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How to Fix Samsung Cloud Backup Failed

Last Updated on December 8, 2020 by Jason Ben

Why Samsung Cloud Backup not working

Though the Samsung Cloud data backup and restore feature is advantageous to users, it is important to appreciate the fact that nothing is able to operate fine all the time. Meaning, Samsung Cloud also sometimes fails to work.

The Samsung device may not be responding, not working or stuck, or it may be a problem with the storage full, failed login or just a network error. Since the chances of a failure issue of a Samsung Cloud Backup occurring at any time exists, it is essential to understand the available solutions. Consequently, here are a few of the solutions to help you to fix or correct the Samsung Cloud Backup failed issues.

Fix Samsung Cloud Backup Failed

How You Can Fix Samsung Cloud Backup Error

1. Reboot your Samsung device

This is always the first option available for fixing any problem of a mobile device including a Samsung phone. Samsung backup failure can also be fixed or corrected through phone rebooting. To reboot your phone, simply press down your Samsung phone’s power button until there is a window pop-up appearance. A restart option will appear and simply select it to restart the phone device.

2. Clear caches and data

Samsung account and Cloud junk files or caches can also result in a Samsung Cloud Backup failed issue. It is advised that you clear or delete the data and cache of these two applications to avoid the slowing of the device running speed.

To delete data, simply go to the Settings section and proceed to the Apps option. Click or tap the 3 dots icon which will open the menu. Then click the Show System Apps option and the different apps of your system will be displayed. Choose both Samsung Account and Samsung Cloud and for each go to storage and proceed to the clear data or cache option and clean the device.

3. Change the device network connection

Performing Samsung Cloud data backup requires that the network connection is strong or reliable. A network connection that is unusable or weak can lead to the failure of Samsung Cloud backup. To fix this particular problem, change the type of network connection. You can change from cellular data network to a Wi-Fi network connection or vice versa.

It is also possible for you to have chosen or enabled the option/feature Sync using Wi-Fi only in settings while your phone is still using cellular or phone data currently. In this scenario, it is advised that the feature/option is turned off for the process of data backup to be smooth. To turn off this feature, visit Settings, then go to Cloud and Accounts and then select Samsung Cloud. Tapping or clicking on the 3 dots icon will lead you to the Settings section. You will see the option only Sync using Wi-Fi and therefore disable the feature.

4. Remove And Then Add Your Particular Samsung Cloud Account

For you to be able to use Samsung Cloud, it is a requirement that you certify that you have a user account and of course login to your particular Samsung device. If you already have configured an account on your Samsung device/phone and still there is backup failure, to try and correct the problem, you can reconfigure the account. Go to the Settings section on your Samsung device and proceed to the Cloud and Account option, and then choose Samsung Cloud.

On the section of Samsung Cloud, open the menu by simply tapping on the 3 dot icon and in the list displayed select Settings. Choose the Remove account option to exit your account and at that point add the account back to your Samsung phone.

5. Update Samsung Cloud

A recent version of Samsung Cloud can help in fixing the problems or bugs of the earlier version of the software. To upgrade the app, you have two options. The first option is that Samsung will send to you the update notification for you to receive the update files. Alternatively, you can simply visit the official Samsung website and proceed to download the latest Samsung Cloud software.

Backup Samsung Phone with Switch Mobile Transfer recommended

Apart from being able to back up your Samsung mobile data using the Samsung Cloud option, there is another alternative option to back up your phone data. You can employ the use of Switch Mobile Transfer. Using this one-click program, you are able to transfer your Samsung phone data including text messages, videos and photos from one device to another. Switch Mobile Transfer also provides a Cloud storage option.

Win Download Mac Download Win Download Mac Download

Using this backup tool, transferring your Samsung mobile data to your computer/PC becomes very fast and easier. Here is a short process of backing up Samsung phone data to PC using this data backup tool.

Step 1 Launch the program and using a cable connect Samsung phone to your computer. On the window displayed that you will first see, your device will appear.

Step 2 You may be required to enable USB Debugging on your phone or simply Trust the connected computer.

Step 3 Select Back Up Your Phone module on the interface.

Switch Mobile Transfer Backup Phone

Step 4 Once the phone is connected properly, proceed to select the particular contents you want to be copied or backed up. You can backuo text messages, contacts, photos, music, videos, Apps etc.

Backup Ssamsung to PC

Step 5 Click Start Transfer and the process will be carried out until completion.

Step 6 Disconnect the phone once the data transfering has completed.

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