How to Transfer Music to iPhone without iTunes? Read this Guide to Learn the easiest ways to Transfer Music from Computer to iPhone.

5 Ways to Transfer/Add Music from Computer to iPhone without iTunes

Last Updated on February 8, 2021 by Jack Robertson

iTunes is always a good iPhone manager tool to transfer media files to iPhone, back up, and restore iPhone. However, when it comes to transferring music from your computer to your iPhone, iTunes seems to have one significant flaw that we must reckon with – it will overwrite the music library on your iPhone.

Why shouldn’t use iTunes to transfer music from PC to iPhone

I guess we all know that iTunes will add MP3 and other music files to our iPhone by syncing to iPhone. By the time you sync an iPhone to iTunes via a USB cable, iTunes will replace the iPhone’s current playlist with the one that you newly create in iTunes.

That means if you have some songs on your iPhone that are absent from the iTunes Music Library, well, those songs will be replaced, or we may say ‘removed‘.

In a word, don’t use iTunes to transfer or add music and songs from a PC to your iPhone to avoid possible music loss.

So, today we’ll be seeing a few optional ways that we can use to transfer music from computer to iPhone. Then, you can pick up one from the following methods to add music to your iPhone without using iTunes.

Transfer music from Computer to iPhone without iTunes

1. Add music from PC to iPhone with iTunes alternative

In cyberspace, we can easily find some iPhone manager software that is very similar to iTunes but far more considerate than it. Here, I will introduce the best 2 iTunes alternatives for you to transfer music to iPhone. One is the Tenorshare iCareFone and the other goes to Dr. Fone Phone Manager.

Method 1 Transfer music from computer to iPhone using iCareFone

Among countless iPhone file transfer tools, the iCareFone is always my optimal choice to manage my iPhone data and files. Reasons for this:

  • Supporting multiple file formats, you can use iCareFone to transfer photos, videos, audio, messages, contacts, books, and a few more between your iPhone and computer. So, you can easily add files to your iPhone and back up iPhone data onto your computer.
  • Besides, iCareFone has the ability to extract media files from iTunes Library to your iPhone so that syncing to iTunes is no longer a must.
  • More than an iPhone Transfer, iCareFone covers all iOS devices including iPods, iPads, and iPhones (up to iPhone 12 [mini/Pro/Pro Max]).
  • Also, iCareFone is compatible with the latest iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. You can use it on all your iOS devices as a data manager.

Now, download it on your computer for free, and let’s start to transfer music from PC/Mac to iPhone with iCareFone.

Step 1 Sync your iPhone to iCareFone

On your computer, launch iCareFone and connect your iPhone to the computer via a USB cable. iCareFone will detect your iPhone and sync to it automatically.

Step 2 Add music from computer to iPhone

Click the Music icon under the Manage Your iOS Device slogan. The program will show you all the songs and playlists on your iPhone.

Transfer Music from Computer to iPhone Sync to iCareFone

Then, locate a playlist you want to add music to or hit New Playlist to create a new one to hold songs.

Create Locate Music Playlist iPhone

Under the selected playlist, hit the Import button and choose to add music files or a folder that contains audio files.

Start to Transfer Music to iPhone without iTunes

Browse and locate the music on your computer’s hard drive. Hit OK to start adding the music to your iPhone.

Tip1: iPhone supported audio formats: MP3, linear PCM, IMA4, iLBC, ALAC, HE-AAC, AAC, µ-law, and a-law.

If you want to transfer any music files that don’t belong to the above iPhone supported formats, you need to convert the source files into compatible ones with an audio converter program.

Wait for a second or two, iCareFone will finish transferring the selected music files from the hard drive to your iPhone.

Transfer Music Songs from Computer to iPhone Complete

Turn on your handset and launch the Apple Music app. Locate the playlist you choose to add songs and you can find the newly added music there. Enjoy your music now.

Tip2: Other features of iCareFone

You can also use iCareFone to extract some iTunes music to your iPhone. This is how:

  • Sync your iPhone to iCareFone
  • Hit the Transfer iTunes Media File to Device tab on the initial interface. iCareFone will scan your iTunes Library and display all media files on your iTunes.
  • Uncheck all options except Music and Playlist.
  • Hit Transfer to begin. When the process is complete, launch the Music app on your iPhone and find the new music files there.

Transfer iTunes Music to iPhone without iTunes

Method 2 Transfer music from computer to iPhone with Dr. Fone Phone Manager

Another great iPhone transfer tool will be the Dr. Fone Phone Manager.

  • Similar to iCareFone, Dr. Fone allows users to transfer multiple files and data between iOS device and computer.
  • Besides the PC/Mac-iOS transfer, Dr. Fone is also capable of extracting iTunes media files to iPhone.

To find out more, you may download it on your PC/Mac and have a go.

Download on Win Download on Mac
Download on Win Download on Mac

This is how Dr. Fone Phone Manager helps transfer music from a computer to your iPhone.

Step 1 Load your iPhone to Dr. Fone Manager

Connect your iPhone to the computer via a USB cable. Launch Dr. Fone and choose Phone Manager (the tiffany blue tab).

DR. Fone Transfer Music from PC/Mac to iPhone without iTunes

Step 2 Get ready to add music to your iPhone

As Phone Manager detects your device, go to the Music tab. There, you can see all the existing music files on your iPhone.

Sycn iPhone to Dr Fone

You may click the Plus icon to create a new playlist on your iPhone to hold the later added songs, or you can just choose an existed playlist.

Create New Playlist on iPhone via Dr. Fone

Step 3 Start to transfer music from PC/Mac to iPhone

Under the selected playlist, hit the Add button and choose to add files or folder.

Start to Add Music to iPhone

Then, browse and select the target music file or folder. Click Open to confirm.

