How to Recover WhatsApp iMage - WhatsApp Photos Recovery

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WhatsApp is among the most used cross-platform messaging apps on the market. It is very convenient to use and allows you to chat, send pictures, audio, and short video clips to anyone who has it installed on their devices. It also allows you to back up chats, contacts, and documents on Google drive (for Android) or iCloud/iTunes (iOS). However, this can risk losing all your data contact and pictures through accidental deletion or if your phone gets damaged or formatted. Fortunately, you can recover WhatsApp photos that you backed up on existing drives or even use third-party apps. Here is a brief look at how to recover WhatsApp images on Android or iPhone.

Recover WhatsApp photos

WhatsApp Photos Recovery from Google Drive

One easy way to recover WhatsApp images on your Android device is through Google drive. However, you need to allow WhatsApp to periodically back up your data and photos in order to recover them. You can quickly allow this feature when you install the app on your phone. WhatsApp will give you the option to back up data daily, weekly or monthly. To retrieve WhatsApp photos backed up on your drive;

  1. Sign in to your Google account; the one you used when installing WhatsApp the first time
  2. Download and install WhatsApp on your phone
  3. Tap through the prompts and accept the privacy policy. Allow WhatsApp to access your contacts and location
  4. Enter and confirm your phone number
  5. Once this is done, WhatsApp will ask you whether you want to restore your data or skip. Choose restore to recover WhatsApp images

The above steps work if you are moving to a new Android phone. If you have the same device, simply uninstall the app and follow the same steps to reinstall and recover data.

How to Recover WhatsApp Photos on Android with Android Data Recovery

Android Data Recovery is a reliable third-party software that provides the best WhatsApp image recovery you can hope for. The problem with using local app drives like Google is they delete photos that you remove from your phone in the next sync. Android Data Recovery, on the other hand, keeps all backed up photos including those that you have deleted from the phone. To recover WhatsApp photos using Android Data Recovery;

  1. Download and install Android Data Recovery on your computer and then launch it.
  2. Win DownloadMac DownloadWin DownloadMac Download
  3. Connect your Android device using a USB cable and allow USB debugging on your phone so the computer can detect it.
  4. Select Android Recovery Module
  5. Choose files you want to recover; check gallery or your picture library.
  6. Check WhatsApp and WhatsApp Attachments to Recover
  7. The next step involves rooting your Android device. Android Data Recovery will automatically provide an assistant to help you root your device. Make sure you grant/allow access permission when the software requests to root your device.
  8. Once rooting is done, the software will display images recovered from your phone. Check the boxes close to the images you want to recover and save them on your computer. You can then copy them to your phone.
  9. Select Deleted WhatsApp photos and Click Recover
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Recover and View WhatsApp photos with a Few Clicks

WhatsApp Photos Recovery from iCloud/ iTunes

If you are an iOS user, you can recover WhatsApp photos backed up on iCloud or iTunes. This, of course, is only possible if you allowed WhatsApp to back up your images on iCloud. You can check if WhatsApp backs up your photos on iCloud by going to the app setting, then chat setting and chat backup. Make sure iCloud Data and Documents are set on in settings. To recover WhatsApp images;

  1. Install WhatsApp on your iPhone and verify your phone number.
  2. Click on restore to allow WhatsApp to recover your backed up data including photos and chat.
  3. Uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp if you already have it.

How to Recover WhatsApp Images on iPhone with iOS Data Recovery

Just like Google drive, iCloud can only backup files when there is an internet connection. If you lose images before creating a backup or when offline, the only option is to use a third-party software like iOS Data Recovery. For WhatsApp image recovery through iOS Data Recovery, follow these steps;

  1. Download and install iOS Data Recovery on your computer.
  2. Win DownloadMac DownloadWin DownloadMac Download
  3. Launch the software and connect your iPhone using a USB cable.
  4. Click start to scan documents in your phone; IOS Data Recovery will list down all recovered data under various categories
  5. Click on WhatsApp and then message attachments to see the photos shared over your WhatsApp
  6. Check the photos you want to retrieve and click Restore to save them on your computer

Note:If you use iPhone 4, 3GS or iPad 1, you will need an extra plugin then follow the guide provided to enter scan mode.

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Android/iOS Data Recovery basically recovers all data that was once stored on your device. It roots your device to access its memory files and recover deleted items and data. It then allows you to select the data you want to recover and saves them on your computer. Google Drive and iCloud, on the other hand, can be used to periodically back up your photos on the free cloud space. You can then recover this data from the drive whenever you need them. Android/iOS Data Recovery is available for both Windows and Mac.