Parenting 101: Useful Tips on How to Stop Toddler Hitting

Last Updated on August 12, 2022 by John Abac

One problem that most parents struggle with is toddler hitting. It is when your child of 1-4 years has an outburst and suddenly tries to hit family members and friends with their bare hands. That may seem normal and harmless, but if not addressed properly, it could negatively affect them when they grow up.

Every child is raised differently. And every parent is expected to give their best to impart invaluable lessons to their kid. There may be no format on how to raise children, but it’s common knowledge that children should be taught with discipline, too.

If you don’t know where to start, this article will give you useful tips on how to stop a toddler from hitting.

Tip 1: Seize Control to Stop Toddler Hitting

Whenever your kid suddenly goes berserk and starts hitting another kid or family member, the first thing you should do is physically stop them. That way, they will know who is in control and that they can’t act according to their feelings.

You can embrace them and you may reinforce it by whispering things that will calm them down. But you have to make sure that everything that you do to restrain them should be gentle, not hostile in any way. This doesn’t mean you have to be soft, though. That way, they can find respect without being too afraid of you.


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Tip 2: Provide Distractions to Stop Toddler Hitting

If your toddler is about to hit people, distract them immediately. Be creative, as there are many ways to distract kids. You may turn to their favorite things. You know what your kid wants and likes to do. Make use of it to calm them down.

You may also spend time with your child more often and be an example for them. That way, you’d be able to get familiarized with their behavior and better respond to the issue. Once that is achieved, you can prevent toddler hitting before it even starts.

Tip 3: Secure Your Child to Stop Toddler Hitting

Episodes of toddler hitting is normal, but if it happens in a place like church or anywhere your kids are expected to behave, secure them right away. You wouldn't want them hitting people, especially those you don’t know. If something is triggering them, take them far away from it. Get them out of the situation. That way, they can clear their minds and divert their attention.

Getting fresh air outside can be good for your kid. Change in the environment is a change in mood.


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Tip 4: Avoid Hitting Back to Stop Toddler Hitting

Sometimes, you may develop a habit of hitting back whenever your toddler tries to hit you. It’s common for a toddler hitting mommy or daddy when they’re upset or having tantrums. Avoid hitting back as your reaction. If you do, toddler hitting will be normalized in their behavior. They’d think that hitting is not an issue.

Instead, Show compassion and kindness; support your kid with a positive outlook, and avoid other negative reactions like yelling or badmouthing them.

Tip 5: Block Websites and Apps to Stop Toddler Hitting

Most toddlers these days can access phones and tablets easily. If you’re one of those parents who let their kids use technology at a very early age, you have to be more responsible.

Before you provide your child with such gadgets, you must first block violent websites and apps that can contribute negatively to toddler hitting. The best way to do that is to use a parental control app called eyeZy.


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This powerful parental control app has a reliable Connection Blocker feature. It can instantly help you in restricting certain web and app activities.

With the App Blocker, you can easily restrict certain apps and games that may trigger violence. Especially now, there are simple games that look harmless but are influencing kids to hit people. And if your child loves watching YouTube and other videos online, you may need to block them. You’d never know what kind of violent videos they may watch. You may also use this feature to block porn. That way, you can make sure that every content they consume is child-friendly.

Another thing you can do with eyeZy is to use the WIFI blocker. That way, you can stop them from accessing the internet whenever necessary. This will help limit their exploration of online content, which may be bad for them.

That’s how useful eyeZy can be. It works on iOS and Android devices. So, won’t have to worry about the device you let your kids use. If you need the assistance of this parental control program, below are the steps you need to complete.

Steps to Stop Toddler Hitting with eyeZy

  • Create an eyeZy account. You can use any email account or you may directly sign up with Gmail.
  • Then, pick up a new membership package to get the app and the instructions on how to set it up.
  • Install the program on your kid’s device, and then log in to your eyeZy Dashboard.
  • There, proceed to the menu bar and use the Connection Blocker feature.

eyeZy is as easy as 1-2-3, right? Try it out and protect your kids from violent influences.


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It’s important to curb children’s horns early on. That way, they will grow with discipline and respect for other people. Toddler hitting may be normal, but if not stopped properly, it can get worse than you could imagine. If your child has toddler hitting tendencies. The tips above can help you.


1Should I punish toddler hitting?

It depends on your parenting style. However, it is advisable to be gentle and compassionate when dealing with toddlers who hit. It would be nice if you provide an example instead of punishing them at a young age.

2Is it normal for toddlers to be angry?

Yes! It’s perfectly normal. It’s one way to navigate their emotions. When kids encounter something difficult or things they can’t do, they may feel frustrated and angry, and you should just let them be. Allow them to explore their emotions.