iOS to Android Transfer: How to Transfer Music from iPhone to Android Phone

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It should not come as a surprise that many people tend to switch from iPhone to Android as it is the world’s famous operating system. It can be difficult to transfer music from iPhone to Android as both systems are not compatible with each other. And My colleague Leo had changed his phone from iPhone 7 to Huawei Mate 20 without transferring any songs, which cost him quite a long time to redownload the music that he likes. The experience impelled me to find some ways for iPhone users to switch to Android without losing the music they had purchased or downloaded.

So, can you Transfer Music from iPhone to Android?

The answer is Yes!

And all the methods that Leo prompted me to gather are as below:

Method 1: Transfer Music from iPhone to Android with Dr. Fone – Switch

This is the simplest and easiest tool used to switch songs (that you had downloaded or purchased) from iPhone to Android. With just one click, you can transfer all your data from iPhone to Android.

The following are the steps that need to be followed once you have downloaded Dr. Fone – Switch on your Windows or Mac:

Step 1. Attach both devices to your computer.

Step 2. Launch Dr. Fone and Select the Switch option.

Step 3. Select iPhone as a Source device and Android as a Destination device, you can switch them by clicking the Flip button on the center top.

Step 4. Put a tick in the box before Music in the middle content box and then click on the Start Transfer button, to begin, the process.

Step 5. Let the tool do its job and wait for a while.

Step 6. You will be informed once the task is completed.

Step 7. Eject the devices carefully.

Method 2: Transfer Music from iPhone to Android with Dr. Fone – Transfer

You can also transfer music selectively by choosing the Transfer module from Dr. fone’s home screen. This can let you move the data between your device and your computer.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to the computer.

Step 2. From the top-left corner, make sure to select your source device.

Step 3. Click Music and select the music files you want to transfer.

Step 4. Select the option from the above toolbar and export the files wherever you want. After the music files are exported to your computer, Eject your iPhone and connect your Android phone to the computer and import those music files to the phone with Dr. fone – Transfer.

Method 3: Transfer Music from iPhone to Android: Google Play Music Manager

Get Google Play Music Manager Now

Using Google Play Music Manager for transferring music from iPhone to Android can be restricted since you can only transfer songs that you purchased from Apple Music. However, it can be easy for you if these simple steps are followed:

Step 1. Download the music that you purchased from Apple Music with iTunes.

Download Google Play Music Manager

Step 2. Install Google Play Music Manager on your computer and upload the iTunes music files to Google Play once it has started.

Step 3. After the upload is finished you can download the Google Music application on your Android phone and enjoy the music.

Method 4: Transfer Music from iPhone to Android: TouchCopy

Transfer Music from iPhone to Android with TouchCopy
TouchCopy is software that allows you to transfer your music library from your iPhone to Android as well as PC or even Mac.
The following is a brief on how to go about it;

Step 1. Download TouchCopy on your PC.

Step 2. Connect the devices to your computer.

Step 3. Select the music from your device that you want to copy then right-click and select the Copy to PC option. You will need to assign a directory for copying those songs to.

These are some of the ways through which you can successfully transfer the music. By selecting the most appropriate method, you can transfer music files from your iPhone to Android by just a click.

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