6 Efficient Ways to Transfer/Copy Photos from iPad to Windows PC

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As the world’s most popular tablet, the iPad is always a nice tool for us to have fun and make creations.

  • Take out an Apple Pencil, draw fantastic pictures on the iPad, showing people your talents.
  • Turn on the iPad camera, capture every wonderful moment in reality, keeping the memories alive.
  • Launch Twitter or other apps on iPad, enjoy the funny memes, saving them to joke with friends.

As efficient and robust as Apple iPad can be, however, it has one flaw that we should never ignore – the capacity. Even if the latest iPad Pro maxes out at 1TB, others like iPad 8 and iPad Air can only hold up to 128GB and 256GB.

Where else can we save our precious iPad photos? The computer hard drive! We can copy our iPad photos to a computer for storage.

Benefits of transferring the photos from iPad to PC:

  • Free your iPad from tons of image files ;
  • Optimized the photos with the image editor software;
  • Back up iPad photos to a computer to avoid possible quality loss;

Find it a perfect solution to deal with your iPad photos? Check out the methods below and let’s transfer your iPad photos to PC right away!

Methods of transferring photos from iPad to Windows PC

How to Transfer Copy Import Photos to PC

Part 1 How to transfer photos from iPad to Windows computer wirelessly

In Part 1, we will be seeing two methods that enable us to import images from an iPad to a computer without using a USB cable. Both methods require you to turn on the iCloud Backup on your iPad.

About iCloud Auto-backup:

This is a very convenient feature on iOS and iPadOS that every time you lock, charge, or connect an iDevice to WiFi, the data on this device will be automatically saved to the iCloud.

Not sure if the iCloud auto-backup is on or off?

  • Unlock your iPad and tap Settings. Go to iCloud, scroll down and tap Backup, check if the iCloud Backup option is on or off. If not, turn it one and hit Back Up Now.

Chcek iPad iCloud Auto Backup

Method 1 How to copy photos from iPad to PC with iCloud app

Apple has released the iCloud application for Windows OS for a while, we can use the iCloud software to transfer photos from iPad to computer.

Step 1 Download the iCloud app on your Windows computer

You may download iCloud through Microsoft Store or you can just google ‘iCloud’ and find a download link online. Then, finish the installation.

Step 2 Sign in to the iCloud app

Launch the newly installed iCloud on your PC and sign in with an Apple ID.

Note: The Apple account that you sign in must be the one that you’ve signed in on your iPad.

Step 3 Start to transfer iPad photos to PC

After signing in, locate the Photos tab and click the Options button on this tab.

How to Transfer Photos from iPad to PC iCloud

A window pops out, check the iCloud Photo Library option on the window.

Transfer iPad Photos to PC iCloud

Hit Done and then Apple.

In this way, iCloud will start to transfer all photos that save on all your iOS devices under this Apple account to your computer hard drive. It may take you some time to delete those useless photos though.

FAQ: How to find the pictures?

Go to This PC on your computer and locate iCloud Photos. Double-click it and you will find a Downloads folder. You will find all the iCloud photos there.

Locate iCloud Photos on PC

Method 2 Copy photos from iPad to PC through iCloud.com

Don’t want to download the iCloud app? Try iCloud.com.

Step 1 Log in to iCloud.com

Visit iCloud.com and sign in with your Apple account.

Step 2 Transfer iPad photos to PC

Click the Photos icon on the webpage and then you can preview all the photos saved under this account. Locate the target iPad image and download it on your computer.

iCloud Website Icon

Part 2 How to transfer photos from iPad to iCloud via a USB cable

In this part, we will use a USB cable to connect the iPad to the computer and use one of four photo transfer tools to satisfy our needs.

Method 3 Transferring photos from iPad to PC using iPhone Transfer

Now, to transfer photos or any other media file, there are numerous efficient ways that do not require users to tackle iTunes or even by dribbling with the iCloud.

Software like echoshare iPhone Transfer provides a user-friendly way to finish the task with minimal effort.

This is a professional iOS/iPadOS data transfer program that helps you manage data on your iPad and other iOS devices.

  • Play & Plug: As you connect your tablet to a PC, you can start to transfer iPad photos and other media files to a PC.
  • PC-iPad: Not only can you copy files from iPad to PC, but also transfer data from PC to iPad.
  • One-click photo transfer: It takes you only one click to transfer photos from an iPad to a Windows machine.
  • File variety: With iPhone Transfer, you can import photos, music, videos, contacts, messages, app data, and other data to your PC, and vice versa.

iPhone Transfer Import iPad Photos to PC without iTunes

Step 1 Sync your iPad to iPhone Transfer

Download, install and launch iPhone Transfer on your computer.

Then connect your iPad to the computer with a USB cable. You may see a prompt of “Trust this Computer” on the iPhone Transfer. Unlock your iPad and tap Trust.

—Any question about the “Trust This Computer” alert?  Click to learn more.

Step 2 One-click to transfer photos from iPad to PC

On the iPhone Transfer initial interface, you can see your device on the left side and a few options on the right side. Click on “One-click to Export Photos to PC” to transfer all iPad photos to the PC.

Transfer iPad Photos to Computer via iPhone Transfer

Tip: If you want to transfer some specific pictures from iPad to PC. Follow these:

  1. On the top of the interface, you will see various tabs, select “Photos” and iPhone Transfer will display all photos and albums on your iPad. Select the photos from the album that you want to transfer.
  2. Hit Export to copy the iPad photos to your PC. Select a folder to save the iPad photos and click OK to complete the transfer.
  3. Later, you may hit Open Folder to locate and preview the iPad photos on your computer hard drive.

