Western Digital Data Recovery – How to Recover Western Digital Hard Disk Data

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Hard drives have been around since the computers came to be and have also undergone changes that make them bigger and better like other aspects of technology. There are many companies dealing with the manufacture of hard drives, one of them is western digital. They have built a reputation over the years as one of the biggest and best hard drive producers. Despite this, hard drives are often susceptible to damage and often lead to loss of data stored on them. In case you lose information stored on your western digital drive, you can use any following methods to recover them. Please note that if your WD hard drive is portable or external, you must connect it to your computer before you take the methods as below.

Western Digital Hard Drive Data Recovery

#1 Recover Western Digital Hard Disk Data with Aiseesoft Data Recovery

Aiseesoft Data Recovery software is easily understandable due to its well-structured and arranged interface making it easier for users to navigate through. This makes it perfect for both novice and experienced users. It also involves simple steps and has an additional feature that allows you to compress the data depending on the amount of free space you have. It is available for both windows and mac and is compatible with all the different editions of those operating systems.

1. Begin with the download and installation of the software then launch it.

Win Download Mac Download Win Download Mac Download

2. Launch the program, check those file types that you want to recover then select the WD hard drive.

3. Click Scan then go through the retrieved files.

4. Preview them then select the specific ones you want to recover before pressing Recover.

#2 Recover Western Digital Hard Disk Data with Wondershare recoverit

recoverit is a product of one of the most renowned software companies responsible for different types of apps suitable for different purposes. This software is easy to use since it has a simple interface with simple prompts that one can follow to complete the recovery task. It also works with different types of data lost through different means and has been known for its effectiveness. This software is mostly used on damaged WD hard drives but it can also work on data lost through other means.

1. Start by installing then launching the software on your computer. There are different versions for windows and mac users so make sure you choose appropriately.

2. When the above is completed successfully, a new window will come up from which you have to choose external devices recovery.

3. Connect the western disk drive to the computer then click its icon which will be displayed after a successful connection.

4. Select Scan then preview the files after they have been found.

5. In case your files don’t come up with a quick scan click all-around recovery which will result in a more thorough scan to find them.

6. When satisfied with what you’ve found, click Recover.

#3 Recover Western Digital Hard Disk Data with EaseUs Data Recovery Software (Windows and macOS)

As one of the best software for WD my passport data recovery, Easeus has many features and many functionalities suitable for different types of hard drives including western digital ones. One of those features is the safety with which it functions. You don’t have to worry about the recovery process failing with this app. It also works on data lost due to different reasons such as accidental deletion, formatting or partitioning. It also works with all types of files whether they are documents, pictures or videos among others.

1. The first step is installing the EaseUs Data Recovery for Western Digital software on your computer then open it after a successful installation.

2. Next, choose the disk drive you want to use in the recovery from the list of options that will be displayed. If it is an external drive you can choose that option.

3. Click Scan to bring forward all the files on that disk.

4. Preview your files as you select the specific ones you want then click Recover at the bottom of the screen.

5. Chose a separate storage location for the data in order to avoid overwriting which will happen if you store them on the same disk.

It’s always advisable to use other storage spaces to store recovered data to avoid overwriting of the available data. You should also be careful when ejecting the WD hard drive after use by using the safe mode option all the time. Using an antivirus to scan the files stored on the disk is also important. All these will ensure that your data stays and the hard drive remains protected. You will get more value from the disk and it will serve you for longer. The methods above will make western digital data recovery easy and effective ensuring you don’t lose any data.

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