Is She Cheating? Ten Signs Your Girlfriend Has Slept with Someone Else

Last Updated on March 25, 2022 by Angelos Chronis

Have you ever been worried that your better half is hiding something from you? It's usually those little details that tip you off; she stops paying attention to you, she is a little bit too long on her phone, or, in a moment right out of an old drama, she smells of some other man's cologne. And all the signs point to infidelity.

Joking aside, infidelity is a very common concern amongst couples and the leading cause of divorces. However, it is not always easy to tell if your other half is cheating on you, and even if you have your suspicions, you can never be sure.

So, is there a way to tell if she is sleeping with someone else?

Apparently, there is, and we have it right here; read on to find out the ten signs that your girlfriend is sleeping with someone else and what to do if she does.

Ten signs she is sleeping with someone else

These are the ten most common signs that she is sleeping with someone else. They are not the only ones, which means that you should make sure to keep an eye out for other signs as well, but they are definitely some of the most common.

Sign 1: She is constantly on her phone

Your first sign should be that she is constantly on her phone texting someone and being extremely secretive about the whole business. You might have tried to see whom she is texting but she is always evading you.

Such behaviour is usually indicative of infidelity.

Sign 2: She is gone from home for long periods of time

If every time she leaves the house she takes way too long to come back, she is probably not going where she says. The absences don't have to be overly long, but, if she leaves your house often and goes offline or doesn't respond to messages while she is gone, chances are that she is having an affair.

Sign 3: She is hiding or locking her phone at night

Another sign of infidelity is if she is overly concerned over privacy. Especially if she is going so far as to lock her phone whenever she doesn't have it on her or whenever she goes to bed. This, obviously, might just be a habit - there are, after all, private people.

If you have tried unlocking it and seen her get paranoid over it, that's usually another sign that she is hiding something.

Sign 4: She is always late from work

Another surefire way to tell that she is sleeping with someone else on the sly is if she is always late from work. Obviously, we are not talking about working overtime every now and then; we are talking about her being late from work with increased frequency, every day or every other day.

Sign 5: She goes out too often with friends

What is also a very important sign is if she is going out with friends way too often. It is normal for her to want some "girls' time" every now and then, but if she is going out with her "friends" too often, she is probably not going where she tells you she does.

Sign 6: She is no longer as warm with you

It is normal for a relationship to lose the spark it had during the first months or years over time. People get older and routine has a way of killing desire. However, if she is completely cold towards you, or won't share her bed with you for long periods of time, you may have reason to be concerned. A lower sex drive is not always the result of cheating, but it is a possibility.

Sign 7: She might be visiting adult websites

Some people say that watching pornography when you are in a relationship is tantamount to cheating. While this is up to debate, what is almost certain is that watching pornography, especially if it is in excess, is usually a sign that someone is sleeping with other people on the side.

It is even worse if you have stopping them and they resist or just hide it from you.

Sign 8: She smells of male perfume

It might sound a bit cliche but your girlfriend or wife smelling of another man is as much a sign of her having an affair as any. If it is just her jacket, there is no reason for concern; stray smells tend to cling on jackets, especially if they are placed in a wardrobe along with others. However, if it is her other clothes that smell, you might have reason to suspect her.

Sign 9: She has no male contacts on her phone

This might sound a bit counterintuitive but you may have to start worrying if everything is a little bit too perfect. In particular, what we are talking about are her contacts. Unless you live in a country where it is illegal or unlikely for a female to have male friends and acquaintances, chances are that your wife or girlfriend will have at least a couple of male contacts. If she doesn't, it is probable that she has renamed her lover.

Sign 10: She no longer plans for the future with you

This last one is a little bit more abstract, but it is as good a sign as the rest of them. It is about her plans for the future. If she has stopped making plans for the future with you, or if she is vague in her responses when you talk to her about future plans, it might be because she doesn't see a future with you. Behaviours like this should be your cue to start looking further into things.

An easy solution to find out for sure

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So, what now?

When it's all said and done, you will have to deal with the outcome. If she was, indeed cheating on you, you may want to confront her, using the evidence you have collected with mSpy. Alternatively, you may want to forgive her and go on with your life, hoping that this will never happen again. In either case, mSpy will always be there by your side.

And if you decide to find someone else, you can even use it to check on your potential dates before going out with them.


1Can you physically tell if your girlfriend is cheating?
No, while there are several sources out there claiming the contrary, it is impossible to tell if your girlfriend has slept with someone else from signs on her body. The only exception would be hickies, but then again, even those could be unrelated.
2How do I tell if my girlfriend is hiding something from me?
There are many ways to tell that. You could definitely use some of the methods we mentioned in this article, but the most important sign would be if she is overly secretive. The more she acts as if she is ready to flee, or justify her actions, the more suspicious you should get.
3Can I use my findings on legal proceedings?
This depends on the country where you live. In most countries, using any kind of spyware is usually considered illegal and whatever you find through it holds no value in the court of law. What is more, you may even get in trouble for using such software in the first place. We use spyware to confirm our suspicions or prevent something we don't want to happen with discretion. After all, why would you want your targets to know how powerful a tool you have?