Easiest Ways to Back Up Samsung Galaxy Phone

Last Updated on April 25, 2023 by Jack Robertson

What's the most important thing about your Samsung Galaxy phone? The data for sure.

When you buy the latest Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, you can easily restore the previous backup to it and start to enjoy the gadget. Also, when you need to reset your Samsung phone because of a phone error, the backup makes sure you won’t lose any precious data.

So, to enjoy your Samsung with relief, back up your Samsung to a computer, another Samsung phone, or the cloud. There are multiple ways to do a Samsung data backup, officials or third parties. Today, I will show you 3 methods of Samsung data backup. Pick up the one that fits you and keep your Samsung data safe.

Method 1: How to Back Up Samsung Galaxy to PC

First of all, let’s see how to back up your Samsung phone to a computer.

Why a computer? Well, it saves more data than a phone and free cloud storage. 1TB, the maximum of current Samsung phone storage, is also the minimum of regular computer storage. And 15GB is the free capacity of Google cloud backup.

I think you know the best bet now. If you have a computer, back up everything that you treasure on your Samsung to a computer.

Steps to Back Up Samsung Galaxy Phone to PC

Step 1

To back up data from Samsung to a computer, take out a USB cable and connect your Samsung to the target PC.


To let data be transferred through a USB cable, you need to enable USB debugging on your Samsung first.

Step 2

Next, download Android Data Backup on your computer.

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What is Android Data Backup?

This is a professional backup tool for all Android phones and tablets. You can back up photos, videos, notes, WhatsApp data, audio, SMS and contacts to your computer with one click. All your data will be safe and sound after using it.

You may choose to back up all the data on your Samsung or just part of them by selecting the exact types of data. You can get rid of those needless data and save some space for your hard drive.

Besides, if the target computer is being used by not just you, like your family and friends, encrypt your backup. By setting up a password to the backup file, you’re the only one that has access to your secret photos, videos and other data.

Step 3

Launch the program and choose Android Data Backup & Restore. There, you can click on the One-click Backup button. And Android Data Backup will save all your Samsung data to the computer. You just need to decide on a folder to hold them.

Or, click on Device Data Backup to have a more flexible backup. You’re available to choose the type(s) of data for the backup. Check those that you need and leave the rest.

Step 4

Click Encrypted Backup to set a password for your Samsung backup file. Click Start and choose a destination folder to complete.

See how to restore your Samsung Backup data from Android Data Recovery here: Back Up & Restore Android (All Brands Covered)

Method 2: How to Back Up Samsung Phone to Samsung Cloud

Samsung Cloud, the default backup service of Samsung Galaxy, is undoubtedly the most practical backup tool. Well, it backs up your Samsung data automatically. Also, for Samsung users, this is easy to start when you have your Samsung account logged in on your Samsung Galaxy.

Check this out to enable auto-backup of Samsung Cloud on your Galaxy phone.

Step 1

On your Samsung Galaxy, open the Settings app. Tap on Accounts and backup.


If you haven’t signed in or even created one account, tapping that option will lead you to. Finish it anyway.

Step 2

Hit Manage account - Samsung account - Sync account - More options (3 vertical dots) - Settings - Sync and auto-backup Settings - Auto back up.

Step 3

On the new screen, choose the data that you need. There’re Call Logs, Messages, Contacts, Calendars, Clock, Settings, Samsung Daily, Home screen, Apps, Music, Voice Recorder, Documents, Photos, etc.

Exit and you’re good to go. Samsung will now start to back up your Samsung Cloud every 24 hours when it’s connected to a Wi-fi network or it’s charging.

Some warnings of backing up Galaxy with Samsung

  1. Samsung cloud has only 15 GB of free storage. Once it’s full, Samsung Cloud will stop saving any data from your Samsung to Cloud.
  2. To use Samsung Cloud without any issues, you need to keep your Samsung software up to date.
  3. Samsung Cloud Auto-backup is not available on Verizon phones and tablets for some regions. If this is your case, go to Settings - (Your Account) - Samsung Cloud - Back Up Now. Here, you can back up your Galaxy phone to Samsung Cloud manually.

Method 3: How to Back Up Samsung Contacts, Messages, Photos, and Apps to Google

Samsung is using Android OS for all their devices, Galaxy S phone, Flip phones, and Galaxy Tab S tablets. So, we can use Android’s recommended backup service - Google Backup, offered by Google.

Similar to Samsung Cloud, it’s a cloud backup service and it saves your data automatically as well. But it’s more compatible and has less restrictions. So, later when you want to switch from Samsung to another brand, you can easily transfer data through Google backup.

Let’s see how to back up your Samsung Galaxy to Google.

Step 1 Register your Samsung to Google

On your Samsung Galaxy, open the Settings App. Tap Google and sign in with your account. Create one if you don’t have it.

Step 2 Start to back up Samsung to Google

Tap Backup - Turn on, to activate the Google Backup on this Samsung Device.

Next, make sure the Backup by Google One option is active so that Google will back up everything automatically from your Samsung.

Scroll down and find Backup Details. There, choose the data you want to back up, like Apps, SMS, Call History, Device settings, Google Account data, etc. Finish this and exit the page.

From then on, Google will back up the selected Samsung data to Google Drive through Wi-fi when it’s been locked and charged for 2 hours.

Tips for baking Galaxy to Google Drive:

  1. On some phones, Google Drive will not back up your photos and you have to download an app - Google Photos, to save your photos. Simply go to your Play Store or Galaxy Store and search it, install the app and activate the photo backup afterward.
  2. By default, Google will back up data through Wi-fi only. If you have enough mobile data, scroll down and allow Google to back up through mobile data as well.

See how to restore your Samsung Backup data from Google: Back Up & Restore Android (All Brands Covered)


1How do I access my Samsung backup on Google?

To access your backup on Google, you have two ways:

  • Through drive.google.com on a computer: Viste Google Drive on a browser, and click on the Storage option on the left menu bar, click on Backups from the top right corner.
  • Through the Google App on your Samsung phone: Launch the Google Drive app on your Samsung, tap on the Menu button (3-Line), and choose Backups from the menu list.
2Do Samsung phones automatically backup?
Yes, your Samsung phone will back up data automatically when you’ve set up Samsung Cloud on this Samsung phone. Go to Settings - Accounts and backup - Samsung Cloud. Activate this auto-backup service there.

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