[Best Practice]How to Track My Husband's Phone without Touching it

Last Updated on July 12, 2022 by Jason Ben

Have you ever had the sneaking suspicion that your husband was cheating on you? I did. But I'm the type of woman who is a do-it-yourselfer and am not about to hire a private investigator. They cost more money than I was willing to spend anyway, I had to figure out something that he wouldn't suspect or expect. I did a bit of research into this, called close friends, and then some friends that work on cell phones. I decided my best bet was to set something up on the computer. I felt pretty cool and tech savvy doing this, but it was actually pretty easy.

Over the next week, I noticed he kept saying how he wanted to put some pictures from his phone on the computer. I thought this might by my opportunity. So, I hooked up everything that I needed to view the computer remotely and waited for his phone to be plugged in.

I know my husband, so I knew he'd be easily distracted. Once I told him I needed something from the garage and he got up, I went into action. This would be easier than I thought!

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Is my husband cheating on me?

I had already set everything up ready to go. I enabled the debugging mode on his Android phone and selected everything I wanted to read or see. This included all the good stuff—pictures, text messages, call logs, you name it!

What I found was something I never would have expected! My husband wasn't cheating on me. There was no other woman. He didn't even have pictures of the new shoes I had been eyeing for months!

Proofs of Infidelity that I found

The only other "she" in his life was an old Firebird. There were pictures, text messages to his friends, and websites dedicated to classic muscle cars! I knew he enjoyed NASCAR, but I didn't think he was into American muscle.

This explained why crazy amounts of money was leaving our bank accounts. It explained why he'd always have stuff to do on Saturday afternoons. It also told the story of his recently grimy nails.

I was just in absolute disbelief. Why he felt like he couldn't tell me is another story.

My Husband catch me checking his phone

My husband was quite relieved when he found me laughing hysterically. He thought it was pretty amusing that I went as far as to use iOS Data Recovery or Android Data Recovery and was proud of my tech skills.

I also told him that I was using a tracking site called Localize to track his location. He was shocked and told me if I think I'm some sort of a spy. I told that because of this site, I was urged to check his phone and find out if he's really lying about his appointments. We ended up having a really good conversation that led to us trusting and being more open with each other.

We now work on his "other woman" together and spend Saturday afternoons at the racetrack. He's even teaching me proper racing techniques! I'm glad I found this website and was able to use it in the manner I did, but I really should have just asked him.

Final Thoughts on Breaking into my Husband's Phone

I'm thankful there really wasn't another woman, and I'm thankful it ended up being a going joke between us. We have a better relationship now than ever before. I also have learned a whole new side to my husband that I never knew existed!

Most people think I'm a bit crazy for getting into my husband's phone like this. How to track my husband's phone without touching it was a success in more ways than one and I'm grateful he didn't get all crazy on me for wondering what was up. (I was a bit worried he'd be upset for my digging!)

I wouldn't recommend doing what I did, but if you have to, the iOS Data Recovery and Android Data Recovery are great to work with. It was pretty easy and user friendly. It gave plenty of options on different types of data. I could see everything that had been said over text, both in the messaging app and WhatsApp Chat History. I could see all his contacts, even the deleted ones, and I could see all the pictures and videos that had ever been recorded, also including the deleted ones.

Also, this doesn't just have to be used to bust a cheating spouse. If you mess up your phone, this is how you can get all your data back. Goodness knows, the retailer won't help you do that!

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