(Works 100%) How To Easily Hack Tumblr Account

Last Updated on November 18, 2022 by Rhea Cabalida

Tumblr is a place where we can share our thoughts by creating meaningful blogs. Although it's not that famous anymore, Tumblr continues to provide excellent service and there are still people who use it for content sharing.

However, because of people with nasty intentions, this Social Networking site has become a hiding place for cheaters and sex offenders. Yes. They thought that they won't get caught because not everyone uses and knows Tumblr. Cheaters and pedophiles are taking advantage of this site and using it to hurt their partners and victimize children. It's horrible.

If you see your husband/wife is suspiciously using Tumblr or if your child has created an account, beware. Unfortunate things could be happening. Don’t worry, we found some reliable Tumblr hackers that can help monitor them. Read on!

Solution 1: Reset Tumblr Password

One common way to hack into a Tumblr account is to reset its password. This will give you full access to all their posts, messages, and other activities. Before doing this you need to obtain the target’s registered email. Here’s how to do it.

  1. On your browser, access Tumblr’s Forgot Password page.
  2. Enter the target’s email address and hit Reset Password.
  1. Tumblr will then send a link where you can change the password to the email provided. Create a new password for the account and use it to log in.

This method may seem easy, but you should know that it's also risky. Apart from the troubles of getting their email credentials, the owner of the account will also be notified and receive the email. This will send him/her a signal that the account is being hacked.

Now if your goal is to secretly hack their account, this method is not recommended. Don't worry, we found an amazing Tumblr hacker that can do the job quietly and successfully.


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Solution 2: Use A Tumbler Hacker - eyeZy

In order to expose cheaters and protect your kids from sex offenders on Tumblr, you will need a tool that can deeply penetrate into their accounts without any hassle. Well, your search for the perfect Tumblr hacker is now over, it's here! And it's no other than eyeZy!

eyeZy is one of the best-selling and high-rated monitoring tools that has helped a lot of parents and spouses all over the world. It has all the features and functions you need to do a successful Tumblr hacking.

Hack Emails

Directly hack a Tumblr account through email with eyeZy. If you're resetting their password, using the method above, you don't need to go to risky lengths just to have their email. With eyeZy you can directly receive it, copy the password reset link, and delete the email! So easy right? You don't need to worry about getting caught.


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Moreover, eyeZy offers another way to easily hack your target’s Tumblr account. This is much safer and has no risks of getting caught.

eyeZy’s keylogger feature can effortlessly give you their Tumblr username and password. How? It records the target’s keystrokes and typed words revealing possible account credentials. With this feature, you don't need to go through a lot of procedures. Just grab their password and username, log in to the account, and it's done! So easy right?

Hack Other Social Networking Sites

Aside from Tumblr, eyeZy can also give you access to Facebook Messenger messages, Instagram DM’s, Snapchat inbox, and more! Now if ever your spouse tries to use these sites to cheat, you'll be one step ahead. Also, some predators hang out on these sites too, better double-check their messages.

Steps to Use eyeZy

Step 1

Create an eyeZy account by hitting this link.

Step 2

Next, eyeZy will send a confirmation email with the installation manual.

Step 3

Use the manual to install eyeZy on the target phone.

Step 4

After that, go to your device and log in to your account then go to the Dashboard.

Step 5

Open the Keylogger tab, choose Tumblr or the browser app and find your target data. Use the username and password to hack your target’s Tumblr account.


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The only monitoring app you will need to solve whatever troubles you have


Dangers and temptations are all over. Thankfully there is a tool like eyeZy that can help us easily solve issues within our family. Try it now or recommend it to a friend in need.