5 Easy Ways to Transfer Music from iPod to iPhone

Last Updated on February 15, 2022 by Jack Robertson

iPod is an excellent mp3 player device for downloading, sharing, and streaming music. Never mention that the iPod Touch model is called an iPhone without a Phone. You can enjoy almost everything that an iPhone brings you on an iPod Touch. Many iPod users really take it as their premium music streaming device.

Transfer Music from iPod to iPhone

However, it has been for a very long time since the first iPad was released. Maybe you have an old iPod Nano, Mini, Shuffle, or an earlier iPod Touch and don’t know how to make use of it. In this case, we may transfer the music from this old iPod to our new iPhone so that we can keep enjoying those great songs on our iPhone.

Also, for some iPod users, it’s very common that they want to enjoy iPod music on an iPhone. So transferring music from iPod to an iPhone becomes the must-have step for these iPod users.

Here we have endeavored to compile a simple step-by-step guide, in 5 methods, to show you how to transfer your favorite music from iPod to iPhone without hitches.

Method 1 Transfer Your Music from iPod to iPhone Using iTunes

iTunes is going to be the first tool that we use to transfer music from iPod to iPhone. Here, I will divide the whole process into 2 steps, one is to import the iPod music to iTunes and the second is to transfer the iPod music to the iPhone via iTunes.

Step 1 Copy files from your iPod music to iTunes/PC

Preparations before starting:

  • Install the latest version of iTunes on your Windows or Mac computer;
  • To avoid iTunes overwriting your iPod’s music library by auto-sync, do this: Disconnect any iOS device from your computer > Launch iTunes > Go to Edit > Open Preferences > Move to Devices > Tick Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically option > click OK to apply;

Set iPhone iPod iPad Won't Sync to iTunes Automatically

  • Turn off Find My iPhone on your iOS handset (Turn on your iPhone, go to Settings > [Apple ID tab] > Find My, there, set the Find My as OFF. Enter your Apple ID password if you’re asked to.)
  • Connect your iPod to the computer with a USB cable. iTunes will launch automatically.

Get all preparations done, let’s start to transfer your iPod music to iTunes. Based on the iPod model, you will have different operations to do the import.

For iPod Touch:

  1. Click the iPod icon to enter the management interface.
  2. Choose Summary on the left panel.
  3. Locate the Backups section on the right window and tick the This Computer option.
  4. Hit Back Up Now to start transferring music and all data from this iPod to iTunes.

Import Music From iPod to iTunes

For iPod Mini, iPod Classic, iPod Shuffle, and iPod Nano:

  1. On the left control panel, choose your iPod.
  2. Click on Summary or Setting, then choose Enable disk use. Click Apply
  3. Double-click the iPod icon, then drag files from the window that appears to copy files from iPod to the computer.

Step 2 Transfer music from iTunes to iPhone manually

After transferring music from iPod to the computer as instructed earlier, you can then proceed to transfer music from those backup files to your iPhone. Steps to follow include:

  1. First, unplug your iPod from the computer and plug your iPhone into the computer with a USB cable.
  2. Click the iPhone icon on the interface, and then tap on the Music tab below the Summary panel displayed.
  3. Select Sync Music to easily transfer music from iTunes to your iPhone.
  4. You may choose to import all iTunes music to this connected iPhone. Or tick the Selected playlists, artists, albums, and genres option to customize and choose the iPod music to transfer to the iPhone.
  5. Hit Apply to confirm and click Done to finish.

Sync iPod Music to iPhone via iTunes

Now, you may find the iPod music on your iPhone. Go to the Apple Music app and check out the new playlists and songs there.

Disadvantages of using iTunes to transfer music from iPod to iPhone:

By the time that you check the Sync Music option, iTunes will show you a prompt that this action will replace all the audio, video, photo libraries on your iPhone with the current iTunes ones.

To warp up, such replacement will very likely cause data loss. Unless you’re using a newly purchased iPhone, iTunes is not a good tool to transfer iPod music.

iTunes Remove Sync iPhone Library

Continue your reading and see how to transfer iPod music to iPhone without iTunes.

Method 2 Transfer music from iPod to iPhone using iOS data-sharing software

Except for iTunes, there’s lots of iOS data-sharing software in cyberspace that can help us transfer iPod music to an iPhone. Here, we may use the echoshare Switch Mobile Transfer.

This’s a professional iOS/Android data transfer tool that can transfer your media files seamlessly from an iPod to an iPhone with high speed.

Supported to transfer Music, Playlist, Videos, Podcasts, TV Shows, Audiobooks, and more, no matter what you want to transfer to another iOS device, simply launch this software and finish the transfer in seconds.

Besides the iOS-to-iOS transfer, Switch Mobile Transfer can also transfer files and data between iOS and Android devices. Nothing is going to stop the program from fulfilling its duty – transfer data from one mobile device to another.


  • Computer & iTunes ↔ All iOS/Android Phones and Tablets;
  • Android Phones and Tablets ↔ Android Phones and Tablets;
  • All iOS Devices ↔ All iOS Devices

Free download echoshare Switch Mobile Transfer here:

Win Download Mac Download
Win Download Mac Download

Now, let’s see how to use this software to transfer iPod music to an iPhone.

Step 1 Connect your iPhone and iPod to Switch Mobile Transfer

Launch the program on your computer first and choose Phone Transfer on the interface.

