How to Transfer Data from HTC to Samsung

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When you switch from an HTC phone to a Samsung phone, you would need to transfer your music, photos, contacts or text messages from your HTC Android phone to your new Samsung phone. This is quite necessary to ensure that you do not lose your vital data just because you got a new device. However, this is one of the most exhausting aspects of getting a new smartphone. The panic that comes with the realization that you need to find a way to transfer data from HTC to Samsung certainly adds to the stress.

Transfer HTC to Samsung

The thought of upgrading to a brand new gorgeous smartphone is quite appealing till the moment it dawns on you that data needs to be transferred. Switching between two gadgets that use the same platform may be less tricky than those with varying platforms. However, without possessing the right tools, the process of data transfer can be time-consuming and daunting. If you make use of conventional tools in transferring data from HTC to Samsung you’d most likely encounter various problems such as:

  1. You have to download and install a transfer tool on your Samsung gadget from Google Play.
  2. The transfer tool for HTC is not compatible with new HTC smartphones.
  3. In order to have your contacts transferred, you’d be required to pass through a time-consuming endeavor of having your contacts synced with your contacts on Google using Google Sync. Then have them imported to the HTC device.
  4. You will be required to transfer media files and photos manually which is certainly a horrific experience.

Seeing the problems associated with the need to transfer data from HTC to Samsung, it is necessary to appeal to a right tool to make the process effortless. Here is a method to transfer content from HTC to Samsung making use of the Switch Mobile Transfer.

How to Transfer Data from HTC Phone to Samsung Phone with Switch Mobile Transfer

Switch Mobile Transfer is a software utilized by phone switchers to easily have data transferred from old mobile gadgets to new ones. It is compatible with Windows Phone. Android Phone, iPhone BlackBerry Phone, and the Nokia Symbian. When you switch from HTC to a Samsung phone, Switch Mobile Transfer is capable of transferring 8 types of data for you: calendar, music, call logs, video, photos, messages, contacts, and apps.

Step 1. Download and run Switch Mobile Transfer on Mac or PC, from its launched interface click on the transfer mode Phone to Phone Transfer. This opens the transfer window.

Win Download Mac Download

Switch Mobile Transfer Select Phone to Phone Transfer

Step 2. Next connect the Samsung and HTC phone to your PC using USB cables, your device will be detected by Switch Mobile Transfer. Once connected, make sure a green connected icon appears below both icons of the smartphones on the interface.

Step 3. Ensure that the HTC and Samsung devices are shown under source and destination respectively. You can click flip if the case is otherwise.

Step 4. Choose the content or data you want to transfer and the process begins. Wait till the process is completed and click OK on the window that pops up.

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