7 Methods to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer (Windows PC & Mac)

Last Updated on July 26, 2022 by Joanna Lake

Whenever Apple releases a new iPhone model, they will always boast that this new iPhone has a better camera and makes shooting high-quality photos much easier than ever before.

With an iPhone, we’re available to capture every important, happy, sweet, and beautiful thing in reality. Maybe you’re not concerned about the storage since an iPhone's maximum storage is 1TB, while you should regularly transfer the iPhone photos to your computer so as to prevent data loss in all kinds of accidents.

Also, once it has been transferred, you can edit your photos on your computer with a professional edit application.

So, today, to save your photos and optimise your creations, I will introduce 7 methods for you to transfer photos from an iPhone to a computer, both Windows PC and Mac are included.

Comparison of Each Methods

Parameters Direct Transfer Camera Roll App Photos Screenshot Customized Transfer Decide Output Format Operation Require USB cable
iTunes No Yes Yes Yes No No Complex Yes
iPhone Transfer Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Easy Yes
Photos App Yes Yes No Yes Yes No Easy Yes
File Explorer Yes Yes No Yes Yes No Easy Yes
Cloud Service Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Easy No
Airdrop Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Easy No
iPhone USB Drive No Yes Yes Yes Yes No Complex No

#1Method 1. Transfer Photos from iPhone to a Computer with iTunes

The first we use is the Apple iTunes, a very famous iOS data management and transfer tool. Download iTunes on your machine and check out these methods to start importing iPhone photos to the computer.

Tip: If you’re using a Mac with macOS Catalina or later version, iTunes is not only compatible with your device, then you need to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac with Finder app.

Step 1: Sync iPhone to iTunes

Connect your iPhone to the computer with a usb cable. iTunes will launch automatically and sync to your iPhone.

Step 2: Save iPhone Photos with iTunes

On the iTunes interface, click on the iPhone icon to get into the management interface.

Choose Summary from the left panel and then move to the Backups tab, tick the This Computer option. Then, hit Back Up Now to complete.

Then, iTunes will start to transfer all your iPhone data to this computer. When the process is done, you can extract the photos from this backup file. You may find the iTunes backup record on your computer hard drive.

#2Method 2. One-Click to Export Photos from iPhone to Computer with iPhone Transfer

Want to selectively transfer your photos?

iPhone transfer, as a professional iTunes alternative, will offer a more direct way to one-click transfer photos from an iPhone to your computer hard drive. For iPhone Live Photos, it’s possible to export one as a MOV short video.

Besides image files, iPhone Transfer supports a lot more data categories like video, audio, book, contact, call, message, app data, and so on. So with this program, you can transfer almost all your iPhone media files to a computer and vice versa.

More importantly, iPhone Transfer won’t rewrite your iPhone media libraries as iTunes does. You don’t have to worry about data loss at all.

To transfer photos from your iPhone to a computer, download and install iPhone Transfer on your computer.

iPhone Transfer (Win) iPhone Transfer (Mac) iPhone Transfer (Win) iPhone Transfer (Mac)

Step 1: Connect Your iPhone to iPhone Transfer

Take a USB cable and connect your iPhone to the computer and launch iPhone Transfer. In this way, the program will detect your device and sync to it automatically.

Step 2: Transfer All Photos from iPhone to PC

Now, as the sync is complete, you may click the One-click to Export Photos to PC button to start to transfer right away. Clicking it, all your iPhone photos will be copied to your computer. You may preview the files on your computer hard drive when the transfer is complete.

Step 3: Transfer Some iPhone Photos to PC

If you only plan to transfer one or some pictures from your iPhone to a PC, click Photos under the Manage Your Device slogan.

iPhone Transfer will display all your iPhone photos and albums on the right panel. Locate and select the target photos, click Export and choose a destination folder to transfer the selected photos from your iPhone to the PC.

Tip 1: Worry about the output format of your iPhone photos? Click Export Settings. There, decide the format for the output iPhone pictures, JPG and HEIC will both do. (Click here to check out what HEIC is and its comparison with JPG) For Live Photos, you may choose to export as MOV videos or still pictures.

Tip 2: You can transfer photos from this PC to your iPhone as well. Click Import and browse to select the target photos on your computer, click OK to start to transfer. You may find the computer photos on your iPhone later.

#3Method 3. Import Photos from iPhone to a Windows 10/11 PC with Photos App

There’s a Photos app on Windows 10/11 machines that you can use to transfer photos from your iPhone to a Windows 10/11 computer. Try these:

Step 1: Launch Photos on Your Windows Computer

Go to Start, scroll down and find Photos. Open the app and get ready for the transfer.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone to PC

Step 3: Start the Transfer

On the Photos app, click ImportFrom a connected device. In this case, you’re available to transfer photos from this connected iPhone to your computer.

Select the photos and hit Import 2 of 6 items (the numbers will change based on your situation) to start the transfer.

