How to Recover Deleted Videos from PC, iPhone&Android

Last Updated on December 8, 2020 by Jason Ben

It happens to all of us to lose data like videos, photos or files from our devices, but still many people do not know that it is possible and not very complicated to recover deleted videos. Of course, firstly make sure that they are not in the recycle bin of your computer. If that is unfortunately not the case you will need a video recovery software.

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Recover Deleted Videos, Photos, Documents and more from PC, iPhone&Android Phone.

Part 1.Deleted Video Recovery from Computer

Did you have some really important videos that got removed from your Computer? Here is a short guide on how to recover deleted videos.

Step 1 Start your video recovery by downloading the DataKit Data Recovery software, which is the best available video recovery software. It allows you to recover deleted videos from diverse types of the devices and storing spaces, like computer (whether it runs on Windows or Mac), hard drives, memory cards, flash drives, digital cameras, phones and many more! This way when you get the software if accident happens on any of your devices, you will be ready.

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Step 2 After you download the DataKit the professional video recovery software to your computer, install it and run.

Step 3 The main interface will display the question about the type of data you want to recover. You can use this program to recover several types of files, photos, audio files, documents etc. If you want to recover your videos select the file type with the videos. You should also choose the disk drive from which you want to recover deleted videos.

Step 4 You have little time and you need the file quickly? You can choose “Quick scan” mode, which will run quickly through the disk you have chosen. If it seems that situation demand more detailed scanning then chose “Deep scan” mode, so you are sure your video will be recovered.

Step 5 After the scan completed you will see on the display all the ready to recover deleted videos. If you do not find the video you want to recover, choose “Deep scan” mode and run again yours video recovery.

Step 6 Your deleted files will appear in the display. You will see them in the miniature pictures so you can see quickly what they contain. Go through and choose those of your interest. Select “Recovery” button and here you go! In these simple steps, you have your very precious content back on your computer.

What are the pros of DataKit Data Recovery software?

To start with, it just really works! If you have deleted files which are important, you can get them back and it does not matter in what circumstances you lost your files whether you emptied your recycle bin or your operating system crashed this video recovery software is a superhero when it comes to the special tasks.

Considering its amazing features and difficult tasks it can help you with, it must be admitted that this software is truly user-friendly one when it comes to deleted video recover. It is simple to work with and has a clear design of the interface. Also, the fact that you can choose the files for your video recovery by reviewing them with the little images certainly is a great feature.

The recommendations speak for themselves, there are thousands of satisfied users who used this video recovery software and run successfully their video recovery. Try it by yourself and you will be no longer worried about an accidental loss of your videos and other data.

Recover Deleted Videos, Photos, Documents and more from PC, iPhone&Android Phone.