How to Unlock A Stolen iPhone Without Knowing Password

Last Updated on September 15, 2021 by Jack Robertson

Buying a secondhand iPhone with a pleasing price will be great. But if you happen to purchase a stolen iPhone, you will have trouble after you pay for it. For instance, you cannot get into this iPhone due to the presence of the screen lock, or this iPhone is locked with Activation Lock.

Under these circumstances, this iPhone cannot be accessed and used normally. But all in all, you have paid for what you buy, you still want to use it, right? So, here I am today, to introduce you some useful ways to unlock a stolen iPhone without knowing the password.


If your iPhone is stolen or missing and you’re reading this post to find out how others can unlock your iPhone, to protect the information on it, you can try to enable the Activation Lock on your iPhone remotely.

Unlock Stolen iPhone

How to unlock a stolen iPhone without knowing the password

To unlock an iPhone without entering the screen lock passcode is not a difficult task when you use Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker.

This is a professional iOS unlocking tool, it can help you remove the screen lock quickly, you just need to connect your iPhone to the computer and make some clicks on the program. The iPhone will be unlocked in minutes and you can get into the iPhone after that.

Now, let’s how to unlock the stolen iPhone using iPhone Unlocker.

Step 1 Download iPhone Unlocker on your PC, launch it

Win Download Mac Download Win Download Mac Download

Step 2 Choose Wipe Passcode

On the program’s interface, choose Wipe Passcode to unlock the stolen iPhone, and click Start to begin.

Then, iPhone Unlock will prompt you to connect your iPhone to the computer with a USB cable.

Unlocker Wipe Passcode Confirm Information Download Firmware

Step 3 Prepare for the unlock

Next, you need to confirm the information of this iPhone, click Start to proceed. And then, you need to download a firmware, it will take a while.

Step 4 Unlock your stolen iPhone

When the download is complete, click Unlock.

After that, a small window will pop out and you need to enter “0000” on the window to confirm the unlock. Click Unlock to start the process.

Unlocker Complete Download Firmware Enter Code Unlock SuccessfullyiPhone Unlocker will then start to unlock the iPhone. When it’s complete, you can power on the iPhone and set it up.


There is a chance that you will see an Activation Lock screen on the iPhone after you unlock it with iPhone Unlocker. It asks you to enter the registered Apple ID and password to unlock and use the iPhone.

iPhone Activation Lock Enter ID Password

This is because this iPhone is registered with an Apple account and Find My iPhone is enabled on it. The Apple server has detected this unauthorized unlock that is performed by iPhone Unlocker and triggers an Activation Lock on this iPhone through Find My iPhone and the registered Apple ID.

In addition, the Activation Lock will also be enabled by the previous owner of the stolen iPhone through remotely.

An Activation Lock is an iOS security layer that’s rooted in Find My iPhone and Apple ID, it’s designed to protect an iOS device and the data on it when it’s missing or stolen.

Bypass Remove Activation Lock

Once you see the Activation Lock screen on the iPhone, only by entering the registered Apple ID and password can you unlock it and use it.

How to bypass the Activation Lock on a stolen iPhone?

You might wonder if there is a way that you can bypass the Activation Lock and use the iPhone normally.

Indeed, there is a tool that can help you bypass the Activation Lock screen on the stolen iPhone and get into the iPhone without entering the Apple ID and password.

The powerful tool is Tenorshare 4Mekey. 4Mekey is one of the few active software for bypassing Activation Lock on all iOS devices that you can find on the market. It can help you gain control of a locked iPhone without any password in minutes.

Tenorshare 4Mekey Interface

Additionally, if you successfully bypass it, you can get into the handset and log in your own Apple ID. There’s no need to worry about being tracked or blocked by the previous owner since 4Mekey will cut off the connection between the device and the Apple ID.

There are a few things for you to know before using 4Mekey.

  • 4Mekey will jailbreak your device. After the jailbreak, this iPhone will become an iPod-like iPhone. The iPhone can no longer detect a SIM card and you cannot make phone calls, send text messages, and use the cellular networks.
  • You can still connect it to a WiFi network.
  • You can still log in to your Apple ID on the iPhone, you can purchase and download things on App Store.
  • But iCloud on the iPhone is unavailable to use and you cannot use it to back up your data.

If these conditions are acceptable, check out the following steps.

Step 1 Download 4Mekey on your computer, and launch it

Win Download Mac Download Win Download Mac Download

Step 2 Jailbreak the stolen iPhone

On the interface, click Start to begin the whole process.

Then, 4Mekey will list the risks of bypassing the Activation Lock, tick I HAVE READ AND AGREED THE AGREEMENT. Click Next.

Risk Waring By 4Mekey

Next, connect your iPhone to your Mac with a USB cable, click Start Jailbreak.

You need to follow the on-screen instructions to set your iPhone into DFU mode to jailbreak your handset.

Start To Jailbreak

When DFU mode is entered, the jailbreak will start to work automatically. Click Next when the jailbreak is done.

Step 3 Bypass Activation Lock

Confirm the information of your device, and click Start Bypass to proceed.

4Mekey will instantly start to bypass the Activation Lock, it’ll take a while to complete.

When it’s done, turn on your iPhone, no more Activation Lock will appear.

Activation Lock Removed
Now, you can get into the iPhone without being tracked or blocked by the previous owner.

Keep in mind that next time you purchase a secondhand iPhone, ask the seller to reset the iPhone completely and give you the receipt. Check the device carefully before you pay the seller.

Tips: Enable the Activation Lock on the stolen iPhone

The previous methods can help unlock a stolen iPhone, if you’re worried about the data on your stolen iPhone, you can erase your iPhone remotely to protect your personal information even if it’s powered off and far away from you. But, you need to make sure Find My iPhone is enabled on this handset.

Step 1 Log in iCloud

Log in Enter your Apple ID and password to sign in.

Log in iCloud Find My

Step 2 Erase your iPhone

Signing in, click on All Devices, and locate your stolen device. Click on the icon of it.
Erase iPhone With iCloud

Then, you have 2 choices. One is to set lost mode on the missing iPhone. You can leave a message and a phone number for whoever picks that up to notify and call you.

Turn On iPhone Lost Mode

Or, if you’re sure your handset is stolen, you can erase it and activate the lock. Click Erase iPhone, and enter your password to confirm. Within seconds, your iPhone will be erased and Activation Lock will be enabled on it.

iCloud Find Erase iPhone

Now, even if your iPhone is stolen, no one can have access to your data of anything on it.

These are the skills you need for unlocking a stolen iPhone without knowing the password. It’s not difficult at all, you can now start your unlock.

And do remember to check the iPhone carefully and thoroughly next time you plan to purchase a secondhand iPhone.

If you’re the one whose iPhone is missing and stolen, turn on Activation Lock on it to keep the personal information safe.