How to Unlock iPhone Without SIM Card [100% Worked]

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When you tend to turn your locked iPhone to an iPod or switch to another carrier, you must deal with the carrier lock.

To unlock an iPhone with carrier lock is not difficult at all. No matter you purchased a secondhand iPhone or you made a contract with a carrier when you purchased the iPhone, you can always find a way to unlock an iPhone without a SIM card.

For those who have no idea if you have a locked iPhone or not, click the link below to know how to identify a locked iPhone.

Tips: How to Check If Your iPhone/iPad Is Locked or Unlocked

Switch Sim Card

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About Carrier Lock

Before we start to unlock your iPhone, here’s everything for you to know.

1. Limited access to another network

If your iPhone is locked to a carrier, you can only insert a SIM card from this carrier.

Like, if you signed a contract and made a service plan from AT&T, you can only insert an AT&T SIM card and use its network on this device.

SIM Not Supported

2. No SIM Card Installed

You must insert a SIM card to a locked iPhone, otherwise, a notification will keep popping out, saying that No SIM card is installed.

The notification will appear every few minutes even you tap OK. But if you don’t care about the constant popups, that’s not a big deal though.

No SIM Card Installed

3. Reset network settings

If you manage to unlock your device and tend to insert a new SIM card from another carrier, you need to reset your device first.

While you first activated this device, it’s registered to a certain carrier, then all the network settings on this iPhone are relating to that carrier. Even you unlock the device, you still need a reset to erase all the related network settings so that the new SIM card can be recognized by the device, and you can use the network on it later.

Method 1 Unlock your iPhone with the help of the carrier

You can ask your carrier to unlock the iPhone for you. You may visit the official website and make a request for an unlock. Or you can just make a call to them. You’ll be asked to provide some information like your ID, the phone number, the serial number or IMEI of the locked handset.

If you got a secondhand device, ask the previous owner to do the request. Normally, the unlock will take about a week to complete.

When the carrier has unlocked your iPhone remotely, we need to reset your iPhone and set it up again to update the network settings so that this device can run without a SIM card or with a different Sim card.

Method 2 Unlock your iPhone via SIM unlocking tools

Asking your carrier to unlock your iPhone might be difficult because sometimes they will deny the request according to the following situations.

  • You decide to terminate the contract ahead of the due day.
  • You paid in installment and haven’t paid out.
  • You made a monthly or yearly service-plan before, but you didn’t pay off the fees.

Even if your carrier agrees to unlock your device, most of them might charge for the unlock, the fee will range from $50 to higher depending on the remaining contract time and how much you owe the carrier.

Therefore, to unlock your iPhone without asking your carrier is quite necessary. We need help from some unlocking service to do that.

1. Apple iPhone Unlock

Apple iPhone Unlock is an online platform that provides SIM unlock services and some other services for iOS models. You can use it to unlock your device even if you got no SIM card or unlocking code from the carrier.

You just need to choose the SIM Unlock service from the website and enter the IMEI number of your device, then pay for the unlock and wait for a few days. It can help you remove the lock permanently and legally.

Sim Unlock Apple iPhone Unlock

It charges from $16 to higher and it’s much cheaper than the carrier’s charging. Also, IMEI covers almost every carrier company, so even if your device is locked to a small carrier, it can still help you.

2. DirectUnlocks

DirectUnlocks is another online SIM unlocking service you can find on the market. It helps you unlock your device without a SIM card or unlocking code. It claims to unlock all carrier locks on your device only with your IMEI number.

Depending on the iOS model, the price for unlocking will be flexible, ranging from $28 to higher.

DirectUnlocks Sim Unlock

These two online unlocking services are just two examples and you can find more on Google. With these online carrier-unlock services, you can unlock your device without a SIM card and your carrier’s help.

Tips: Reset the iPhone after you successfully unlock it

Now, you need to reset the network settings on your device and activate the iPhone again, so that you can insert a SIM card from a different carrier or just use the iPhone as an iPod.

However, all the data on the iPhone will be erased after the reset, you’d better back up the device before you reset it. You can skip this part when you don’t need to back up your iPhone.

#Back up your iPhone with FoneLab

Here, you can try FoneLab to back up your iPhone. FoneLab is an iOS manager that can help you back up and restore your iPhone data, fix the errors on your iOS device, and recover data from iCloud or iTunes.

When you use FoneLab to do a backup, you can choose to back up those important data since FoneLab offers a selective backup feature.

So, if you’re interested in it, you can follow these steps to back up the data.

FoneLab iOS Data Backup Restore

To begin with, you need to download FoneLab on your PC and launch it.

Win Download Mac Download Win Download Mac Download
Then, click iOS Data Backup & Restore > iOS Data Backup to proceed.

Next, click Start to choose the data categories, when you finish selecting categories, click Next, Fonelab will start to back up your data to this PC.

FoneLab iPhone Data Backup Select Categories

Just wait for a few minutes, when it’s done, your data will be perfectly saved.

#Reset your iPhone via Settings

After your data is well preserved, take out the iPhone, tap Settings and go to General > Reset, tap Reset All Settings and Contents, enter the password for related Apple account to confirm the reset.

iPhone Reset All Contents And Settings via Settings

Now, all you need to do is to activate your device and finish the setup. Make sure you got a stable WiFi network, or you can insert a new SIM card into your device to activate it.

These are everything you should know about your locked iPhone and how you can unlock it without a SIM card. Hopefully, you can get rid of the carrier lock.