Wondering if your wife or girlfriend is cheating on you? We collect the signs of cheating woman for you. Read them and compare with your spouse.

Signs of Cheating Wife/Girlfriend - To Know if She is Cheating on You

Last Updated on September 16, 2021 by Jason Ben

There are a lot of relationships that end because of cheating. Cheating comes in different variety or forms not just physical intimacy with another person. Generally, men are most likely to have sexual relations with another person apart from their partners or wives but not all women are victims. Some women are just as capable as men to cheat on their spouses.

What are the physical signs your wife is cheating on you?

As mentioned earlier, women are just as capable to commit adultery as their husbands. You might notice some behavioral changes from her. Has she become recently cold, easily irked, or a lot defensive recently? Here are a few physical signs that your wife or girlfriend is cheating on you.


Before she used to tear your ear off with stories of how her day went, her annoying boss, or how the PTA meeting went.

Now, there’s just silent. She’s primarily quiet because she doesn’t really want to lie and give you details of things she’s done for the day when in fact she was actually with somebody else. If her being talkative used to drive you crazy, her silence will drive you insane!


Say this really hot girl passed by and you accidentally looked her way. You feel ashamed of what you did, but guess what? Your wife or girlfriend doesn’t care.

She’s okay with you eyeing other women and that’s something you should be extremely worried about. If she no longer cares about what you’re doing, then she’s probably doing something else.


When a woman cheats, she either wouldn’t want to have sex with you anymore or she’s bound to be more experimental in bed. Either one of those could be an indication that she is cheating on you. If she is refusing to have sex with you, it could be because someone’s already filling her up in bed, or that she couldn’t possibly because she’s guilty of cheating on you.

If she’s being experimental, it would indicate that she might be having a bit too much fun from the other guy that she wants to know if you two could have the same level of fun. Take a close look at her behavior in the bed with you – it could say a lot.


She used to leave her phone at the kitchen counter or the bedside table, now she never lets it out of her sight. She even brings it to the washroom which is really weird. You see her on the phone all the time, you ask who she’s communicating with she’d respond with “just friends” and refuses to give you details of what she’s smiling about when she’s on it. And you mush want to read your wife's text messages without her knowing.

When she catches you trying to pry on her bag or phone, even if it’s an innocent gesture (you might be looking for some food or whatever) she becomes extremely frustrated at you. She’s keeping a secret, man, and you wouldn’t like it.


This is the last on our list of signs of cheating wife/girlfriend. Yes, being too defensive is a clear sign of her wrongdoings. When you comment something about a new manner she’s developed or a different look she’s carrying, hell would break loose on you. She would easily put up a fight with you and she would feel that you’re unappreciative and point some wrongdoings that she’s noticed about you.

She would show signs of being easily annoyed by your observations and would end up nagging on you. She’ll go talking about how you don’t trust her or that she feels that she is suffocating with you wanting her to stay perfect… Well, guess what? That’s a reason not to trust her.

These are but a few signs of a cheating spouse or partner, but if these signs are starting to kill you – find a way to get a solid evidence.

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