Ultimate Ways to Transfer Photos from Android to PC/Laptop with USB Cable or Wirelessly

Last Updated on September 21, 2022 by Jack Robertson

Photos take up a large portion of the phone storage especially if you’re a shutterbug or social media junkie who downloads tons of memes. To ease the crisis of insufficient Android memory, consider transferring the Android photos to a computer or another phone.

Besides freeing your Android from the loading pictures, a computer is also a better tool to edit the image files. Launch Adobe Photoshop and start to optimize the photo.

Meanwhile, if you’re in need of certain image files on your phone that you want to add to a word, excel, or Powerpoint file for work or school, transfer them to your computer right away.

All that you need, it’s to transfer your Android photos to a computer for storage, backup, further editing, or insertion. In the following content, 7 methods will be shown. Choose one and get your pictures off the Android phone to a computer.

Part 1: Transferring Photos from Android to Computer/Laptop with A USB Cable

Be it your desktop computer or a laptop, if you happen to have a USB cable around, we will use it and start the transfer right away.

Method 1: How to Back Up Photos from Android to PC with Android Data Backup & Restore

Privacy matters!

On our phones, to secure the photos, we can set up an app lock to restrict the access of others who want to peek at your Photos app. But this is not available on Windows PC.

If you simply import photos from the smartphone to the computer, whoever is using this PC can see your photos. It will be fine when the photos are about landscapes, gatherings, memes. But it will be a total mess when transferring some photos of your ex(s), serious contracts, or even nudity.

Don’t want any embarrassment or trouble resulting from a privacy leak? Download this encrypted photo transfer, Android Data Backup & Restore.

This’s a handy photo backup tool for keeping your data safe on a computer. With it, you can transfer all your photos from Android to computer with one click. Not just the images in the Photos app, but also those Whatsapp attachments, message attachments, and other app photos.

Besides importing your photos, you can set a password for the folder to encrypt your photos. In this case, only you, the one who creates and knows the password, can view the photos that you transfer.

Download it and let’s start to transfer photos with this program.


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Steps to Transfer Photos from Android to Computer with Android Data Backup & Restore

Step 1: Connect your Android to the program

On your PC, launch the program and choose Android Data Backup & Restore from the initial screen. Use a USB cable to connect the phone to this computer.

Step 2: Start to transfer photos

Back to the program, choose Device Data Backup. Uncheck all the options and tick the Gallery option only.

Check the Encrypted Backup option and set a password to the photos. Click OK to confirm.

Step 3: Complete the photo transfer

Hit Start and choose a destination on your computer to save the photos. Click OK to start the transfer.

Method 2: How to Import Photos from Android to PC using Microsoft Photos

For Windows 10 computers, there’s this Photos program that can import all the image files from your Android to the computer.

Note that this method may be a bit complex in the setup process as it demands a reconfiguration of the USB cable - you need to enable Photo Transfer Protocol for your phone.

Let’s reconfigure your USB option first:

Step 1: Launch the Settings app on your Android phone, scroll down and tap About phone. Locate Build Number and tap on it 7 times.

Step 2: Go back to Settings, hit System - Developer options. Scroll and find one option: Select USB configuration (based on the phone model and system version, the name of the option differs, like Default USB connection/configuration/ preferences, etc . Tap on it and choose MTP or PTP. Both will do. Exit the Settings app.

Step 3: Take out a USB cable and connect your Android to a Windows 10 PC. On your Windows 10, click on Start and open Photos. On the top right corner, click on Import. Choose From a connected device.

Step 4: The Photos program will start to scan all the photos on your Android. When the scan is complete, browse and tick the photos you want to import to the computer. You may choose by Date.

Step 5: You may customize more. Locate Change destination and decide a new location to save the pictures. Also, you can tick the Delete after import. In this way, your Android phone will delete the photos from the phone storage after the transfer is complete.

Step 6: Click Import () of () items to start the transfer.

Method 3: How to Copy Photos from Android to Computer Directly with a USB Cable

If you need no convenience at all, there’s one very direct way to transfer photos from your Android phone to the computer.

Before you start, enable the USB Photo Transfer Protocol on your Android first.

After that, plug your Android into a computer with a USB cable. Open This PC, and double-click on the icon that stands for your Android’s storage. Open the Internal Storage folder.

Then, you will see two folders: DCIM and Pictures.

  • DCIM: the image files shot by your camera;
  • Pictures: the pictures you download and receive on apps.

Choose the right folder, browse and select the photos. Copy them and paste them down into a folder on your computer hard drive. Transfer Complete!

Part 2: Transferring Photos from Android to PC/Laptop Wirelessly

If you prefer a wireless transfer like Bluetooth or just can’t find a USB cable around, we have 3 methods for you to transfer photos from the Android phone to a computer with a USB cable.

Method 1: How to Download Pictures from Android Phone to Computer with Google Drive

The Google Drive app is a cloud storage service. We can use it on both our phones and computers. The data you upload on your phone is viewable on the computer’s end. Moreover, you can download that data from the PC version.

Follow this:

Step 1

On your Android phone, go to the Play Store, download and install Google Drive.

Step 2

Launch the Google Drive app and sign in with your Google account. Next, tap on the + button and tap Upload. Allow the app to access your Android storage.

Step 3

On the screen, you can see some recent images you save on the phone. Tap on them to upload to the cloud.

Or, hit the Gallery or Photos app. There, browse and select the photos you want to transfer to the computer. Complete the process.

Step 4

Lastly, on your computer, go to Google Drive. Locate the photos you just upload, right click on each and download them to the computer.

Method 2: How to Sync Android Pictures to PC with Google Photos

What’s the tool you use for the photo backup on the Android phone? Some may use the Google Photos app as it will back up your photos automatically. Besides the Android app, there’s a webpage version of Google Photos. And all the photos you back up with it on your Android phone will be synced to the webpage version.

Therefore, we can back up our photos to the app and then access the storage on our computer.

Follow this:

Step 1

On your Android, go to Settings, tap Google - Backup - Back up now to upload all the photos to Google Photos.


To do this, you need to enable the Google One backup service first.

Step 2

On your computer, launch Google Photos. There, locate the photo(s) you need, download whatever you need to your computer.

Method 3: How to Transfer Photos from Android to Computer via Bluetooth

We can use Bluetooth to do the transfer as well. It’s free and easy, just the speed of transfer may be a bit slow. Such imperfection will be magnified when the size of the photos is large and the quantity is huge.

  • On your phone, turn on the Bluetooth first.
  • Then, on your computer, launch Settings - Devices, add a Bluetooth device there. Select the name of your Android phone and complete.

Back to your Android, launch the Photos app and select the pictures. Tap Share and choose Bluetooth to transfer them to your computer via Bluetooth.


1Why Won’t My Pictures Import to My Computer
Maybe it's because the USB configuration on your Android phone is not set to the related one. Follow these: On your Android, enable the USB debugging first. Next, go to System - Developer option, and find the Default USB configuration. Note that this option will differ based on different software versions and phones. Choose MTP or PTP (or it can be “use this USB to transfer file/pictures”)
2How do I transfer photos from Samsung to my Computer
It’s very easy to do that. Simply connect your Samsung phone to a computer via a USB cable. Then, on your computer, launch This PC. Find your Samsung’s icon on the drive list. Double-click to open this drive folder. Find DCIM and Photos (Pictures) folders. Copy and paste your photos to this computer.