How to Transfer Data from HTC to iPhone

Last Updated on February 2, 2021 by Jason Ben

The fact that we carry around so much data at our fingertips and in our pockets on a daily basis has become a normal factor of modern life. And the number of options is growing every day, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Say, for example, you’ve been using an HTC mobile phone. They’re a popular Android mobile company with lots of features.

But they’re not Apple. An iPhone gives you some serious street cred. So let’s say you finally have been initiated into the hallowed halls of Apple but all your data is still stuck on your HTC. Or even worse, you lose the data from your new phone and need to restore it using your old phone.

Don’t Worry. Transferring It Is Easy

Transfer HTC to iPhone

Though there are a few options, the best is probably Switch Mobile Transfer. In one click, you can transfer data from phone to phone. It can also back up your data to computer, supports messages and multimedia files, as well as contacts.

Because of this, you can transfer all of your data, no matter the form, from your HTC phone to your new iPhone – it’s compatible with all operating systems for iOS and Android devices, as well as Windows Phone and Symbian. Talk about wonder.

Here’s How It Works

Step 1: The first step to transfer contacts from HTC phone to iPhone is to install Switch Mobile Transfer on your computer from the buttons below. Launch it, and click on phone to phone transfer from the available solutions menu.

Win Download Mac Download

Switch Mobile Transfer Select Phone to Phone Transfer

Step 2: Connect both the HTC phone and the iPhone to your computer. You will be asked to enable USB Debugging Mode on your HTC phone. After connecting these, make sure you see the HTC phone on the left side of the screen, because the default phone source appears on the left. You can simply click flip. The contents of your HTC phone should appear in the middle of the screen. Tick on the boxes before those items that you need.

Step 3: Click on START TRANSFER.

Step 4: The data will transfer from your HTC to your iPhone. Depending on the amount of data, this may take a while Keep both devices connected until the transfer is complete.

Step 5: What? The transfer is finished? You’re done! How easy is that?

More Tips And Tricks

How to Backup Contacts on HTC Phone

Because HTC is Android and Android is associated with Google, with an HTC phone it’s best to sync your contacts with a Google account (if you have one). Google lets you sync your mobile data to the cloud, so most people do this as an easy backup.

However, iPhone provides the iCloud as a free service to back up your mobile data. It’s available for free in every device, though free storage is limited to 5GB. This is similar to Android’s agreement with Google, allowing you to sync contacts as well as texts & messages, and media files to the iCloud. Since iCloud is associated with iPhone, you’ll want to do this after transferring all your data to your new iPhone.

How to Manager File on iPhone Using iTunes

iTunes is Apple’s official media platform. When you switch from HTC to iPhone, you can use iTunes to add new media files. All of your previous media files should still be available.

And that’s it! Whether you’ve gotten a new iPhone and you want to switch platforms, you’re running out of space on your current phone, or you need to restore a phone’s data after an accident, it’s very easy to transfer data from HTC iPhone using Switch Mobile Transfer. This will let you get on with the business of being connected to this modern world without any trouble! That’s wonderful.

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