[Trust This Computer]How to Trust This Computer on A Disabled iPhone

Last Updated on January 13, 2023 by Jack Robertson

When you see “iPhone is Disabled, connect to iTunes” on your iPhone, your iPhone is completely locked out and you cannot use it anymore. Under this circumstance, you can follow the onscreen instruction and connect it to iTunes for fixing the disabled iPhone or making a backup.

However, you cannot sync your iPhone to iTunes since both your iPhone iTunes will prompt to trust this computer on the disabled iPhone and you cannot tap Trust when you cannot get into the iPhone. And that’s why you google for, how can you trust this computer when your iPhone is disabled?

Before we start to solve the “Trust This Computer” issue, let’s get to know why it occurs to your first.

How to Trust This iPhone On A Disabled iPhone

Everything you need to know about “Trust This iPhone”

Now, let’s see why you need to tap “Trust” on your iPhone when you try to connect it to a computer.

Your iPhone is protected by a security feature named Two-Factor Authentication which will protect your iPhone and the data when somebody tries to connect it to a computer.

Trust This Computer

This feature will set a restriction for other devices having access to your iPhone. When you plug in your iPhone to a new computer, the feature will be activated.

  • To pass the Authentication, you need to get through the locked screen, tap Trust, and enter the passcode.
  • If you cannot get into the iPhone and tap Trust, the feature will deny access from this computer.

So, let me make this straight to you. You CANNOT  tap trust this computer on your disabled iPhone if you’ve never connected it to the PC.

iOS11 Trust This Computer

If you’re saying that you’ve successfully trusted this iPhone to the computer before but it still asks to trust the computer this time, this is probably because your iPhone has been powered off since the latest connection or your iPhone is locked or disabled for more than 1 hours.

All in all, the priority is to fix your disabled iPhone. After fixing it, you can simply tap Trust and sync to iTunes. Check out the following contents and start to fix your disabled handset.

To trust the trust, fix your disabled iPhone first

Here, we can use iPhone Unlocker to fix your disabled iPhone. This is a powerful tool that can wipe your locked screen passcode and remove the disabled screen at the same time without entering the passcode. All you need is to connect your device to iPhone Unlocker and make some clicks, then, your iPhone will back to normal real soon.

Here’s how you can fix it.

Step 1 Download iPhone Unlocker on your PC, launch it

Win Download Mac Download Win Download Mac Download

Step 2 Choose Wipe Passcode to remove the disabled screen

You can see that there’re 3 modes on the interface for multiple tasks, here, we need Wipe Passcode to remove the disabled screen. Click Start to proceed.

Unlocker Wipe Passcode Confirm Information Download Firmware

Step 3 Prepare to fix your iPhone

You need to check the information of your device, make sure it’s correct, and click Start to confirm. Then, iPhone Unlocker will download a firmware on your PC.

Step 4 Fix the disabled iPhone

After the firmware is downloaded, you need to type in the code for restoring, “0000” to confirm the action. Then, click Unlock to start the repair.

Cautions: Fixing your disabled iPhone will erase all the data on this iPhone. You can try to back up your disabled iPhone though.

Unlocker Complete Download Firmware Enter Code Unlock Successfully

In this way, your disabled iPhone will get back to normal. You can also fix your disabled iPhone via Recovery Mode or iCloud.com.

After the process, you need to set up your iPhone and you can choose to restore data from iTunes or iCloud backup file. Finish the setup, you can simply connect your iPhone to the computer and tap Trust.

This is how you can trust your computer on the disabled iPhone. You have to remove the disabled screen and then you’ll be able to tap Trust.

By the way, if your iPhone is not completely disabled, it’s disabled for minutes or hours, you can try to recall your passcode and enter it when the disabled screen fade.