Transfer Photos from Laptop to iPhone with/without iTunes in 10 Seconds Without Loss | 100% Safe

Last Updated on February 19, 2021 by Jack Robertson

Graduations, weddings, ceremonies, trips, and anniversaries are some of the memorable events we like to share with loved ones. Technology has also made it possible for us to capture these happy moments as pictures on cameras, edit with Lightroom on laptops and then transfer to our phones for sharing.

If you’re using an iPhone and a Windows laptop, you may find it hard to transfer photos from your Windows laptop to your iPhone directly with a USB cable.

Also, if you try to connect your iPhone to a Macbook which is not signed in with your Apple ID, you will find it a big challenge to transfer files from this Mac laptop to your iPhone.

Well, if you are in these same or similar situations, follow the step-by-step guidelines outlined below to get it done without much ado.

Method 1 How to transfer your pictures from laptop to iPhone using iTunes

iTunes is the official iOS data manager and transfer software that we can use to transfer photos from a laptop to our iPhone. Here are the steps for sending photos from laptop to iPhone:

Step 1 Download and set up iTunes

To begin with, you have to download iTunes (Windows 64/32) on your Windows laptop.

Then, upon installation, we need to set up iTunes to avoid data loss. Launch iTunes on your laptop. Locate File at the top left corner and choose Preferences. Move to the Devices tab and check the Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically option.

Set iPhone iPod iPad Won't Sync to iTunes Automatically

In this case, iTunes won’t replace your iPhone data with its libraries by syncing to your iPhone automatically. We can move to the next step now.

Step 2 Connect iPhone to iTunes

Connect your laptop to your iPhone device using a compatible USB cable. With a stable connection, iTunes will detect your iPhone and connect to the device. Locate the tab of your iPhone on the left panel of the iTunes interface.

Step 3 Transfer photos to your iPhone

Next, hit the thumbnail iPhone icon to enter the management interface.

Start to Transfer Laptop Photos to iPhone via iTunes

Choose Photos under Settings from the left menu, tick the Sync Photos option on the right. With this option on, you’re available to choose photo folders from your laptop hard drive to an iPhone.

Click the blank next to the Copy photos from and hit Choose Folder to browse the target folder that saves the photos you plan to transfer to the iPhone. Hit Select Folder to confirm.

Transfer Laptop Photos to iPhone via iTunes

After your selection, iTunes will scan this folder and show you how many photos are in this selected folder.

Tip1: iTunes only allows users to import a folder and you cannot choose which image file in this folder to import. So, if you really want to import a single photo from the laptop to iPhone. Create a new folder and copy the photo from this folder to your iPhone.

Tip2: When there’re sub-folders inside the target folder, you may tick the Selected folders option and then choose which sub-folder(s) to transfer.

Tip3: If you store some videos in the target folder, you can tick the Include videos option to transfer these videos along with photos from the laptop to your iPhone.

Tip4: Don’t disconnect your iPhone before completion. Eject the device after the transfer is completed.

Decide Laptop Photo Folder to transfer to iPhone iTunes

Method 2 Transfer pictures from laptop to your iPhone without using iTunes

iTunes is not that considerate, right? So if you’re looking for a more convenient and easy way to transfer laptop photos to your iPhone, try some third-party iOS file transfer tool. Here, you may use the echoshare iPhone Transfer instead. Here are the simple steps to follow.

echoshare iPhone Transfer Import Laptop Photos to iPhone

Step 1 Download, install and launch echoshare iPhone Transfer 

This utility software is available to download on all Mac and Windows laptops. Click the buttons below to get it on your computer. Launch it after the installation.

Win Download Mac Download Win Download Mac Download

Step 2 Connect Your iPhone Device

Now, take out a USB cable and connect the iPhone to the laptop. You may see a prompt on your iPhone asking to trust this computer. Accept the notification and proceed.

Step 3 Copying Photos from Laptop to iPhone

Click on the ‘Photos‘ icon to start the photo transfer.

