, back up your data if necessary. Feel free to ask any problems, we would be glad to help you.