[3 Options]How to Transfer Data from Old iPad to New iPad

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Apple Inc unveiled the new iPad Pro with 11-inch and 12.9 inch versions recently. Many Apple fans have already replaced their old iPads with new iPad Pro. The trouble you are having is how to move your valuable data to the new iPad. Without the proper know-how, it is difficult and will consume a lot of your time. By using iPhone Data Transfer you will transfer data to the new iPad seamlessly. We will not store your data so our service is safe and reliable.

Transfer Data from Old iPad to New iPad

[Best Practice]How to Transfer Data from Old iPad to New iPad

The below two methods have their limits. iOS Transfer will help you overcome all the challenges in transferring the data without any hitch. iOS Transfer is professionally designed to move your iPad data conveniently between phones and tablets which are supported by iOS. All data can be relocated with just one click either purchased or not purchased from iTunes. Follow the methods below.

Step 1. Attach the iPads to the Computer

Download and install iOS Transfer on the computer (iTunes Needed – but Don’t launch it). Launch it by double-clicking the installation package on the computer screen.
Connect both your iPads to the Computer. And Tap Trust on both iPad to authorize the computer. The software will automatically detect and show them in this window.
Win Download Mac Download

Step 3 Select Phone to Phone module at the bottom column in the Home tab.

Select Phone to Phone Transfer


Step 2. Move Data From Old iPad to New iPad

All the data you want to transfer is allowed and listed for you to select. Select and click Start. The process will begin and confirm both iPads are connected for an efficient transfer. Please make sure that the source iPad and destination iPad are in the right position.

Check Old iPad Data to Transfer to a New iPad

Advantages: All data is allowed to transfer that is both purchased and not purchased. You do not require any WiFi connection. Using Switch Mobile Transfer is very easy, quick and easy to use.

Tips: It is your choice to know which method suits you. iOS Transfer is tailored to make work easier for all our clients. Our service is encrypted and very difficult to hack. We have built the best service to move files and documents between phones and tablets.

How to Transfer Data from Old iPad to New iPad with iTunes

Step 1. Confirm that your iTunes is up to date, if not, upgrade it to the latest version.

Step 2. Scan your computer to erase any virus and then later attach the computer and previous iPad.

Step 3. Choose your iPad under DEVICES in the iTunes sidebar and select BACK Up Now.

Step 4. Wait for the backup procedure to complete, then dis-attach the iPad from the computer and keep the iTunes operational.

Step 5. Using a USB device connect the brand new iPad with the monitor. Immediately it will appear under DEVICES on the iTunes sidebar, choose the option Restore Backup to start the process.

Step 6. Select the recent backup folder and press Restore to transfer your data.

Advantages: Data which are, downloaded songs, books, apps, photos, contacts, messages, wallpapers, app data, call history, short videos in the iPad storage can be restored for free through iTunes on iPad mini or Pro for free.

Disadvantage: The method will consume a lot of your time. You can not restore and back up media files synced via the computer. A problem may arise and interrupt your restoration and back up procedure midway.

How to Transfer Data from Old iPad to New iPad with iCloud

Step 1. Turn on your WiFi network and connect it to your old iPad.

Step 2. Select SETTING and choose iCloud. Click Storage and Backup. Switch on iCloud Backup and select OK. Then click Back Up Now.

Step 3. Confirm the back up is complete successfully It might take a long time.

Step 4. Activate the iPad Pro or iPad Mini or iPad Air (If you have already activated iPad, please factory reset it, don’t want to reset your iPad? you can go to Method 3 to transfer data) and follow all the instructions given on the screen. Connect your iPad to the WiFi network.

Step 5. When it alerts you to activate the iPad (iOS 9 supported), Enter your passwords and apple id to enable continuation.

Step 6. Select the latest backup of your previous iPad and tap Restore. Wait for data to be restored to the New iPad Pro.

Advantage: iCloud helps you store and restore all your data on Apple devices.

Disadvantage: Strong and reliable WiFi is required. Media not purchased from the iTunes cannot be backed up or restored in the iCloud.

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