How to Remove Passcode from iPhone without Unlocking your iPhone

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Are you having trouble unlocking your iPhone? Did you forget your password? Or did you get a secondhand iPhone and you don’t know what the password is? If you’re wondering how you can remove the passcode from an iPhone, this article will give you a few options on how you can unlock your device.

Passcode problems

Most devices nowadays require a passcode before you can access the phone. A passcode is a numeric sequence used to validate a user. Passcodes can come in different types; there are simple 4-digit passcodes but other users prefer a 6-digit passcode as it makes it more difficult for unfamiliar individuals to guess. Some iPhone users even use fingerprint scanning or face recognition to make sure that all the information they have stored on their phone is safe and secure, and can be accessed by the owner alone.

However, if you own multiple devices to, for example, separate work from personal usage, and you have a habit of making every password unique, then keeping track of all your passwords could be a challenging task.

What’s an even more challenging task is being locked out of your own phone. This usually happens when you enter a wrong passcode way too many times. If this is the case, your iPhone would automatically be disabled and you won’t be able to try new passcodes for quite a while.

So, do you need to remove passcode from an iPhone?

If yes, then let me help!

How to remove the passcode from iPhone

If you have your iPhone with you, you may try this simple method. However, please be informed that this will work only for an iPhone 6 or lower. A different method may be used for iPhone 7 or higher.

To begin, you will need to turn off your device. Next, plug your iPhone 6 to your computer using a USB cable. Do this while you press and hold the Home button. Please continue holding the Home button until the recovery mode screen appears.

On your computer, you will be prompted by a notice. To proceed, please choose the Restore option. iTunes will then automatically restore your iPhone 6.

For iPhone 7 and higher, please follow the first step by turning off your device. Next, press and hold the volume down button instead of the Home button. As you will, kindly wait until the Recovery mode screen appears.

It’s that simple.

However, if this method doesn’t work, you may opt for other third-party applications that equally provides solutions to these types of problem.

One application that is readily available in the market today is the Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker.

The iPhone Unlocker is a professional and a safe application software that performs three significant functions: remove various lock screen passcode, remove Apple ID, and retrieve restriction passcode without having to lose any existing data.
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It is so easy you can do it in just a few simple steps. To start, just follow the instructions provided below.

Steps to remove the passcode from iPhone 6

If you forgot your iPhone passcode, you will need to restore your device. However, doing so will erase all your previous records.

If you agree to this condition, please proceed by opening the Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker app.

Step 1 On the main interface, you will see three options: Wipe Passcode, Remove Apple ID, and Screen Time. Please tap on the Wipe Passcode mode.

iPhone Unlocker Main Screen

Step 2 The screen will display a short notice on what the Wipe Passcode is used for. Please click the Start button to continue. Next, plug the device to your computer to start the Wipe Passcode process.

Step 3 The screen will display your device information. Check and confirm the provided details, and click on the Start button.

Step 4 The app will start copying a firmware that will remove the iPhone passcode. You can turn on the music or try to be creative while waiting. The screen will display information once the download has been completed.

Step 5 Tap on the Unlock button to proceed with the phone passcode removal. The iPhone Unlocker will provide a warning that the process will delete your previous data, and will update the iOS to the latest version as well.

To continue, type “0000” to verify unlocking.

Do not unplug your device to avoid glitches in removing the passcode. You will be notified as soon as the procedure is finished. And that’s it! Congratulations on your newly acquired skill!

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