How to Transfer Contacts from Flip Phone to iPhone

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iPhone is famed throughout the world for its aesthetic design, powerful engine, and reliable security. If you have bought a new iPhone and are looking to transfer contacts from flip phone to iPhone, we will help you do that easily and feasible. Switch Mobile Transfer is an innovative solution that helps you achieve this in a few easy steps.

Switch Mobile Transfer supports more than 6000 mobile devices and transfers data without any loss. It supports popular devices such as iPhone, Samsung flip phone, Android, Symbian, Windows Phones, and more. You can transfer contacts, photos, and several other file types between any devices directly without any hassle. It also helps in restoring backups from iTunes, OneDrive, iCloud, and Blackberry 7/10. The software is fully compatible with the latest Android and iOS operating system making it – software for all devices. In this blog, we will help you transfer contacts from your old basic phone to an iPhone.


Steps to Transfer Contacts from Flip Phone to iPhone with Switch Mobile Transfer

Switch Mobile Transfer is a highly intuitive software that does not require any technical expertise to operate. However, to make things quicker we are presenting a systematic tutorial to help you transfer contacts from basic phone to an iPhone.

Step 1: Download and Run Switch Mobile Transfer.

Download and Install Switch Mobile Transfer software. After a clean install launch the software and wait for the Home Screen window to appear. From the Home Screen, select Phone Transfer.

Win Download Mac Download Win Download Mac Download

Step 2: Connect the Flip Phone and the iPhone to a Computer.

Connect both the phones to the laptop at the same time and wait for the software to detect the two devices. After both the phones have been detected, it will be displayed on the window of the software. One device will be named as source and the other as a destination. You can change the source and destination using the Flip option available above Select Contents to Copy. Apart from contacts, you can transfer several other things. Choose the options by clicking on them.

Step 3: Start to Transfer Contacts from Any Phone to iPhone.

By default, the software selects several transfer options for you. However, if you need to transfer additional items, make the selection and remember to keep the contacts option checked. Hit the Start Transfer button and the transfer of your file begins.

Within a few minutes, all your files will be transferred from the flip phone to your iPhone.

Below is a list of mobile systems supported by Switch Mobile Transfer:

  • iOS: iOS 5 and up to iOS 16.
  • Android: Android 2.1 and up (Android 8.0 included).
  • Windows Phone: Windows Phone 7.0/Windows Phone 7.8/Windows Phone 8/Windows Phone 10.
  • BlackBerry 7 OS/BlackBerry 10 OS
  • Symbian

How to Transfer Contacts if Switch Mobile Transfer Doesn’t Support you OS

Though the process might be cumbersome, you can transfer your contacts even if Switch Mobile Transfer does not support your operating system. You can sign-up for a Gmail account and use the Google Drive to save the contacts. Later, from your new iPhone, you can open the Google Drive, download the Contacts file, and save it on your iPhone.


A phone is not just a medium to connect with people anymore. It carries a lot of vital information that we require to function in our day-to-day life. Such as office contacts, the number of clients, distant friends, pictures of treasured moments. While changing the phone, one requires a tool that is reliable and seamlessly assists while making this transition. Switch Mobile Transfer helps you transfer your files, contacts, photos, and much more efficiently.

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