TIL | View Metro PCS Text Messages History and Call History Online (2021 Update)

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Metro PCS, formerly General Wireless, is a popular U.S network provider for internet, home phones, and cell phones. Those who don’t like traditional cell phone programs like T-Mobile can opt for a prepaid cell phone from Metro PCS. Through their online services, users can view Metro PCS call history, track phone calls, view text messages, and check their bill among other functions.

View Metro PCS Text Messages History and Call History

In this article, we have two ways for you to view Metro PCS Records. If you have a valid Metro PCS account, you can view the log on Metro PCS official site. If you DON'T HAVE a valid account and the phone records were deleted from your phone (iPhone or Android Phone), then you can recover those records with tools.

How to View your Metro PCS Phone Messages Online

To view your Metro PCS text message history, phone records, and use other features, you have to set up your online Metro PCS account

#1 Setting up A Metro PCS Internet Mobile Account

To set up your Metro PCS online account, log on to their website and register in the “My Account” section. Enter your contact information by providing your phone number, a username, and password. This is also helpful in case you lose your phone and want to track it. You can use one account for several Metro PCS phones if you have more than one for stress-free management.

The next step is to sync your Metro PCS phone with your computer. This will allow you to view metro PCS text messages history and your Metro PCS phone records even when you don’t have your phone with you. Simply connect your phone to your PC using a USB and follow the setup guide provided. Windows will prompt you on the settings to update depending on your cell phone make.

#2 Check your Metro PCS Phone Messages Online

Viewing your text messages, phone records or call history should be easy once you have synchronized your phone to the PC. While you can retrieve messages in your inbox and outbox from your online account, this is not possible after the messages have been deleted from the phone. You will only be able to see the source of the text messages.

Step 1: Move your mouse cursor to “Support” and then “My Account”. Enter the Zipcode of your current position and then “Get Started”.

Step 2: Enter your username and password, and if you have forgotten these details don’t stress. Click “Forgot Username/Password” and you will have a reset option emailed to you.

Step 3: Select “View all New Messages” and you should be able to see all the messages on your phone. If you want to see text and data information for deleted messages select “Recent Activity” then “Data”. You will have details (phone number, date and time) of the messages displayed on your screen.

#3 How do I View My Metro PCS Call History in My Account

After logging in to your account go to “Activity” the “Call Details” to choose the phone line you want to view call history on. All the calls dialed and received will be shown on the screen. To see particular details of the time and cost of a specific call, click on the “Financial Transaction and Usage” tab.

Failed to View your Lost/Deleted Metro PCS Phone Records? Try to Recover them from your Phone. Read Method as below.

How to View Metro PCS Phone Records by Recover SMS&Call Log from Phone

If you don't have a valid Metro PCS account and those Metro PCS Phone Records were deleted on a phone that you have access. you can view the Metro PCS Text Messages History and Call History by recovering them from your Metro PCS phone with a more immediate method.

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Every Metro PCS online user account has the ability to track metro PCS phone records and view text messages history. Regardless of whether you have a basic account or an upgraded one, you can view your call history. The only difference is that the designated period will be shorter for a basic account compared to an upgraded one. When you first set-up your online account, you can confirm if the text messages or call history works by asking someone to message or call you.