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A Troublesome, Sometimes Embarrassed Topic

Are you a nervous parent who is desperate to know what is going on with your son or daughter? Because you think something bad is happening to your children, or you just want to know more about your child to better protect him or her from this wild world. Or are you a heartbroken husband or wife who is eager to know what on earth your spouse is doing behind your back? And maybe you are a worried employer who doubts the loyalty of a certain employee who you think might be selling your precious business secret to your competitors?


Since nowadays people use cellphone nearly for everything. If you are all searching for a solution, spying on text messages and getting the information you want may be a good choice. Today in this article, let me tell you something about SMS spy without access to target phone free trial.

How to Spy on Cell Phone Without installing software on the target phone

There are tons of apps that claim they can spy on a phone without access to the device. The truth is that there are few, if any, apps that live up to this claim. So don’t be fooled into buying these apps, especially the apps which don’t even provide a free trial.

So, what are the best apps that can spy on a phone without accessing the phone itself with a free trial? Here, we got a collection of Spying toolkit for you to Spy SMS without access to the target phone.

No. 1 mSpy

mSpy – All in one Chat app Tracking Tool


Main Feature:

  • Message Spying: Text message, WhatsApp message, Messenger. Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Skype, LINE, Viber, Kik, Tinder, WeChat, QQ, Hangouts, Telegram, etc.
  • Remotely track all the activities on Android or iOS devices with Alert(data deleted, SIM card changed, specific contacts, or Keywords)  and Timeline. 
  • Export and download all the data you monitored on your PC account center.

Cross-Platform Compatibility: Android version higher than 2.3 /all versions of iOS.

Free Trial: A full refund of the price you paid for your subscription within 14 days.

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You can learn how SMS Spying works without target phone here with mSpy app. 

For more information:
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No. 2 SpyZie

SpyZie is one of the most advanced phone monitoring solutions and has served more than 3.5 million people all around the world.

Free Trial: A full refund within 60 days after purchase.

Get SpyZie now

Learn how to spy SMS remotely without touching target phone with SpyZie in this video.


No. 3 Cocospy

cocospy banner

This is an app that can do more than just spy on SMS. It can also work as a GPS tracker and spy call and WhatsApp etc.

Cross-Platform Compatibility: Android 2.3 To 9 + / All iOS (iPhone/iPad) versions.

NO root or jailbreak is required.

Free Trial: A full refund of the price you paid for your subscription within 60 days.

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No. 4 DataKit – The best spy app without target phone

With the regular SMS Spy App, you can only get the messages after your spying deployment, which means that you miss a lot and have to spend days or even months to collect the information or evidence you need. However, using a phone data recovery tool like DataKit iOS Data Recovery/Android Data Recovery can help you spy on the deleted/existing/future text messages instantly with a few clicks.

This program offers a 30 days free trial before you buy it. You can download and install the app on your computer, and follow the onscreen instruction to recover messages and other files from the target device’s iCloud, iTunes backup, Samsung Cloud backup, or Google Drive backup.

Download DataKit iOS/Android Data Recovery FREE Now!

Purchase DataKit iOS/Android Data Recovery Now!

Spy on Text Messages, Call History, Recover Deleted, Photos, WhatsApp, SMS, Contact and more from iPhone or Android Phone with 30 Days free trial.

Of course, chances are that you may not be so lucky to get what you want. Here I will show you more apps that may help as well.


No. 5 Spyic

Popular in more than 190+ countries and used by over a million people. Spyic is a smartphone monitoring tool that can help you keep an eye on the phone activity of your loved one remotely.

With 10 years of experience, Spyic can help you track Call, SMS, Location, Facebook Message,  WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Viber, website history, etc. It also offers  Geofence Alert service.

Compatibility: Requires Android:4.0.3 and up / All iOSspyic banner

Free Trial: 60 days money-back guarantee.

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For more information: Spyic Logo


No. 6 ClevGuard

This is a monitor solution hub that aims to allow couples, parents, or lovers to monitor SMS, Call History, and many other things. Help users to protect their loved ones, discover the truth, dispel doubts in the relationship, and take action in time.clevguard banner

  • No app installation.Without accessing the target phone.
  • Monitor app data on iPhone without jailbreaking.
  • Monitoring Windows PC, Android phone, iPhone, iCloud account, WhatsApp account.

Compatibility: Requires Android:4.0.3 and up/ All iOS / Windows 10, 8 ,7

Free Trial: 30-day money-back guarantee.

Get ClevGuard Now

For more information:
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No. 7 uMobixumobix banner


This special app will help you track every activity of the target phone. Messages, web history, screenshots, WhatsApp history even screenshots can be monitored remotely.

Cross-Platform Compatibility: Android 2.3 To 4.x and above/iOS (iPhone/iPad) 9+
Free Trial: 14-day money-back guarantee.

Get uMobix Now

For more information: uMobix


No. 8 Chamspychamspy banner

With Chamspy, you can:

  • Manage Calls
  • Track Location
  • Track Text Message without accessing the Phone
  • Control Apps and Program
  • View Multimedia Files

Compatibility: Android, iOS, Windows and Mac.
Free Trial: 3-day money-back guarantee.

Get Chamspy Now

For more information:


No. 9 Spyera


Feature: Phone Call, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, and more IM Apps messages.

Cross-Platform Compatibility: Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows PC, and Mac OS.

Free Trial: 10 days money back guarantee.

Get Spyera Now

You can learn how SMS Spying works without target phone here with Spyera app. 

For more information: Spyera
SPYERA Cell Phone Monitoring App


No. 10 FlexiSpy

FlexiSpy is another most used mobile tracking tool from America. Also, It is one of the few usable spying apps that can be used both on iPhone and Android. Since it can run in the background, you don’t have to worry that the person you are spying on will know you are spying on him or her.

Cross-Platform Compatibility: Android version higher than 2.3 /all versions of iOS.

Free Trial: A full refund of the price you paid for your subscription within 14 days.

Get FlexiSpy Now

You can learn how SMS Spying works without target phone here with FlexiSpy app. FlexiSpy banner

For more information: FlexiSpy App


Note: No matter which app you use, to increase the chance of success, you’d better have the owner’s Apple/Samsung/Google ID and the password before spying. Otherwise, you should use a Passcode Unlocker to get the job done.


Phone Unlocker You May Need When Spying on Other People’s Mobile Phones

If you can’t get those ids and passwords, you can use the following tool to get the information with the target phone connected to the computer:
iPhone Passcode Unlocker for winiPhone Passcode Unlocker for mac 

iphone unlocker

Android Passcode Unlocker


OK, if the target device cannot be spied with the apps mentioned above or you don’t get the Apple/Samsung/Google ID and password, or you don’t have a chance to get the target phone. Then, you may need to resort to other traditional methods. For example, what about hiring a private investigator? Of course, the problem is that it might be way more expensive, compared to buying a spying app.

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