4 Easy Steps | How to Transfer Photos from Android to iPad in 3 Minutes

Last Updated on June 16, 2020 by Ian McEwan

Sending photos from an Android to an iPad device has always been a bit tricky and complex process.

But putting away all the hassles, DataKit has developed Switch Mobile Transfer which helps you transfer photos from an Android to an iPad in just one click.

Transfer Photos from Android to iPad

Switch Mobile Transfer provides a very simple User Interface that even an amateur can use it with ease to transfer files between two different mobile platforms.

Besides transferring files, there are many more features that make Switch Mobile Transfer even more amazing like it gives you an option to Back up your phone to pc, to restore data from any cloud service and backup file, or you can even erase all of your old devices to protect your personal data. Here is a simple guide which will help you understand that how easy it is to use Switch Mobile Transfer.


How To Transfer Photos from Android to iPad Using Switch Mobile Transfer

Note: Switch Mobile Transfer requires iTunes company to transfer data between two different operating systems. Hence make sure iTunes is already installed in your PC before running the Switch Mobile Transfer.

Step 1: Installing Switch Mobile Transfer on your PC

Switch Mobile Transfer is available for Windows and Mac and one can easily download and install it on their PC.

Step 2: Launching the Switch Mobile Transfer and Selecting ‘Phone To Phone transfer’

Now Launch the Switch Mobile Transfer and on the very first screen you will be asked to select a Mode, Select ‘Phone To Phone Transfer‘ and click ‘Start‘.

Step 3: Connecting your Android and iPad to the PC

Now connect your Android and iPad device to the PC using USB cables and both your devices will appear on your PC screen. You can switch between the ‘Source‘ device and ‘Destination‘ device using ‘Flip‘ option.

Note: ‘Source’ device is the device from which you want to send Photos and the ‘Destination’ device is the device on which you want to receive those Photos.

Step 4: Transfer Photos from Android to iPad

Once both the devices are connected, just select ‘Photos‘ option from the ‘Select Content to Copy‘ options and click ‘Start Copy‘ and all of your Photos from the ‘Source‘ device will be transferred to your ‘Destination‘ device. Once the transfer is over, click ‘OK‘ to finish the process.


Transferring Photos from Android to iPad Hassle-Free

These were the 4 Simple steps using which you can easily transfer all of your Photos from an Android device to an iPad.

Using Switch Mobile Transfer you can transfer not only photos but Contacts, Text Messages, Music, videos, Apps etc. between Android and iPad devices.

The transfer is always completely risk-free so there is no need to worry about anything during the transfer process.

Unlike any other software, Switch Mobile Transfer supports almost all the leading smartphones in the market including Smartphones from Apple, Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, Huawei, Motorola, Google and many more.

It is not necessary to opt for a full paid version on the first go because Switch Mobile Transfer provides a free trial for the first 5 transfers across 5 different contacts.

Switch Mobile Transfer is a safe and reliable way of transferring Photos from an Android device to an iPad. Therefore if you are facing problems in transferring Photos or any kind of data between an Android and iPad, download Switch Mobile Transfer now and start transferring hassle-free.


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