How to Undo DiskPart Clean Command to Recover Data Wiped

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DiskPart commands are a sum of utility features that help Windows users to manage their disks, volumes, and partitions, making it like a command-version of a disk management tool. With DiskPart you can create, delete, extend a volume, partition, or virtual disks, as well as clean them which means you can clear the configuration information, or all information, off the disk or volume. Clean a disk or volume is like formatting a disk with all data removed. DiskPart does not give an Undo DiskPart Clean option for you when you regret it afterward. How can you recover those data that were lost due to DiskPart Clean command, which to some extent, is to Undo DiskPart Clean? We would like to introduce a powerful data recovery utility for information that is erased by the Clean command with DiskPart Utility.

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Note: if Clean All command is applied instead of Clean command, then you can hardly recover anything from your disk. So please remember to back up your files before applying the Clean command.

Let’s start our Undoing DiskPart Clean with a data recovery utility

Step 1 Download the data recovery utility as below and install it on your PC.

Win Download Mac Download Win Download Mac Download

Step 2 Launch the program (it will initiate right after the installation, while if you have closed it then you need to open it). You will have Image, Audio, Video, Email, Documents, and Others as data type options. If you are not sure about the type that your data is assigned to, then check all types to make sure that you won’t miss it. Then, you should choose the volume that might have contained the data that you need. If you could not find the volume, please make sure that you have created the partition that you cleaned and assigned it with a disk letter.

Data Recovery - Select All Scan

Step 3 Click Scan and wait for the analysis to be finished.

Step 4 Preview the data found by the program and select those you want to recover and restore them back to your PC.

That is the alternative method of Undoing DiskPart Clean with a third-party recovery tool. Although you can not restore your hard disk back to the moment before Clean, you can as least recover the data that you need, which is a tangible benefit for you.

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