Dr. Fone Phone Manager will start to transfer the selected music files or folder to your iPhone Music playlist. You can launch the app and start to enjoy the new songs.

Complete Adding MP3 Music to iPhone

Tip3: Transfer music from iPod to iPhone.

Besides your PC/Mac, you can also transfer iPod music to your iPhone. This may get your attention: How to Transfer Music from iPod to iPhone.

2. Transfer music from iPhone to iPhone by sending e-mails

Don’t want to use any third-party software? You may try to send an e-mail with attachments from a computer to your iPhone. Check this out.

Step 1 Prepare two email accounts. Sign in one on your computer and sign in the other on your iPhone.

Tip4: If you only have one email account, you may create a new one. Outlook, Yahoo!,  iCloud, or any other will do.

Step 2 Launch the email service on your computer. Enter the email address that you sign in on your iPhone. Remember to attach the music files to this email.

Step 3 Send the email to your iPhone.

This worths a try when you just want to transfer a few music files. You may start to send an email right away to add music to your iPhone.

3. How to Transfer Music to iPhone with Cloud Music Service

Many cloud tools can help you transfer music to iPhone by syncing music across devices.

You can upload your music files to Dropbox, OneDrive, or Google Drive on your computer. Then, download the iOS version on your iPhone and have access to the music.

Also, you may stream your music with Google Play Music or Amazon Music and play them on your iPhone.

Transfer Music from PC to iPhone with Google Drive

Today we will focus on Google Play Music. Google Play Music is a music app like Spotify, you can buy and listen to music with it and you can even upload your own music to Google Play Music, making your music online and available with multiple devices.

To transfer your music to Google Play Music and play them on your iPhone, you can upload your music to Google Play Music with Chrome or Google Music Manager.

4. Decrypt the iTunes/Spotify/Amazon Music/YouTube Music file before transferring music to iPhone 

When you don’t want to pay for certain songs and plan to transfer the music file from somebody else’s iTunes/Spotify/Amazon Music/YouTube Music to your iPhone Music, you may find that the transfer is unsuccessful or the music file is unplayable on your iPhone.

That’s because most music providers will add some DRM methods to their music to restrict personal transfer and copy. Once you download a song from one of the above programs, you can only listen to it on the device that is logged into the same account that you use to purchase this item.

To transfer music from Spotify or other apps to your iPhone, you have to remove the DRM from the music file first.

How to remove music DRM from Spotify, iTunes, and others

Step 1 Download a DRM remover program on your computer

To remove the music DRM methods, a professional program is a must. Here, you may use the Leawo Prof. DRM to remove the music DRM.

Features of Leawo Prof. DRM:

Published by the media giant, Leawo Prof. Media is capable of turning iTunes and Spotify files into DRM-free and convert them into a more compatible digital format. No matter what files you load up to Leawo, videos, music, or audiobooks, Leawo Prof. Media can deal with them all.

Click the button below and download the program on your computer to remove the DRM from your music file.

Win Download Mac Download Win Download Mac Download

Step 2 Import the music file(s) to Leawo Prof. DRM

Launch Leawo Prof. DRM on your computer and choose one tab to proceed.

  • Video&Music Converter: Convert iTunes movies, music, and TV show into DRM-free files;
  • Spotify Converter: Remove the DRM protection from Spotify songs.

Start to Remove DRM from iTunes Spotify Music

Today, I’ll take Spotify Converter as an example. Then, on the Spotify Converter window, drag the target Spotify music files to the window. Leawo Prof. DRM will start to process these files.

Step 3 Set up for the DRM removal

Next, click the Edit button to decide the format and quality of the output files.

Remove Spotify Music DRM

Tip5: The MP3 format is the most compatible audio format that almost every device can play it. You may choose MP3 as the output format when you have no special need.

Then, look down and find Output. Here, you can decide the destination folder to save the output Spotify music. The default one will be great, too.

Step 4 Finish the process

After finishing the setup, click the Convert button to start making these Spotify music DRM-free. When the process is complete, go to the destination folder and check out the files.

Later, you may use the methods that we’ve discussed above to transfer these DRM-free Spotify mp3 files to your iPhone without iTunes.

To warp up

Generally speaking, there are 5 ways of transferring music, songs, and mp3 files from PC/Mac to iPhone without using iTunes – iPhone Transfer tools, email services, and cloud drives. You can choose one method that fits you most and start the music transfer.

By the way, if you find out the transfer is failed due to the music files are restricted, use Leawo Prof. DRM to make the files DRM-free.

FAQ1: Can I transfer music from Windows Media Player to iPhone?

Windows Media Player is just a media player program on Windows computers and it cannot sync to an iPhone. So it cannot help transfer music from the WMP library to an iPhone.

If you want to transfer music from the Windows Media Player library to an iPhone, you need to import the music to the iTunes library first. Then, sync your iPhone to iTunes and then transfer the music to the device.

FAQ2: How can I add music to my iPhone with iTunes?

There’re several ways to add music from iTunes to an iPhone.

Method 1

Sync iPhone to iTunes. Then, locate Songs on the left panel. There, you can see all the iTunes music. Right-click on the target music item and right-click on it, choose the Add to Device option. Select your iPhone as the destination.
Import Music to iPhone via iTunes Songs

Method 2

Sync iPhone to iTunes, hit the thumbnail iPhone icon to enter the Summary interface. Click Music and tick the Sync Music option. Then, choose the iTunes music and playlist to transfer to your iPhone. Click Apply to confirm.

FAQ3: How to add music to iTunes?

Launch iTunes, locate File on the menu and choose Add File to Library or Add Folder to Library. Then, browse and select the target music files or folders to import to iTunes Library.

Add Music to iTunes Library Add Folder