7 Simple and Quick Ways to Transfer Videos from iPhone to Computer (Win/Mac/Chrome)

Last Updated on December 1, 2022 by Jack Robertson

iPhone is such a treat to us all for that reason that we can have so much fun with it, like watching a fantastic movie that is purchased on Apple Store and shooting a home-made film with a fancy camera.

  • The Apple Store offers tons of funny stuff like movies, TV shows, and music videos. Every one of this item pleases us and lighten our life.
  • Filming with iPhone shrinks the gap between ideas and the execution of ideas. Many creative filmmakers or Vloggers can try out more ideas easier with iPhone’s world-leading phone camera (HDR for iPhone 12).

However, it’s never a good idea to save the movies or videos on your iPhone since it’s just a phone with no more than 512GB of storage space. Besides, the videos filmed personally deserve a far more professional tool like Premiere or iMovie to edit and trim.

In this case, transferring the videos from your iPhone to a computer for storage and modification is a perfect solution.

If iTunes is the first tool that occurs to you for transferring videos and movies to a computer, well, iTunes is not doing quite well for that. For your benefit, you’d better try some other tools. And in this tutorial, we’ll introduce 7 tools and relatively, 7 methods for you to transfer videos from your iPhone to a computer.

7 Best Methods to Transfer Video from iPhone to Computer

Part one: Wired Transferring Video from iPhone to PC

In this part, we’ll be seeing 4 wired methods. Before start, please get a few things ready first:

  1. A compatible USB cable to connect your iPhone and the computer (Win & Mac);
  2. The latest iTunes for Windows PC (For Windows 7 and 8, download the latest available version);
  3. A login of the same Apple ID (the one registered on your iPhone) on your iMac or Macbook.

Now, let’s see how to transfer videos from your iPhone to a computer with a USB cable. Pick up one method that fits you most and start your transfer right away.

Method 1: Transfer videos and photos from iPhone To PC without iTunes (Win & Mac)

Though iTunes is not a successful iPhone transfer tool, we can easily find some advanced iTunes alternatives in cyberspace that help transfer videos and other media files from an iPhone to a computer. Among countless iPhone transfer tools, there’s one that you should never miss, echoshare iPhone Transfer.

Designed to a one-stop solution to transfer files (including Photos, Contacts, Music, Messages, Videos, Playlist, and more) between iOS devices and computers, echoshare iPhone Transfer will never let you down

  • With this tool, you can easily transfer videos, large and small, from your iPhone to the computer without quality loss.
  • Meanwhile, you’re available to decide the format for the output videos onto your PC.

echoshare iPhone Transfer Software Transfer Videos from iPhone to PC without iTunes


If you transfer your iPhone videos to a computer for editing, then you’re available to transfer the finished videos back to your iPhone with echoshare iPhone Transfer again.

Here’s how you transfer videos from iPhone to a computer using iPhone Transfer:

Step 1 Get the program on your computer for free

Step 2 Connect your iPhone to echoshare

Finish the installation and launch iPhone Transfer on your computer. Take out a USB cable and connect your iPhone to the computer.

iPhone Transfer will detect your iPhone and sync to it. You will find your iPhone icon on the interface of the program.

Connect iPhone to echoshare iPhone Transfer to transfer files with PC

Step 3 Start to transfer videos

Depending on the target video type, the following step will be divided into 2 parts: videos from the Photos app and purchased movies/videos.

1 For filmed videos, screen recordings, and clips saved from apps (WhatsApp, etc):

  • Hit Photos;
  • Under the left menu, hit Albums;
  • Look at the right panel and double-click the Videos album;

Locate Video Album on iPhone via iPhone Transfer

  • Locate the target video(s) from all the listed iPhone videos;
  • Hit Export and choose a destination to save the video, click OK to confirm and start.

In this case, iPhone Transfer will start transferring the iPhone video to your computer hard drive. Within minutes, the process will be complete and you can go to the preset destination on your PC to check out the video there.

