3 Steps to Spy on Someone’s Computer without Them Knowing

Last Updated on April 21, 2023 by Jack Robertson

Can you spy on someone’s computer? Of course, yes. Without them knowing? Sure.

spy on another computer is quite easy when you use the right tool and follow the proper steps. In the following sections, I’ll be introducing one computer spy program, you may pick that up and follow the steps to hack someone’s computer.

In this case, you can easily find out what the person’s been doing and whether he/she is doing something inappropriate on the computer.

Spyrix - The best spyware to spy on someone's computer

Speaking of hacking someone’s computer, Spyrix is the one that we should never skip.

Stream the computer screen for you remotely

Being the professional spyware, Spyrix will capture the computer screen and record all the on-screen activities as MP4 videos, making you available to literally watch the person’s doing on the computer.

Spyrix Live Viewing

The history of website browsing, video chatting, movie viewing, music appreciating, email sending/receiving, gaming, typing, and every other activity is completely viewable to you.

You just need to launch the Spyrix Dashboard on your computer or phone to check out the real-time surveillance.

Record every keystroke

Besides the direct surveillance, Spyrix offers a Keylogger feature that will record every click on the computer into one chart.

So, if you don’t have time to replay the video bit by bit, take a glance at the dashboard and you’ll know the time of the day that the person uses the computer. Also, you will know what the person types on the keyboard, be it some search words, chatting with others, password, or anything else.

Tip: This feature is incredibly convenient for parents to find out whether a child stays up late for a game or something.

Monitor calls and surroundings

Better still, Spyrix can hack the webcam and microphone of the computer. That means:
  • Whenever there's a webchat, video or audio, Spyrix will deliver the whole clip. You may choose to tap the chat in real-time, or stream it anytime you like as Spyrix will save the clips for quite a while till you erase them.
  • Also, you can turn on the cam and mic remotely to see what's going on around the computer.
Spyrix Spy on Webcam

Spy on the computer's internet usage

Besides recording the computer screen, hacking the keyboard, mic, and webcam, Spyrix can also spy on social apps and browsers so that you can see:

  • Every chat, contact of the person's Facebook, IG, or WhatsApp, etc;
  • All visited websites, search results, and emails.
Spyrix Spy on Social Apps on PC

All these make Spyrix a perfect tool for:

  • Company owner to manage employees, watching them right from your desk with a phone or PC even when they work at home;
  • Parents check whether their child is using the computer correctly for school work and entertainment.

If you want to dig deeper, visit the Spyrix official here.

FLEXISPY for Computers

Revealing secrets from Windows and Mac computers you target

Steps to Spy on Someone’s Computer without Them Knowing for free

In this section, I’ll show you how to use Spyrix to spy on someone’s computer without them knowing.

Step 1 Sign up for Spyrix

To use Spyrix, you’ll need to create an account of the program. Click the button to sign up for Spyrix with your email ID.

Step 2 Download Spyrix to the target computer

After signing up for an account, on the target computer, launch Spyrix official and click the Download button to install the Spyrix program to the computer.

Install it after the download is complete. While installing, the wizard will prompt you to enter an email address. Enter the one you use to create the Spyrix account.

Spyrix Spy on Computer Installation

The third-party anti-virus on the target computer may block this link or restrict the installation. Disable the anti-virus for a while and reactivate it after the process is complete.

Once the installation is complete, launch the app on the target computer. There, on the interface, click on Hide.

In this way, Spyrix will be hidden in the task tray and only you will know that this computer is being spied on.

Step 3 Spy on the target computer

From now on, you’re available to monitor the computer and see all the on-screen activities by watching the surveillance videos on Spyrix.

Visit Spyrix official and click My Account. Choose the target computer and spy on it in real-time.

Spyrix Dashboard


That is it. All it takes is three easy steps. Now that you can spy on your son’s, daughter’s, or employee’s computer without knowing.


1What is Pay Computer Monitoring?

Pay Computer Monitoring is an online platform for hacking computers. Individuals can visit the site of the service and pay for computer hacking.

2Is it illegal to spy on someone’s computer for whatever reason?

Not always. Under these certain circumstances, it’s legal to spy on another computer. For parental control, parents want to make sure the kid isn’t misusing the computer. For employee monitoring, company owners can plant spyware on company properties to improve efficiency. Other situations, like catching a cheater, capturing criminals, stealing personal or business information, are generally illegal.