Start to Transfer Photos from Laptop to iPhone via echoshare

Next, iPhone Transfer will display all your iPhone pictures and albums on its interface.

Click the Import button and choose to add image files or folders to your iPhone. Then, browse and select the target photos and click OK to confirm.

Transfer Laptop Photos to iPhone Choose Pics

iPhone Transfer will start to transfer the photos from your laptop to your iPhone right away.

Tip1: You’re available to add laptop photos to a specific album on your iPhone. Just click Album from the left menu and then click Import to transfer photos to your iPhone album.

Add Photos from Laptop to iPhone Album

Method 3 How to transfer photos from a laptop to an iPhone via iCloud

The third tool we’re going to introduce today is the Apple iCloud. This is the official cloud storage service of Apple Inc that can help you back up files and data on your iOS devices. And certainly, it can help us to transfer laptop photos to an iPhone. Check this out:

Step 1 Download iCloud on your laptop

First thing first, download the iCloud app on your laptop. (Click here to get it on Windows laptop)

Step 2 Sign in to iCloud on laptop

Double-click the app to launch it on your computer and sign in with your Apple ID. For the first-time login, you have to finish the Two-factor Authentification on your iPhone.

What you should do next:

Unlock your iPhone and tap Allow to agree on the action of signing your Apple ID on this laptop. Then, a 6-digit verification code appears and you need to enter that code on your laptop’s iCloud app.

Step 3 Upload photos to your iPhone

Signing it, minimize the app window now. Open This PC and find the iCloud Photos tab under Devices and drives.

Double-click it and you will see two folders, Downloads and Uploads.

Upload Laptop Photos to iPhone via iCloud

Now, open the Uploads folder and then drag all the target photos to this folder. iCloud will sync these photos to your iPhone (and all the other iOS devices that are registered to the same Apple account).

Method 4 Transfer Photos from Your Laptop to iPhone Using Dropbox

Besides iCloud, you can also find countless cloud storage services in cyberspace. One of which is Dropbox, we can use it to transfer photos from a laptop to your iPhone, too.

Step 1 Set Up Dropbox on Your Laptop

Download Dropbox on your laptop and create a new free account or sign in to your old account.

Then, select the photos you desire to share on your computer and drag them into the Dropbox account so as to upload them onto cloud storage.

Step 2 Set Up Dropbox on the iOS Device

On your iPhone, go to App Store and type in ‘Dropbox’ on the search bar to download Dropbox onto your device.

After installation, log in to your Dropbox account. You’ll see the laptop pics on the Dropbox server.

If you want to download photos to your iPhone, just hold down on the photos you want to transfer and then click on the ‘Download’ button. The files will be promptly saved to your iPhone. Simple!


1. Can I drag and drop photos from PC to iPhone?

Yes, with the iCloud app installed on your Windows PC, you can drag and drop photos from a computer to an iPhone. If you’re asking whether you can do the photo transfer without any apps but with the Windows Drag&Copy feature, then, the answer is NO.

2. How do I transfer files from a laptop to an iPhone via Bluetooth?

First, turn on the Bluetooth on your iPhone and laptop. Note that if your laptop isn’t shipped out with a Bluetooth feature, you may purchase an external Bluetooth adapter on Amazon.

Then, go to Start > Devices > Bluetooth & Other devices, there, select Send or receive files via Bluetooth.

Next, pair your laptop to your iPhone and click Browse to select the files to transfer to iPhone. Hit Next to finish the transfer.

3. How to transfer photos from an iPhone to a laptop?

There’re multiple ways to transfer photos from an iPhone to a laptop. Like the echoshare iPhone Transfer we’ve discussed before. This program will help you transfer iPhone photos to the laptop hard drive with one click.

Also, iTunes and iCloud can help us with the iPhone-to-laptop transfer. To find out more, read: 5 Insanely Quick Way to Transfer Pictures from iPhone To Laptop (Win/Mac/Chromebook) in 10 Seconds.