Decide Output Folder to Save iPhone Videos on Pc


For those who care about the video format and quality, hit Output Settings. Then, you’re available to decide the video coding:

  • H.264: The output video will be in MP4 format that is the most compatible one for all devices and media players. You can play and edit the iPhone video on your PC with any software without converting the footage.
  • HEVC/H.265: Short for High-Efficiency Video Coding, it’s designed to be the superior successor or the H.264. Videos under this coding standard always come with a .heic, .heif, or .avci extension that is less compatible than the .mp4. But an HEVC video is half the size of an MP4 video while sharing the same quality and length.

Decide Video Format When Transfer Video from iPhone to PC

To wrap up, if you’re looking for an easier way to enjoy the video on your computer, choose H.264. And HEVC/H.265 is something that you will use when you have special needs.

2 For music videos, movies, and TV shows purchased from iTunes Store onto your iPhone:

  • Hit Manage at the top of the interface;
  • Locate Videos on the left list and choose the target album from Movies, Music Videos, Home Videos, TV Shows, or Podcasts;
  • Select the video and click Export;
  • Decide the destination and click OK to confirm.

Now, iPhone Transfer will start to import the iTunes video to your computer.

Transfer iTunes Purchased Movie Video From iPhone to PC

Method 2: Transfer iPhone Videos to PC using Autoplay (Windows 7, 8,10)

Windows has a built-in Autoplay feature that usually differs from one version to the next. The core functionality of the function, however, remains the same.

Once this feature is turned on, the Autoplay will detect any device connected to the computer via USB and provides you with various options on what you want to do with the device.

Tip: How to turn on Autoplay on Windows PC
  • For Windows 7:

hit Start and open Control Panel. Choose to view by Category and hit the Hardware and Sound option to proceed. Then, you may see the AutoPlay option. Click it and turn it on.

  • For Windows 10:

Activate the Search feature by clicking the magnifier icon at the bottom-left corner. Enter ‘Autoplay‘ on the box and open the Autoplay Settings tab. Turn on the AutoPlay then.

Open AutoPlay on Windows to Transfer Videos from iPhone to PC

Once turned on, we can start the video transfer right away.

Step 1 Connect your iPhone to the Windows PC

Unlock your iPhone and connect it to your computer via a USB cable. You may need to tap Trust on your iPhone screen to allow this computer to connect to your iPhone.

Step 2 Transfer videos from iPhone to PC through AutoPlay

As the Windows computer detects your iPhone, you’ll see an AutoPlay prompt on the desktop asking you to choose one option.

  • Import pictures and videos: Move iPhone pics and videos to the PC;
  • Open device to view files: Check out the iPhone stuff without the availability to transfer, copy, and edit files.

Transfer Videos from iPhone to PC through Windows AutoPlay

Here, tick Import pictures and videos to proceed. Then, on the new window, click Import and choose to import videos from a connected device – your iPhone.

Next, set up a destination folder to save the output and select the target video(s). Hit the Import selected button to start.

Import Videos from iPhone to PC via Autoplay

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Method 3: Transfer videos from iPhone to a Windows computer via File Transfer

Thinking AutoPlay is a bit complex to use? You can try a much easier tool – File Transfer, to import iPhone videos to a Windows computer. But this method only works for Camera Roll Videos. Check this out:

  1. Connect your iPhone to the PC;
  2. Run This PC and locate Apple iPhone;
  3. Open Apple iPhone > Internal Storage > DCIM > 100APPLE;

Locate iPhone Photos on Windows PC

  1. Locate videos on the 100APPLE folder. By default, MOV is the format for iPhone videos.
  2. Drag or copy them to your computer hard drive.

Locate iPhone MOV Videos Transfer to Windows PC via File Transfer

Method 4: Use Photos App to Transfer iPhone Videos to Mac without using iCloud Photos (Mac Only)

The Photos app on your Mac is a good helper for Mac users to import video or photos from your iPhone/ iPad/iPod Touch to your Mac.

