How to Create Geofence on iPhone/Android to Keep Track of Your Kids

Last Updated on April 20, 2023 by Ian McEwan

Caring is a part of our human nature, especially for those who have kids and are often in different locations at different times, like work, school, etc.

As cases surge in serious crimes against children in recent years, many parents are worried about their teenage kids and want to track their child’s whereabouts in the interest of safety, in a way that can give their teenagers the freedom to go out on their own, while still making sure they won’t get any trouble.

So, that would be nice, if you can designate an area on the digital map, and when your loved ones enter or leave that area, you will get a notice.

And this is how geofencing works.

To set up a geofence for your kids is simple. Other than geofencing with JavaScript, we will talk about how a Geofence app saves you a lot of trouble when you try to geofencing your kids for their safety. So, stick around until the end of this post to learn how to set up geofencing on iPhone and Android step-by-step with the Geofence app.set up geofence banner

Everything about Geofence

What is Geofence?

Geofence is a virtual or imaginary boundary of the real-world geographic area. These virtual fences are built with the use of GPS, RFID or wi-fi signals, and even IP address ranges.

Usually, a geofence can be any size and generated in two kinds – radius around a specific point location (like home or school) and polygon with a set of boundaries e.g. a neighborhood block.geofence types

What Is Geofencing Used For? How to Get Geofence Alert?

An administrator can set Geofence to track the whereabouts of people, pets, wild animals, or vehicles that carry a geofence-supported device.

And Geofence we people use is normally in a form of a mobile app. Once installed, we can set up the allowed/forbidden areas in these geofence apps. As long as the target device enters, exit or cross the virtual boundary, you will automatically get geofence alerts via message, email, or notification from the control panel.

With these geofence alerts, you can know the location of the target device and the time when it enters or exits the designated zone.

How Would Geofencing And Geofence Alert Help You As A Parent?

What parents worry about most is their kids’ safety, especially when they are during the rebellious period. So, creating a virtual fence around your kids or keeping them apart from somewhere dangerous, can be a crucial parenting skill to master.

Be that as it may, parents don’t need to check where their kids are all the time. They can choose one reliable geofence app, like KidsGuard, then set up the geofence beforehand and only use it as a way to check on their kids’ safe arrivals or pick-up locations. Any unusual movement of the target device will trigger a geofence alert to the parent.

How to Set Up Geofencing on iPhone and Android with KidsGuard

To set up a geofence for your kids is easy, all you need is a professional monitor app, like KidsGuard, a leading brand in marker, which can not only help you create geofencing easily but also enable you to remotely monitor any online activities on your love one’s iPhone, iPad, Android Device, Windows PC and even on iCloud, with no need to root or jailbreak.

Complete safe and undetectable. With all these comprehensive solutions for mobile activities monitoring and location tracking, Android and iPhone geofencing are extremely easy.

So, to make sure your kids are safe, you can follow the guide below.

3 Simple Steps to Set up a Geofence for your kid

Step 1. Registration

Click the button below and select a plan (KidsGuard Pro for Android / KidsGuard Pro for iOS) that suits you best. Then create an account with your email address.

Create KidsGuard Account

Step 2. Activation

After the registration, check your email inbox and find the one sent from KidsGuard. There you can find your personal credential and a full guide to help you activate the service.

Now, here comes the tricky part, you need to get the target phone to finish the setup. Normally, you need to follow the guide and install an app, which will work in stealth mode, on the targeted phone.

Step 3. Configuration

When you finish the aforementioned steps, you can log into the control panel on your pc with the credential offered.

Then click the Location Tracking tab and select the Geofence.clevguard geofence

There you can set multiple geofences. From each of them, you can check the notifications showing the time your kid enters or step out of an area you set before.clevguard add new geofence

To add a new geofence, simply click on the Add a geofence button. From the new window, you can:

  • Name the Geofence
  • Set Restricted Location
  • Set Radius
  • Set Guard Time
  • Set Alerts via Notification Email

After setting up geofencing with KidsGuard, you can now keep track of your kids and get geofencing alerts in real-time.

Edited: We have noticed that users in some states and countries, can only track the location history of the target iPhone with KidsGuard Pro for iOS. So, to set up Geofencing for kids using iPhones, you can try these three powerful alternative geofencing apps for iOS instead.

mSpymspy control panel

Eyezyeyezy geofence


What else can a Geofence App Help the Anxious Parents?

As we mentioned before, use an app like KidsGuard or mSpy is just like having the target phone at hand. You can monitor and see any exchanged messages, phone calls, and literally any other online activities on the target device. To be more specific, here are some parental control features of these versatile geofence apps.

  • Track location in real-time
  • Block phone number
  • Block website (pornography and violence) and filter web-based contents
  • Block Apps(such as TikTok, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.)
  • Keystroke monitor
  • etc


Does Geofence need Cellular Network?

In order to locate the target phone, the geofence uses a combination of cellular triangulation, Wifi tower triangulation, and GPS.

Is rooting or jailbreaking required to set up geofencing?

With the geofence apps we mentioned above, no, you don’t need to root the Android or jailbreak the iOS device to set up a geofence.

What technology does geofencing use?

Geofence uses technologies like GPS, RFID(Radio-frequency identification) or wi-fi signals, and even IP address ranges.

How accurate is a geofence?

The accuracy of geofence depends on where the target device is.

Usually, cell towers and wi-fi routers are more dense in urban environments. So the accuracy of the geofence can be 100 – 200 m. While in rural areas, that number can reach hundreds of meters.

Does geofence drain the battery?

The GPS- based geofencing solution has proven to be very power-hungry. To solve this problem, it is recommended to turn on Wifi, cellular data, and GPS/ location service at the same time, which can also improve the geofencing accuracy.

Using a combination of cellular, wifi, and GPS can poll less frequently and instruct the target device to only use wifi or cellular data to get a location fix in a timely manner, instead of using the GPS signal.

Is it OK to Geofence your children?

Well, although using a geofence app may have the possibility to violate privacy, hopefully, parents and their teenagers can sit down and talk about this, and come to a mutual understanding.

Only the parents stop unnecessarily snooping and tracking their kids on the behalf of their safety, then setting up a geofence to track their kids likely won’t be an issue.