#4Method 4. Copy photos from iPhone to a Window 8/9/10/11 PC with File Explorer

If your Photos app went wrong on your Windows 10/11 or you’re using Windows 8 or 9, you can use the Windows File Explorer to transfer iPhone photos to your Windows computer.

Check this out:

Take out a USB cable and connect your iPhone to the PC. Open This PC and locate Apple iPhone under Devices and drives. Open Apple iPhoneInternal StorageDCIM100APPLE.

Finally, you will see all the iPhone camera roll photos inside the 100APPLE folder. Browse and select the target photos, right-click to choose Copy, or drag them to your computer.

#5Method 5. Download Photos from iPhone to a Computer with a Cloud Service

Download Photos from iPhone to a Computer with iCloud

For Mac users, once you have turned on iCloud photos on your iPhone and Mac, then all the photos will be automatically sync across devices.

Plus, you can transfer photos from iPhone to your computer by selectly downloading photos from iCloud.com:

First, visit iCloud on a browser, sign in to your Apple ID, and double-click Photos. Select some photos and select the download button. After a while, you will find the download folder.

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Download Photos from iPhone to a Computer with Third-party Cloud

Assuming you don't have enough iCloud storage, you can also transfer photos from the iPhone to PC via a third-party cloud service such as Google Drive, One Drive, etc.

Now we’ll show how to download photos from iPhone to Computer with Google Drive:

First, make sure you have installed Google Drive app on iPhone. Then upload the photos from iPhone to Google Drive. Next, switch to your PC/Mac, open Google Drive on a browser and sign in to your account, then you can download photos to your desktop now.

#6Method 6. Transfer Photos from to Mac with Airdrop

Airdrop is another wireless way to transfer data (including photos, video, etc) from iPhone to Apple device including Mac. What’s more, it’s handy to do so:

Open Photos app, tap Select on the top right, touch some photos you want and press the share icon on the bottom. Next, you will see the options popping, touch AirDrop, then hit your Mac on the pop-up page.

After that, go to your Mac (accept the transfer if it asks), and the finder app will pop-up, then you’ll see those images.

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#7Method 7. How to Get Photos off an iPhone with Flash Drive

Haven’t found a working desktop? However, you can temporarily store your photos on an iPhone memory stick.

Similar to all regular USB drives, an iPhone flash drive can save several GBs of files. The only difference between these 2 kinds of USB drives is that an iPhone flash drive has a port for iOS devices while a normal one doesn’t.

Later, you’re able to transfer the iPhone photos to a computer via this USB drive.


11. How to Save Deleted Photos on an iPhone?
Deleted important photos from iPhone? Don’t worry, you can recover deleted photos from your iPhone with iOS Data Recovery, since the deleted data will be invisible first but exist on your iPhone until being covered by other data.
22. How do I move pictures from my iPhone to a flash drive?
There are 2 ways to move your iPhone pictures to a flash drive, either you transfer photos to a computer first and then transfer to a USB drive, or you purchase an iPhone USB drive in particular.
33. What is HEIC?
Under the HEVC standard – High-Efficiency Video Coding, the HEIC format, short for High-Efficiency Image Container, is greatly used by Apple. A HEIC photo takes up about half the space of an equivalent quality JPEG file and meets many next-generation photographic needs. However, such efficiency leads to some inconveniences in editing and converting. You will need a HEIC image player to preview, edit, and convert a HEIC image file.
44. Why can’t I transfer photos from iPhone to PC?
There’re a few reasons why you’ll fail to transfer photos from your iPhone to a PC, check these out: Damaged USB cable or USB port: There are chances that you use a broken USB cable to make the connection, so you may use another one to transfer your iPhone photos to a PC. Or, the USB port on your PC is damaged, plug the USB cable into another port then. Two-factor Authentication: When you plug your iPhone into a PC, your iPhone will ask you to unlock the screen and tap Trust This Computer. If you don’t trust this PC, your iPhone photos are always inaccessible to your PC. The Absence of iTunes: If you want to transfer your iPhone photos to a PC by plugging your iPhone into the PC, you have to install the latest iTunes on this computer. Otherwise, your computer can only detect your iPhone and then do nothing. To transfer photos from the iPhone to the PC, download and install iTunes. Then, pick up one from the mentioned 4 methods.
55. How do I transfer photos from iPhone to laptop via Bluetooth?
To transfer photos from iPhone to a laptop via Bluetooth, first of all, you need to make sure the Bluetooth option is turned on for your laptop. On your laptop, go to Start and click Settings. Open Devices and see if there’s a Bluetooth option. Turn it on. pic:https://ios-data-recovery.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/turn-on-bluetooth-on-windows-pc-laptop.png Note: If you see this option, your laptop doesn’t support Bluetooth. Go to Amazon and search for a Bluetooth adapter for your Windows laptop. Next, turn on Bluetooth on your iPhone and pair your iPhone to the laptop. Start to transfer photos from your iPhone to the laptop then.