How to Unlock An iPhone With Broken Screen [Positive]

Last Updated on April 25, 2023 by Jack Robertson

Without a doubt, having an iPhone with a broken or unresponsive screen is absolutely awful. A certain portion of the screen or worse, the whole screen is no longer working even if you tap so hard. It’s more saddening that the Face ID or Touch ID is also damaged and you cannot use it to unlock this cracked iPhone.

To further take advantage of this iPhone, you need to get it repaired by sending it to a repair center. But before that, you’d better unlock your iPhone and erase all the data on it to keep your privacy safe. Just in case if some people will hack into your iPhone and peek at your iPhone data. You can find a lot of news and cases online about privacy leaks due to sending devices to repair.

To keep your data from vicious hands, you can unlock your iPhone and erase all data on it, so that nobody can have access to your personal information through it. In this tutorial, you will learn the skills of unlocking your iPhone with a broken screen and erasing the data,


  1. If you consider your data on the iPhone is prior to the device itself, and you’re eager to unlock your smashed iPhone and back up the data from it, you can find the methods in this tutorial to preserve your data perfectly.
  1. In urgent need of certain data on your iPhone? If you want to unlock this iPhone to have access to your data, like some important files, messages, photos, or videos, you can find a way in this tutorial to extract data from this cracked iPhone.

Unlock iPhone with Broken Screen

How to unlock iPhone when the screen is broken

Unlocking your iPhone will not take you a lot of time and energy if you use Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker. This is a powerful tool for you to unlock your iOS device under any circumstances. You don’t need to enter your passcode, and it can still be helpful even if your iPhone is disabled or has a broken screen. It can simply remove the locked screen within minutes. After iPhone Unlock finishes its work, your device will be totally unlocked and ready for repair.

To unlock your iPhone, check the steps below.

Step 1 Install iPhone Unlocker on your PC, and launch it

Win Download Mac Download Win Download Mac Download
Step 2 Wipe the Passcode

On the interface, choose Wipe Passcode to remove the lock screen on this smashed iPhone.

Step 3 Prepare for the unlock

Click Start to begin the whole process. Plugin your iPhone to the PC with a USB cable.

Unlocker Wipe Passcode Confirm Information Download Firmware

Then, on the software, you need to confirm the information about your device. Click Start and download a firmware for unlocking your iPhone.

Step 4 Unlock your device

When the download is complete, click Unlock to proceed. Next, enter “0000” on iPhone Unlocker’s window to confirm the unlock. Click Unlock after that.

iPhone Unlocker will unlock your iPhone in a few minutes.

Unlocker Complete Download Firmware Enter Code Unlock Successfully


iPhone Unlocker’s Wipe Passcode mode will not only unlock your iPhone but also erase all the data on it. So after the process, you don’t need an extra step to erase the data. You can simply send your iPhone to the repair center without worrying about privacy leaks since there is no data on it and nobody can retrieve data from this iPhone.

Unlock your broken screen iPhone to back up your iPhone data

When you consider your priority to keep your data safe and sound,  you need to back up your data to a computer or iCloud.

You may want to unlock your iPhone with the broken screen and then do a backup on it. Unfortunately, there’s a risk of data loss if you try to force unlock this disabled iPhone without using the passcode, Face ID, or Touch ID.

iPhone Broken Screen

But there are ways to back up your data on this iPhone without unlocking it. We can bypass the lock screen and back up your data to a computer. And you can transfer the data back to this iPhone after repairing or you can transfer the data to a new device.

To back up your data on this iPhone that you cannot unlock due to a broken screen, you can find multiple possible methods from a post named “How to Back Up A Locked iPhone Without Entering Passcode“.

The post has introduced ways that you can back up an iPhone without entering a passcode, which means you can learn something practical to back up your smashed iPhone without unlocking it. To help readers who treasure the data on a locked iPhone, the post indicates how you can back up a locked iPhone by using iTunes. Also, you can be relieved that your data will be perfectly safe when you turn on iCloud auto-backup it. Besides, if the Apple tools are not helping, you can still apply to a recommended third-party program to back up your data.

All in all, you will always find a suitable method to preserve your data from the article, take a closer look at it.

Unlock your unresponsive iPhone to have access to the data

When you are in desperate need of the data on your cracked iPhone and you cannot get into it, you can preview the data and extract from your iPhone without unlocking it under the help of FoneLab.

As a professional iOS data manager, FoneLab can help you easily bypass the locked screen and have direct access to the data on your iPhone. No need to enter a passcode or use Face ID and Touch ID, FoneLab can quickly detect your iPhone and display all the data on your iPhone by categories, you can easily locate your data and find out the information you are longing for. Moreover, you can choose to export the data to your computer and share it with others.

FoneLab iPhone Data Recovery

Take a look at the steps for the later attempt:

Step 1 Download FoneLab on your computer, launch it

Win Download Mac Download Win Download Mac Download

Step 2 Choose iOS Data Recovery

On FoneLab’s interface, choose iPhone Data Recovery.

iPhone Data Recovery mode can detect the data from your iOS device, iTunes, or iCloud backup files. It will display all the data and you can preview the data, and then export them when you need to.

After choosing iPhone Data Recovery, FoneLab will prompt you to connect your iPhone to the computer with a USB cable, just follow that instruction.

Connect iOS Device to Computer via USB Cable

Step 3 Scan your iPhone

Next, you need to apply to Recover from iOS Device. This option will detect all data on your iPhone and you can later take a closer look at them.

On the Recover from iOS Device tab, click Start Scan. FoneLab will perform a thorough scan on your iPhone. When it is complete, all data will be displayed by categories, you can find the desired data easily and quickly.

Recover From iOS Device Start Scan

By the way, if you want to have direct access to your iTunes or iCloud backup file, you can choose the Recover from iTunes Backup File or Recover from iCloud Backup File accordingly.

Step 4 Extract your data and export to the computer

You can select some important data and click Recover to back them up onto your computer.

When the process is complete, you can transfer or share your data as you want.

Select Data

In this way, you can have quick and direct access to your iPhone data even if you cannot unlock it by entering a passcode.

When you try to unlock your broken screen iPhone for data erasing, backup, or extraction, you can always find a way here. And never forget to erase the data on your iPhone to protect your information no matter you want to repair it or throw it away.