Export Select Photos to Transfer from iPad to PC

Method 4 Transferring Photos From iPad to PC Through iTunes

Using iTunes is rather complex and involves a long process, but still, we can use it to transfer photos from your iPad to a PC. Here are the steps you need to follow for transferring photos from iPad to PC.

Step 1 Connect the iPad to your PC.

Use the USB cable and when prompted by your phone, click on “Trust this Computer”. If required enter the passcode to move forward.

Step 2 Locate Photos on iTunes

iTunes will then launch automatically. On the iTunes main screen, locate a small iPad shaped icon and hit it. Thereupon navigate to “Photos” on the left-hand sidebar

iTunes Manage iPad Files Data

Step 3 Start to copy photos to PC

The “Sync Photos” page will appear and in it, click on the box adjacent allowing iTunes to synchronize your photos with the PC. About the All folders and Selected folders, you may skip it.

iTunes Export Photos from iPad to Computer Setup

Method 5 Import photos from iPad to PC with Windows 10 Photos app

There’s a Photos app on Windows 10 that we can use to transfer photos from your iPad to the Windows 10 computer.

Step 1 Connect your iPad to Windows 10 PC

Step 2 Launch Photos on Windows 10

On your Windows 10 interface, hit Start and search Photos from all apps on your computer Then, launch the app.

Open Windows Photos App to Transfer iPad Photos to PC without iTunes

Step 3 Select the iPad photos

On this app, locate the Import button at the top right corner and choose to import from a connected device. Next, an Import items window appears and you may decide the destination and select the target photos here.

Click the Choose destination button and then browse to choose a folder that you can find the photos easily later.

You may select the photos by ticking the date or a single image file for the transfer. Or, you can choose All Items under the Select option.

Step 4 Import the photos to your computer

Now, you can click the Import 2 of 162 items (the number will change based on your own situation) button to start the transfer.

Start to Import iPad Photos to Windows 10 PC without iTunes

The input will be complete in just a few seconds. You may go to the pre-selected folder and check out the iPad photos on your computer.

Method 6 Copy the iPad photos to PC via Windows File Explorer

Here comes the sixth method – using Windows File Explorer. This method won’t require you to download, launch, and sign in to any apps. All it takes is to open a folder on your PC. Read this:

Step 1 Connect your iPad and PC

Take out a USB cable and connect your iPad to a PC.

Step 2 Locate iPad photos on This PC

On your PC, launch This PC. Under Devices and drives, you may find a tab named Apple iPad there. Double-click it. The Internal Storage appears, still, double-click it. Follows a DCIM folder, open it.

Locate Apple iPad on Windows PC for Photo Transfer

Lastly, a 100APPLE folder pops out. This is the folder that Windows will display all your iPad photos and also, this will be the access to transfer iPad photos to this Windows computer.

Step 3 Copy and Paste iPad photos to PC

Open this 100APPLE folder and locate the target images, right-click on them and choose Copy. Next, open up a new folder where you plan to save those iPad photos. Paste those copied photos onto this folder.

Select Image Files from iPad Photos Folder to Transfer to PC

Windows will start to load up the iPad photos to this folder. And when the process is done, you can have the iPad photos in this folder.

Part 3 Compare all methods

Above all 6 methods are all capable of transferring your iPad photos to a PC. Based on your need, pick up one and start the photo transfer right away.

For those who have no idea how to choose a suitable way out, I will list some pros and cons of each method. Hope that this can help you narrow down your choice.

iCloud App1. Free;

2. Covers all photos under one account;

1. Need to download an extra app;

2. Needs to sign in the Apple ID;

3. No personalized transfer, very limited options;

iCloud.com1. Free;

2. Covers all photos under one account;

3. Available with a browser;

1. Needs to sign in an Apple ID;

2. Have to complete the ‘Two-Factor Authentication’ while signing in;

iPhone Transfer1. Covers all photos on the connected device;

2. One-click and plug&play;

3. No need to sign in anything;

4. A professional iOS/iPadOS manager that manages other files and data of an iOS device.

5. Decide the target images and folder all by yourself;

1. Need to download an extra app;
iTunes1. Free;1. Complex steps;

2. Can only choose to copy the whole iPad Camera Roll Album;

3. The output photos may no be readable;

4. Not officially recommended, according to Apple Support;

Windows 10 Photo1. Free;1. Only available on Windows 10;
Windows File Explorer1. Free;

2. Plug & Play;

3. Customize your transfer;

1. All photos will be mixed in the 100APPLE folder, which makes it hard to locate the target images;


How do I get photos off my iPad onto USB?

To get iPad photos to a USB disk, you can try the above methods to transfer photos from your iPad to a computer first. Then, import the photos into the USB flash drive.

Or, you may purchase an Apple adapter with a USB port to attach your iPod to the USB flash for data transfer.

Can I connect a USB stick to an iPod?

Yes, you can do that as long as you have a compatible Apple adapter.

Apple Multi-Adapter

Can I AirDrop files from an iPad to a laptop or a desktop?

AirDrop is a file-sharing feature among iOS, iPadOS, and mac OS devices. So, of course, you can AirDrop your iPad files to a MacBook or iMac. As for a Windows PC, the answer is No.

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