How to Turn iPhone into iPod Without Activation

Last Updated on October 8, 2021 by Jack Robertson

We can take great advantage of an old or a secondhand iPhone when we purchase the latest iPhone or switch to another brand of smartphone. Instead of selling it or putting it aside, we can turn the iPhone into an iPod and enjoy music or movies with it. You can also give your child an iPod-like iPhone and let him/her use it.

After the transition, you don’t need to pay for network plans on this iPhone and can it under the WiFi connection. However, turning an iPhone into a WiFi-only device can lead to some serious problems, like carrier lock, data loss, and Activation Lock.

In this tutorial, you can learn how to turn your iPhone to iPod without activating it. Also, you can get to know how to deal with those serious problems.

Turn iPhone To iPod

Read this before you start turning your iPhone to iPod

Here are some warm tips for you to know before you start your action.

1. Carrier Lock

A carrier lock is something that you will encounter when you try to transform your iPhone into an iPod. The carrier lock is a kind of limit that your network provider adds on your iPhone when you purchase this iPhone. If you have no idea about that, you can check if your iPhone is locked or unlocked.

Depending on whether there’s a carrier lock on your iPhone:

Note: If you plan to give your child this iPhone, you can check this out to keep your child from iPhone addiction.

2.Data transfer

Turning into an iPod may lead to data loss, in order to keep your data safe, you can choose to transfer the data from this iPhone to another iPhone or Android phone, or you can choose to back up the data to a computer.

Here, you can use FoneTrans to transfer your data.

Win Download Mac Download Win Download Mac Download

FoneTrans is programmed as a professional data transfer tool. With FoneTrans, you can easily transfer all your iPhone data to a computer or another smartphone. You can take FoneTrans as the bridge connecting your iPhone and your computer or smartphone, and transfer photos, videos, audios, contacts, messages from one to another.

3. Activation Lock

When you receive or purchase a secondhand iPhone from somebody else, you may encounter the Activation Lock.

Activation Lock is an iOS security layer designed to protect an iOS device from stealing and missing. Once the Activation Lock is triggered on an iPhone, only the registered Apple ID and password can unlock it.

If you have this lock on your iPhone, it’s can be pretty difficult to turn your iPhone to an iPod, but still, there are some possible methods.

To turn your iPhone to an iPod without Activation Lock, you can learn how to remove or bypass the Activation Lock on iPhone.

iPhone Activation Lock Enter ID Password

When your iPhone is unlocked, turn it into iPod without activating it

If your iPhone isn’t locked to a particular carrier network, the transition can be very easy.

All you need to do is to remove the Sim card from your unlocked iPhone.

After that, you can use the iPhone as an iPod since all the Sim card services are no longer available on this iPhone, like phone calls, text messages, and cellular data.

You can still connect to a WiFi network. You can enjoy all the iOS services as long as you have logged in an Apple ID on it.


Removing the Sim card from the iPhone directly will result in one serious problem – a pop-up will appear every 10 minutes or so, saying “No SIM Card Installed”.

No Sim Card Installed

That’s because the iPhone is previously inserted with a Sim card and the network settings on it are compatible with the Sim card. Once unplugged, the network settings are not compatible with the current non-Sim situation. 

If you can endure the disturbing popup, no big deal then.

For those who cannot take it, you can get rid of the pop-up by resetting your iPhone.

Tap Settings on your iPhone, and go to General > Reset > Reset All Settings and Contents, enter your password to reset your iPhone. Power it on and set it up without a SIM card. When the activation is done, “No SIM Card Installed” will not appear.

# When your iPhone is locked, turn it to iPod without activating it

When your iPhone is locked to a carrier, you can still transform it into an iPod.

First, take out the Sim card from your iPhone.

Then,  on your iPhone, a notification will pop out every few minutes, saying “iPhone is not Activated”.

That’s because the server of your carrier has detected the Sim absence on your iPhone. It keeps sending messages and prompts you to insert a Sim card.

iPhone Is Not Activated

To resolve such an annoying problem, you can insert an expired or disabled Sim card from the same carrier to your iPhone.

In this way, the server will not send any messages since your iPhone is inserted with a Sim card of their own. And you can use this iPhone as an iPod without a Sim card.

Have not idea how to find an expired or disabled Sim card?  Go to eBay or Amazon, you can find everything there.

Giving the iPhone to your child, make sure you’ve done this

There’s little doubt that spending too much time on an iPhone will affect one’s habits, especially to a kid or teenager. To make sure they use the phone properly, you may need to install mSpy on this old iPhone before you give it away.

iPhone Download Android Download

mSpy is a tracking program for iOS and Android devices. Once installed, you can check up all messages, chatting history from Facebook, Whatsapp, or Snapchat on your kid’s iPhone. Also, you can also track the real-time GPS location of this iPhone with mSpy too.

Why you need mSpy:

  1. Too many kids are addicted to mobile phones, games, or social apps. With mSpy, you can easily tell if your kid is addicted to the iPhone by checking how long they use this iPhone per day.
  2. A real-time GPS location can guarantee that your kid will less likely to go missing or be taken.
  3. Bully happens at schools or on the internet and kids never tell parents about it. So, to make sure your child isn’t experiencing any kind of bully,  you can tell by checking your kid’s chatting history with friends or dairy.

Though it’s not good to monitor your child in this way, it helps protect your child from the cruel world.

spy phone feature

All in all, turning your iPhone to the iPod without activating it is not a tough work, you can now start the transition on your own. Hopefully, this tutorial can be helpful and you will have a good time with your “iPod”.