How to Transfer Photos from Samsung Phone to Samsung Tablet

Last Updated on January 13, 2023 by Ian McEwan

Are photos taking up significant space for your Samsung phone? Moving pictures from your Samsung phone to Samsung tablet can free up space in your Samsung phone, and you can enjoy a better view on your Samsung tablet due to its bigger screen. So, are you wondering on how to transfer photos from Samsung phone to Samsung tablet for a better view?

We have explored two safe, secure and desirable ways of transferring photos from Samsung phone to a Samsung tablet for a solid backup and better view option. This two fantastic software ensure safe and faster transfer of your pictures from your phone to tablet without breaking a sweat.

how to transfer photos from samsung phone to samsung tablet


1.Transfer Photos from Samsung to Tablet via Switch Mobile Transfer.

Switch Mobile Transfer by DataKit is an incredibly designed software that allows you to transfer data between different phones in just one click. The software let you transfer of data between IOS, Android, Symbian, and Win phone devices. Switch Mobile Transfer is entirely and amazingly fast to use for data transfers and backup. Among its distinct and reliable features is its ability to transfer everything including photos, text messages, contacts, notes and other files from your Samsung phone to tablet and other devices.

To use this excellent software to transfer pictures from your Samsung phone to the Samsung tablet, follow this simple and easy steps:

Step 1. Connect both devices to the computer installed with DataKit Switch Mobile Transfer. Open Switch Mobile Transfer and click on “Phone to Phone Transfer.” Get your Samsung phone and Samsung tablet connected. Select “Switch” to transfer data (in this case photos) from Samsung phone to the Samsung Tablet. You can interchange the position by clicking the “flip” button.

Step 2. Click photos that you need to transfer from your Samsung phone to the Samsung tablet. Click “Start Transfer” to initiate the process. For high efficiency, keep the devices connected through USB till completion of the process. Moreover, there you have all the photos transferred.

There is an option erasing data on your tablet before transferring photos by clicking “Clear data before copy.”


2.Transfer photos from Samsung to tablet via Dropbox.

Dropbox provides a convenient way for uploading and saving photos from Samsung phone and instant transfer to Samsung tablet or any other compatible device. First, you need to download the Dropbox App to your Samsung phone and tablet from Google Play Store (Get Dropbox here) and follow a few steps listed below:

Step 1.Launch Dropbox App on your Samsung phone and sign up.

Step2. Choose a folder to save your photos in the Samsung phone.

Step 3. Tap on add photos icon “+” and select all the photos from your Samsung phone that you would want to upload to Dropbox. You can choose the entire photo album/folder for upload.

Step 4. After complete selection of photos/album/folders, hit “upload” and wait for photos to upload to Dropbox

Step 5. Once complete upload of pictures from your Samsung phone is successful, launch Dropbox on the tablet and sign in using same user Id and password.

Step 6. You will have access to photos uploaded from your Samsung phone on display. Select the three-dot icon and click “save to device.” Alternatively, you can export photos from Dropbox App to Samsung tablet by selecting “Export” on the downwards arrows next to the photos folder.


Both transfer options are good but using Switch Mobile Transfer is way much better, fast and hassle-free. Just a few clicks and all the photos are safely transferred to your Samsung tablet. Unlike Dropbox which doesn’t allow you to control how your data is displayed, Switch Mobile Transfer gives you freedom of displaying our data according to your specifications and folders. Enjoy the unmatched fast performance by downloading Switch Mobile Transfer software on your Windows PC today. If you have it already installed, share with your friend the benefits of using this incredible software.


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