Transfer iPod Music to iPhone Choose Switch Mobile Transfer

Then, take out 2 USB cables and connect the 2 iOS devices to the computer. Switch Mobile Transfer will detect the iPhone and iPod and start to analyze the files inside them.

Step 2 Transfer iPod music to iPhone

Next, as the analysis is complete, make sure the iPod icon is on the left (Source) of the interface and the iPhone is on the right (Target).

Tick the Music option and hit Start Transfer. The program will work to import the iPod music to your iPhone.

Start to Transfer Music from iPod to iPhone Switch Mobile Transfer

Wait for a minute or two, go to Music on your iPhone to check out the iPod music when the transfer is complete.

Enjoy the music then.

Tip: Transferring music from iPhone to iPod

If you decide the keep on using this iPod, you can choose to transfer your iPhone music to this iPod. Click the Flip option on Switch Mobile Transfer’s interface and reverse the Source and Target of the previous music transfer. Tick Music and hit Start Transfer to proceed.

Transfer iPhone Music to iPod

Method 3 Import iPod music to iPhone through the same Apple ID

If you’re using the same Apple ID on your iPod Touch and iPhone to purchase Apple music items from iTunes Store or Apple Store, you can easily sync your iPod playlist to an iPhone through the Apple id. Check this out:

  • On your iPhone, sign in to an Apple ID (the one that you use to purchase music on iPod ) on your iPhone.
  • Launch the Music app on your iPhone.
Tip: The Apple Music is a pre-installed app on iPhone and iPad. Normally, you can find it on your iPhone. if you don’t, go to App Store and search for Music. Download the first item from the search results.
  • Then, wait for the Music app to sync the playlists and songs under this account. You can enjoy the iPod music on this iPhone later.

Method 4 Transfer Spotify, Pandora, or other music from iPod to iPhone

If you’re using a non-Apple music app to purchase, download, and listen to songs on your iPod Touch, like Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Music, it’s pretty easy to transfer this app music from your iPod to an iPhone.

On your iPhone, download the same music app and then sign in with the same account. You will find all the iPod playlists and songs on this app. Have fun then.

Copy Transfer App Music from iPod to iPhone

Method 5 Transfer music from an old iPod Nano, Mini, Classic, Shuffle to iPhone via File Explorer/Finder

For an old iPod device like a Nano, Mini, Classic, or Shuffle, you can choose to import music from this iPod to your Windows PC or Mac with the built-in OS feature.

Since Apple had also made the above iPod models as an external hard drive for computers, you can simply connect your old iPod to your computer with a USB cable.


  • For macOS: Open Finder and locate the iPod device, double-click to open the iPod drive on your Mac;
  • For Windows: Open This PC and find the iPod tab on Devices and drives, double-click it to open the iPod drive;

Next, you’ll see an iPod_Control folder on the windows, open it, and double-click the Music folder, you’ll find so many sub-folders labeled with F and numbers.

iPod Music Folder on Windows Mac

Tip: Can’t find those folders? They might be hidden. Try these:

  • If you’re using a macOS, press and hold Cmd + Shift + Period to toggle hidden folders as appeared.
  • For a Windows computer, locate View at the top of the window and hit it. Then, check the Hidden items option to unveil those invisible folders.

Windows Unveil Hidden Files Folders

Copy all the F folders and paste them down on your computer hard drive. This is how you transfer the iPod music to your PC/Mac.

Then, we’ll use iTunes to transfer these iPod songs to your iPhone. Check this out:

  1. Launch iTunes and locate File, choose Add Folder to Library from the drop-down list;
  2. Browse and select all the iPod music folders, click Select Folder to import them to iTunes Library;

Add iPod Music to iTunes Library Add Folder

  1. Connect your iPhone to iTunes;
  2. Click Songs under the Library on the left panel;
  3. Locate the iPod music on the right panel and right-click to choose Add to Device;
  4. Select your iPhone as the output device.

Import iPod Music to iPhone via iTunes Songs

Now, iTunes will work to transfer the iPod music to your iPhone. When the process is complete, unplug your iPhone and check out the songs on Music.


1. How do I transfer music from an old iPod to iTunes without deleting it?

While you’re using iTunes to make the transfer, make sure you turn off the iTunes auto-sync feature to stop iTunes from deleting your iPod music library.

2. How do you connect your iPod to your iPhone?

While discussing connecting an iPod to an iPhone, we have 2 different types of such connection, wired and wireless. Here, you will show you how to connect your iPod to iPhone (iOS 13 to 15) wired.

First, purchased an Apple USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter.Apple Multi-Adapter

Next, plug the adapter into your iPhone’s charge port. Take out a compatible USB cable and plug it into your iPod. Connect the USB cable to the adapter.

Open the Files app on your iPhone and see if there’s an iPod option there. Your iPhone and iPod are connected as long as you see that option.

Connect iPod to iPhone via Adapter

Upon connection, you’re available to transfer iPod media files to this iPhone via the Files app. Go and try it.

3. Can your AirDrop music from iPod to iPhone?

Yes, you can AirDrop Music from iPod to iPhone as long as your iPod Touch supports Bluetooth connection and AirDrop.

And note that you can only AirDrop songs that you purchase in Apple Music Store. App music like Spotify, Amazon, and so on is not supported.