2 Handy and Free Ways to Transfer Contacts from HTC to Samsung

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Technological advancements have made the transfer of contacts in between devices easy. Perhaps you may have decided to switch from using an old HTC device such as HTC one max to a newer model of HTC.

You may have also chosen to change to new models of Samsung devices such as Galaxy S8+ or S9; or you have decided to change your device to one with a better phone carrier. Either way, you will have to transfer your contact from one device to another.

Transfer Contact from HTC to Samsung

This article will serve as a guide to transferring contact from an HTC phone to a Samsung phone.

Steps of Transferring Contacts from HTC Phone To Samsung Phone

Method 1 – Transfer Contacts without Computer

You may transfer contact details on your HTC device to Samsung device using Bluetooth. The first steps is to export you contact into a VCF file.

And this is how you do it:

Step 1. Turn on Bluetooth in the setting of both the HTC and the Samsung devices and pair both devices. Ensure both devices are made visible to the public in Bluetooth settings. Then, accept the prompting to confirm that you initiated the pairing by accepting the pairing code.

Step 2. Go to contact on the HTC phone, click on more icon, which is usually 3 dots and from the drop down tap send contacts. A list of options to send will pop out but click on send contact by Bluetooth. Then a VCF file will be created.

Step 3. Choose the Samsung phone you paired initially as the receiving device.

Step 4. On the Samsung device, you will receive a notification asking you to accept or decline the VCF file from your Bluetooth device.

Step 5. Click accept and the VCF file will be transferred to your Samsung device.

Step 6. The last step is to open the VCF file on your Samsung device to export the contact details in the file into your Samsung device contact.

When you click on contact on your Samsung device, all contacts in your HTC device will be in your Samsung device contact as well.

Method 2 – Transfer Contacts from HTC to Samsung Phone without Computer

In order to transfer any data from a phone to another via computer, you require a phone transfer tool or software. Switch Mobile Transfer is one those software that give you a hassle-free data transfer from one device to another. Switch Mobile Transfer software enables data transfer from one device to the other irrespective of a difference in the phone carriers.

It works by backing up data from one mobile device on a computer and restoring the data on another mobile device. Below are the 2 ways of transferring data from a HTC device to Samsung using Switch Mobile Transfer.

Transfer Contacts from HTC to Samsung via Phone to Phone Transfer

Step 1. Install and launch Switch Mobile Transfer on your computer. Next, connect your HTC and Samsung device with UB cables to the computer at the same time.

Win Download Mac Download

Step 2. On the window page of Switch Mobile Transfer, click Phone to Phone Transfer and the programme will detect both the HTC and Samsung devices you have connected to the computer. Use the flip button to change places of the devices, ensuring that your HTC is the source device and your Samsung device is the destination device.

Switch Mobile Transfer Select Phone to Phone Transfer

Step 3. Select Contact in the list of content to transfer drop down and click start copy. You can check transfer process in the dialog box and when it is finished, click OK.

Step 4. When you open your Samsung device contact, the contact in our HTC device contact will be in the Samsung device as well.

Transfer Contacts from HTC to Samsung via Restore Previous Backup

Another way of transferring contact from your HTC device to a Samsung device is by using the Backup and Restore method. Below is how it works.

Step 1. Begin my installing and launching the Switch Mobile Transfer. And connect your HTC device using a USB cable to your computer.

Step 2. Select Backup your Phone in the Switch Mobile Transfer window.

Select Back Up Your Phone

Step 3. Select Contacts in the list of content to backup and click Start Copy to backup your HTC phone contact on your computer. The backup file will be accessible in a Switch Mobile Transfer folder in Documents folder in your computer.

Backup HTC Contact to PC

Step 4. Then connect your Samsung device using a USB cable to your computer and on the primary window of the program, click Restore from Backups.

Restore from Backups - Select MobileTrans

Step 5. Click Contacts from the drop down of files to restore then click Start copy to transfer the contacts to your Samsung device.

Restore from Backups - Select backup Content

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