How to Transfer Music from iPhone, iPad, or iPod to Computer with/without iTunes

Last Updated on December 1, 2022 by Jack Robertson

To enjoy music on an iPhone, iPad, and iPod seems to be a pretty straight-forward issue since Apple Music provides countless songs and tunes that you’re never going to finish every single one of them.

Even if you don’t want to pay for Apple Music items, there’re multiple alternative music apps that allow you to enjoy songs on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

However, things get a bit complicated when you plan to enjoy the iPhone music on a Windows computer.

  • Unlike a Mac computer that can automatically sync to the iOS device with an Apple ID, a Windows computer can only play the iPhone music after you transfer the music from your iPhone to the computer. Luckily, iTunes and some third-party iOS file transfer software can help us with that.

Also, if you record yourself singing a song or playing an instrument, transferring the demo to the computer for further optimization seems to be a perfect solution to handle your creation.

So, in this’s tutorial, you will find some practical methods to transfer music from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to a computer no matter what kind of music it will be, purchased Apple Music items, some non-Apple downloaded songs, or a self-made audio file.

Transfer Music from iPhone to Computer without iTunes

Part 1 What you need to transfer music from iPhone to computer

Connect iPhone to PC Transfer Music

To make a music transfer from an iOS device to a Windows computer, you need to get these things ready:

  1. An iPhone, iPad, or iPod that you transfer music from;
  2. A Windows computer that you transfer music to installed with the latest iTunes;
  3. A USB cable that supports the iOS-Windows transfer;
  4. The music files that you plan to transfer.

Get the above stuff ready and let’s start to transfer music files from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to a Windows computer.

Part 2 How to move music from iPhone to computer

In this part, we’ll be seeing 3 methods that we can use to transfer songs from iPhone, iPad, or iPod to a computer. Pick up one that fits you most and start the music transfer right away.

Method 1 Use iTunes to move iPhone music to a computer

First, let’s focus on those music items that you’ve purchased from Apple Store.

To transfer the purchased music from your iPhone to a Windows computer, we may use iTunes to carry on the task.

Check this out:

Step 1 Sync your iPhone to iTunes

Take out a USB cable and connect the iPhone to the computer. iTunes will detect the iOS device and launch automatically.

Step 2 Transfer purchased music to iTunes

On iTunes, click File. And under the pull-down list,  move your cursor to Devices and choose the Transfer Purchases from “iPhone” option.

Transfer Purchased Apple Music from iPhone to iTunes Computer

Then, iTunes will start to sync your iPhone purchased music items to its Music Library.

Step 3 Download the iPhone music to PC

Next, go to the iTunes Music Library and locate the Recently Added folder. There, you will see all the purchased Apple music that you’ve just transferred to iTunes.

You can stop here and enjoy the music on your computer through iTunes Libary. Or, move the music to your computer. Select one or all of them and download them onto your computer hard drive.

In this way, your iPhone music can be easily copied to the computer hard drive.

Method 2 Transfer music from iPhone to a computer without iTunes

Besides iTunes, we can find multiple iOS file transfer tools like the iCareFone. Superior to iTunes, iCareFone can be the perfect connection between your iOS devices and computer.

With this iOS file transfer tool installed on your computer, you can easily transfer data and files like videos, audios (music, recordings, ringtones, podcasts), photos, contacts, messages, books from your iPhone to a PC, and vice verse.

Moreover, iCareFone will never overwrite your playlists, photo albums, and other categories while iTunes will.

  • When you choose to sync music between your iPhone and iTunes. iTunes will replace the current mobile device’s playlist with the one that exists on the iTunes Music Library. If there’re some music items that are absent from this iTunes playlist, those items will be replaced completely and you won’t be able to find them on your iOS handset.

Never mentioned that iCareFone has a very simple interface that you can easily locate every feature instead of searching for a while.

echoshare iPhone Transfer Detect Device Select Mode

Simplicity, security, and efficiency are what you can find in iCareFone. Now,  click the button below to download it on your computer for music transfer.

Step 1 Load up your iPhone to iCareFone

Launch iCareFone on your computer and then connect your iPhone to the computer. iCareFone will detect your iPhone and connect to it automatically.

Step 2 Transfer music and other audios from iPhone to PC

On iCareFone’s interface, click on Music.

Select iPhone Music Transfer to PC

Then, iCareFone will display all music and playlist on your iPhone. You may tick the target songs from the All Music list, click Export, choose Export to Computer, and decide the destination folder on your computer hard drive. Hit OK to complete.

Transfer Music from iPhone to Computer Hard Drive iCareFone

Now, iCareFone will start to transfer the selected music from your iPhone to the computer hard drive. When the transfer is complete, open the folder you set up and check out the songs there.

Tip: Click the Voice Memos option and repeat the above step to transfer your audio recordings to the computer.

Method 3 How to transfer music from iPhone to PC with Spotify and other similar music apps

Copy Transfer App Music from iPhone to PC

If you’re using Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Google Play Music, or any other music apps on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, there’s one easy way to transfer app music from your iOS device to a computer – download the PC version of the music app onto your computer.

We’re in the 2020s now. Every music app publisher knows their customers so well that they have foreseen your need of transferring the app music from your iPhone to the computer. Not to mention that some of these online music services as computer software.

As a result, you can get the PC version from the official website to your computer and download the music very easily.

What you should do is to google the music service you’re using on your iPhone and have access to the PC version of this app. Take Spotify as an example:

  • Google Spotify and visit its official site.
  • Download, install and launch Spotify on your Windows machine.
  • Sign in with your Spotify account and start to download songs on your computer.

Transfer Spotify Music from iPhone to Computer
Now, go google something else and finish your music transfer with ease.


Can I AirDrop music from iPhone to Windows PC?

No, a Windows computer doesn’t support AirDrop. This is a file transfer feature among iOS, iPadOS, macOS devices. You can only transfer the iPhone music to the PC.

How can I transfer music from an iPhone to an Android phone?

Want to switch your iPhone to an Android Phone and don’t want to lose your music? Read this to find out how to transfer music between Android and iPhone.

How to transfer music from a Windows computer to an iPhone without iTunes?

If you plan to import some music to your iPhone and have worries about iTunes will overwrite the playlists on your iPhone, try some non-iTunes methods to do the music transfer.