Here’s how to import iPhone videos to Mac:

Step 1 Sign in your Apple ID on the Mac

On your iMac or Macbook, sign in with the Apple ID that you’ve logged in on your iPhone.

Step 2 Connect your iPhone to the Mac

Take out a USB cable and connect your handset to the computer.

Step 3 Start the transfer

Run the Photos app on your computer and click your device’s name in the Photos sidebar. Pick those iPhone videos you want to transfer and download them onto your Mac.

Upload Videos from iPhone to Mac

Part Two: Wireless Transfer Video from iPhone To Computer

Sometimes, we just cannot find a USB cable around us. In this case, a cloud service is a perfect way out.

There are some famous cloud services like iCloud, Dropbox, and Google Drive in the market that can help us transfer videos from an iPhone to a computer without using a USB.

Method 5: Use Dropbox to Transfer Videos from Your iPhone To Your Computer without iCloud (Win/Mac)

The first cloud storage tool we will use is Dropbox. It provides 2 GB of free storage and enables you to access files across multiple devices. You’ll need a Dropbox app installed on your iPhone and a Dropbox account for this to actually work.

Here are the steps necessary to move videos from your iPhone to your computer.

  • Download and install Dropbox on your iPhone via App Store;
  • Run the application on your iPhone and click the Create button;
  • Select Upload Photos and start to import the videos from iPhone Photos;
  • Visit Dropbox.com on your computer;
  • Sign in with your Dropbox account and then copy the videos from the cloud to your computer.

Import Videos from iPhone to PC via Dropbox

Method 6: How to Transfer Videos from iPhone to Computer using iCloud (Windows/Mac)

Apple has its own application that can help you transfer videos from the iPhone to the computer. You can either use the iCloud website to transfer the video but we highly recommend using iCloud Photos available for your desktop.

Here’s how you transfer video from iPhone to the computer using iCloud Photos.

Step 1 Sign in to iCloud.com

Visit iCloud.com on your PC and sign in with your Apple ID.


iCloud 2 Factor Authentication Enter Verification Code

During the login, iCloud.com will ask for a 6-digit verification code, this is how you can get it:

  • Unlock your iPhone and tap Allow.
  • A 6-digit verification code pops out.
  • Enter it on iCloud.com to sign in.

If you fail to sign in to iCloud.com, read these:

Step 2 Transfer videos to your PC

After signing in, hit the Photos icon. Then you will see all the iPhone photos and videos on the website. You may select the target videos and download them onto your computer

Move Video Photos from iPhone to PC via iCloud.com

Method 7: How to Transfer Videos from iPhone to Chromebook using Google Drive

If you’re using a Chromebook, well, Google Drive seems to one of few solutions for transferring videos from your iPhone to the Chromebook. Check this out:

  • Install Google Drive on your iPhone and sign in with your Google account;
  • Open Photos on your iPhone and locate the target video;
  • Click Share and choose to share the video to Google Drive;
  • Next, visit Google Drive and sign in with your account on your Chromebook;
  • The last to do is to download the iPhone videos from Google Drive to your computer.

Transfer Videos Photos from iPhone to PC via Google Drive

Part three: FAQs of transferring videos from iPhone to PC

1. How do I send a large video file from my iPhone to PC?

If you have filmed an hour-long video that weighs dozens of GBs, don‘t pick up a method casually since some methods will downgrade the large video when transferring to the computer, like iCloud, AutoPlay, etc.

To avoid quality loss on your precious footage, try echoshare iPhone Transfer to do the lossless transfer.

2. Why can’t I transfer videos from iPhone to Windows PC?

When using a USB cable to connect your iPhone and PC, you may find the transfer is unsuccessful. Many reasons will lead to such failure. To make the transfer successful, follow my lead and let’s find out the solution.

  • Try another USB cable and reconnect your iPhone to the PC;
  • Try to plug the cable into another USB port on your PC;
  • Unlock your iPhone and tap ‘Trust’ on the screen to allow this computer to access your iPhone;
  • Download the latest iTunes on your Windows computer;
  • Try iCloud and other cloud services.