View Deleted or Lost Sprint Phone Records by Recover from Phone Devices

With iPhone Data Recovery and Android Data Recovery, you can recover those deleted or disappeared Sprint Phone Records from your devices without your Sprint account.

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3 steps to complete the recovery.

Recover Sprint Records on iPhone

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How to View Sprint Text Messages Records and Call logs Online

Last Updated on January 13, 2023 by Ian McEwan

Question: How to View Spint Text Messages and Call History Online since you lost them on phone?

Sprint is a good wireless plan provider. In essence, re-acquisition of Sprint text message records is important for business as well as personal matters. A business may require this text message records to reach out to former clients whose business was lost due to loss of the information. The business may improve its conversion rates after regaining the clients’ contacts. Some phones allow you to forward messages to a Cloud or email address. And sometimes you just accidentally delete some precious texts with your friends or family, or data loss due to system failure even phone stolen. No matter What situations you are in ,you want to get your lost text message, call log and more back.

Sprint Text Messages Records

In this guide, we have three newbie-friendly methods for you to view deleted/lost Sprint text messages or call logs.

#1 How to Retrieve Deleted Sprint Text Messages Content

With iPhone Data Recovery and Android Data Recovery, you can recover all deleted or lost data on your phone without login to your Sprint account.In minutes and with simple clicks, You can retrieve those deleted text messages, call history, contacts, and even WhatsApp messages back.

How to Recover Deleted Sprint Records on iPhone

Step 1 Download and Install iPhone Data Recovery Software on your computer as below:

Win Download Mac Download Win Download Mac Download

Step 2 Launch the Program and connect your iPhone to the computer. Trust this computer on your phone. On the software palette, select iPhone Data Recovery module and then Recover Data from iOS Device. And click Start Scan.

Step 3 You will have all deleted and lost data listed and choose those you need and recover them.

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How to Recover Deleted Sprint Records on Android Phone

Step 1 Download this Android Data Recovery Tool on your computer.

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Step 2 Launch the Tool and Plug your Android Phone to your computer with a USB cable. On the panel of the program, select Android Data Recovery module. Click to start to scan your device (You will be asked to root your device, just follow the steps patiently, you will get it done).

Step 3 When the scanning completes, just select those Sprint SMS or Call logs that you need and preview or recover them.

Have Problems While Recovering? Read this Detailed Guide:
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#2 How to View Deleted Springt Text Messages or Call Log Online

You can easily download a record of phone numbers you've sent text messages to up to 90 days in the past. Go online to , click on the Calls/Texts link. This record can be printed out or saved.

Note: Text Message content (the actual words or pictures contained in a text message) is not included in the record. Deleted texts cannot be retrieved, read online or requested through a subpoena. View How to Retrieve Deleted Sprint Text Messages Content.

How to View Unbilled Sprint Call logs Online

  1. Go to My usage
  2. Scroll to the device you want to see usage
  3. Click Show details in the Talk box
  4. Click View call log

How to View Billed Sprint Call or Text Log Details Online

You can get your billed call and text usage details for the last 3 bill periods (90 days) on


  1. Visit and sign-in to your account.
  2. Select Calls/Text Logs, then select the radio button for Voice or Text.
    1. If you're on a smartphone or tablet, you may need to tap Summary and then tap Calls/Texts.
  3. Expand the details by clicking the plus sign next to the desired phone number.
    1. Tap the Load 50 More link to get more details; if needed, repeat until what you need is displayed.
      • If you attempt to load more than 1000 text messages from any bill period you will receive this message: “Display of text details is limited to 1,000 text messages”. You should be allowed to continue but may experience delays.
    2. Repeat for additional bill periods, if needed.
    3. Click the Download
      • A file will download in a CVS format. To ensure the information is formatted properly, import the file and format the data as TEXT.

Note: Download your text message detail every 90 days to keep a running history.

Although, you still are able to retrieve those lost sprint text messages content.

#3 Ask Sprint Support Team for help

Sprint provides records of text message numbers more than 90 days upon request. You will need to contact the company directly. Sprint will ask for legal documentation showing that you are the authentic account hold. Therefore, upon contacting the Sprint network, they will put you through to the corporate security office. The office has a better right of entry to account settings on your SIM card or mobile phone device.

Subsequently, they will provide you with printed out records of text message numbers from your account for the past 3 months. Normally, you will get the message records you require within 10 business days via email, fax, or mail.

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1Can you pull up phone records from Sprint?

Simply this link and sign in to your account. After that, click Calls/Texts Logs. Next, select the Voice or Text radio button. Click the phone owner's name to view their usage details.

2Does Google Account backup text messages?

Being a Google OS, Android makes use of the user's Google Account to store backups. Unlike Apple, Google does not count the space taken by these backups towards your Google Drive allotment.


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